Midvale Speedway
Midvale Speedway... Thunder In The Valley 2019...
Wednesday, November 13th
Ohio's Fun Place to Race!!
2019 Race Season
12 New Member's Enter Hall of Fame
July 27, 2019
12 New Member's Enter Hall of FameWeek #11 was Old Timers and Hall of Fame Night at Midvale Speedway presented by Gilland's Body Shop. There was also a $200 bonus on the line from the "Home of The $200 Deductible", if 1 of the top 2 qualifiers could win the Feature. A couple of first time winner's pulled into Naak Tuning Victory Lane along with a few familiar faces. There were 72 cars and trucks that made the tow to the 3/10 mile oval. It was 83 degrees and mostly sunny at race time.

The first Feature to pull onto the Speedway was the Buckey Mowing Street Stock's for their 20 lapper. Frank Boychi in the #28 started on the pole with the #74 of Bob Passwaters Jr along side. Boychi took the lead off turn two, until Colt Locker in the #118 knifed his way up the inside entering turn three. Locker would come off turn four and lead the opening stanza. The first caution flew on lap 2 as the #77 of Bear Schwartz got Loose off turn four. He tried to save it but was collected by Bob Passwaters Sr and Passwaters Jr, ending all 3 of their nights. After the restart, Robbie Kordiac in the #55 was able to take over second from Boychi and fastest qualifier Gabe Pringle in the #7 took over 3rd. On lap 4, Kordiac went to the high lane to get around Locker and that's where he would remain for the next 14 laps. Kordiac tried and tried to find the momentum to get around Locker, even leading a couple laps, but "Camaro Hair" was tough in his #118 on the bottom. Dennis Wood in the #88 joined Pringle behind the lead duo and later, Points Leader Lucas Ripley made it a 5-way battle for the lead. When this division settles down, they have the capability of putting on a great show like this. Back and forth, nose to tail, clean and green and very exciting. On lap 18, Kordiac slipped a little but off turn four in the high lane. He cut a hard left to try to get to the bottom to protect his position, but Pringle was already there. The two made contact and they both spun in turn one, bringing out the second and final caution. After some extracurricular activities, Pringle's night was finished and Kordiac was sent to the tail. That set up an exciting green-white-checkered finish. Locker on the bottom, Wood on the top. As the green flag flew, Locker was able to hang on to a slight advantage in the bottom lane. As they crossed the line to take the white flag, Locker led by a nose. Through turns one and two, Wood was not able to make up the distance and Locker would pull off a half car length win at the line. "Camaro Hair" would take home his second career win in the Street Stocks. Following the Somerdale OH driver in the My Water Doctor, Dover Hydraulics, Townhouse Drive Thru, Black Diamond Earthworks, Drunken Uncle Bar and Grill and Team Big Buck Down sponsored #118 was Wood, Ripley, Boychi and Kyle Lawson.
,br> Next up was the McIntosh Oil Company Late Model 30 lap Feature. Neil Rolli, making his first career Late Model Start for Chris Grubbs in the #25 and Jonathan Reitter in the #48 were scheduled to start on the front row. But, something happened to Reitter's #48 on the parade lap and he was forced to pull to the pits. That put Tony Urdiales in the #88 along side Rolli. Urdiales would shoot out front, bringing Ryan Tedesco with him on the top side. George Riddle was able to get around Rolli and into third. The front three would break away until a caution for debris flew on lap 4. Under caution, crews noticed something wasnt looking right with the Urdiales machine. They stopped him on the back straightaway and noticed that something was wrong with the rear end of the #88 machine. Unfortunately, that would end the night for the race leader, but may have saved his race car and someone elses. That put Tedesco and Riddle on the front row for the restart. Riddle would power around the outside and clear Tedesco into turn three, but chose not to close the door. He would lead lap 5, but Tedesco would charge back to the lead in the bottom lane. Point leader and fastest qualifier Bob Schneider Jr in the #17 would join the battle at the front on lap 7. Larry Ennis spun the #69R on lap 9, bringing out the yellow flag. Another restart followed, with the same exact results. Riddle was able to clear Tedesco on the top side, but he didnt close the door in turn three. He liked his machine in the high lane and that's where he wanted it. Tedesco would take back the top spot a lap later and Schneider would follow. Emerson Huffman in the #90 made it a 4-way battle for the lead. The racing was hard and furious between the top 4. Schneider was all over the back of Tedesco, just waiting for a mistake. Riddle and Huffman were ready to pounce as well. On lap 25, Tedesco had to wait ever so slightly to get back into the throttle in turns three and four. Schneider anticipated that Tedesco was going to get back in the gas earlier than he did and Schneider had to check up, when he did, Riddle turned him in a chain reaction deal. That would bring out the caution and Riddle, unfortunately, was sent to the tail. That gave Schneider a shot in the outside lane on the restart. They would stay side by side until something mechanical happened to the 4th place machine of Cody Jaberg in the #22. That caused the field to stack up, and Rolli spun, bringing out the yellow. That would give Schneider another shot. When the green came back out, Tedesco was able to have a slight advantage heading into turn three. Coming off turn four, Schneider got loose and tried to get to the bottom to protect his position, but Huffman was already there. It was very much like what happened in the Street Stock Feature prior to the Late Model's. Huffman, in his first night out this season at Midvale, would have 1 last shot at trying to knock Tedesco off the top spot of the podium. Tedesco would have the advantage off turn two and was able to clear Huffman into three. Tedesco would pull into Naak Tuning Victory Lane for the first time in 2019. Completing the top 5 behind the New Philadelphia OH driver in the Sugar Valley Meats, Walnut Creek Glass, Vanmeter's Auto Repair, DLP Commercial Maintenance, Boulevard Cleaners and Tuxedo Shop, RV Parts Express, Boulevard Lanes, McIntosh Oil Company, Lee's Famous Recipe and South Philly Pizza sponsored #701 was Huffman, Schneider, Mark Enos and John Sandquist Sr.

Next up was the Vanmeter Auto Repair Modified's for their 25 lap event. Nick Grubbs in the #24 and Bob Page in the #67 led the field to Chief Starter Terry Colletti's green flag. Grubbs would clear Page off turn two to take the race lead with Rick Sibila in the #02 following in his footsteps. Behind Sibila, it was Page, Mike Stone in the #331, Kevin McClintock in the #38 and Point leader and fastest qualifier Lucas Ripley in the #0. They would all stay locked into formation as Grubbs started to open up a few car length advantage. Grubbs hasnt visited Naak Tuning Victory Lane at Midvale Speedway in over 10 years, other than taking a win last season in a Dirt Dwarf car. The first and only caution flew on lap 10 as Trey Williams in the #11 and Jerry Devore in the #4 got together in turn four. That put Sibila to the outside of Grubbs for the restart. Sibila was looking for his 3rd win of the season and he was also looking to gain some ground back in the points. Grubbs was able to have the advantage on the bottom and was able to clear Sibila off turn two. Page was able to make his way back around Sibila for second. Something was amiss on the Sibila machine as he dropped back several positions. "The Big Dawg" started to move forward in the #0, as he was able to take 3rd away from Stone on lap 13. But Ripley was unable to find a way around Page. Grubbs was hitting every mark, every breaking point, every apex. The veteran driver, who stepped away from asphalt racing some 10 years ago, would find his way back into victory lane as a full time competitor once again. Following the Canton OH driver in the Valley View Logging sponsored #24 was Page, Lucas, Brandon Bailey and Todd Ripley.

Tim Scott in the #4 and Scott Lindell in the #19 led the Snap-on Tools by Doug Poole Mini Truck Feature down for the start. Lindell was able to clear Scott from the outside lane, into turn one. On lap 2, Scott spun his machine to the infield, but was able to continue. That put Eddie McLean in the #443 in the second spot with Barney Gerber in the #2 and fastest qualifier Michael Varnes in the #95 lined up behind. As Lindell fended off the challenges of McLean, Varnes was able to pass Gerber for 3rd. McLean was all over the tailgate of the #19. He looked high and low, but Lindell was bolted on the bottom of the race track. McLean would continue to apply the pressure and Varnes would even attempt a 3-wide move, but nothing would phase the driver of the #19. The new point leader would pull into Naak Tuning Victory Lane for the 3rd time this season. He had issues in qualifying, but drivers and crew members from other divisions and competitors in his own division, chipped in and got him back underway. He was even given a distributor from Barney Gerber, who is second in points! That ladies and gentlemen, is what racing family is all about!! Completing the top 5 behind the Kimbolton OH driver in the R's First Motor Sales, M&G Automotive, T&T Auto Sales, RC Lawn Care and Ohio PC Solutions sponsored #19 was McLean, Varnes, Gerber and Scott.

The fast Finlayson Towing Compact 15 lap Feature was up next with Jamie Leslie in the #64 and the #23 of Karl Phillips bringing the field in for the start. Leslie would lead lap 1 by mere inches, but was able to clear Phillips off turn two. Phillips would tuck in behind with Kyle Finlayson in the #15 and Justin Renicker in the #175 close behind. On lap 4, Phillips decided it was "go time", so he stuck his machine in the high lane. It took a lap and a half, but Phillips was able to clear Leslie in to turn one. On lap 7, Finlayson made the same move Phillips did, to take over second. He also shot to the outside of Phillips for the lead, all in one fell swoop. As the field completed lap 10 under green, it almost looked like they were coming to get the initial green flag. The whole field was bunched together, every car on the same straightaway. This division is super tight and ultra competitive. With Phillips and Finlayson arguing over the lead, the only caution flew on lap 13, as the #69 of Dan Buckey and the #75 of Kevin Renicker got together in a chain reaction deal in turn three. Phillips and Finlayson would be locked together on the front row for a green-white-checkered finish. The duo raced side by side for several laps earlier and everyone pretty much expected the same thing for the final 2 laps. But Phillips had other ideas. He has been the fastest qualifier this year, only to be denied by rain. He was the track record holder for a whole 5 minutes, until Josh Peebles broke it. He has been up front and close to winning several races this season, only to come up short. Tonight, he wouldnt be denied. Phillips powered by Finlayson and cleared him off turn two, to take home his first career Feature Victory. Following the Jackson Township OH driver in the Pull-A-Part sponsored #23 was Finlayson, Eugene Kopp, Peebles and Don Rufener III.

The final Feature of the evening was the 15 lap second Finlayson Towing Compact event. Rookie Derek Robinson in the #15 and Shawn Donnalley in the #21 led the field to green. The youngster was able to take the top spot with Allen Clark in the #0 coming to second. On lap 4, another youngster, Curtis Finlayson in the #53 decided to throw his hat in the mix. Finlayson would pass Clark and move to the outside of Robinson for the race lead. On lap 5, Toby Cook in the #41 started to assert himself. Toby has been just fractions of a second off making the fast feature and has won a handful of second features this season. Cook would move up to 3rd, setting his sights on the leaders. On lap 8, he got to the inside of Curtis and was able to take second. Clark would follow Cook up to 3rd. On lap 9, Cook put his machine alongside Robinson. It took the better part of two laps, but Cook was able to prevail and set sail. Cook would pull into Naak Tuning Victory Lane for the 4th time in 2019. Following the Canton OH driver in the East of Chicago Pizza of Perry Heights, Ohio Heating & Cooling and Canton Auto Salvage sponsored #41 was Robinson, Clark, Finlayson and Gavin Roup.
,br> Nobody was able to take home the Gilland's Body Shop bonus.

During intermission, The Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony was held for the 4th Class of the Midvale Speedway Hall of Fame. It was our honor to induct Mike Gilland, Larry "Doc" Dixon, Becky "The Clown" Berndt, Mike "White Bucks" Dawson, Jay Peterson, Jim Bickerstaff, Allen "Doc" Kinsey, Clyde Gardiner, Adam Mackey, Paul Haver, Bill Ditto and Mid-Vid Racing Video's. We also awarded a Special "First Checkered Flag" award to Bob Marinelli and a Lifetime Achievement Award to the Kelley / Whitmire Family.

The Hall of Fame Class was paraded around in classic cars from Jeep Iacobucci's Car Club prior to opening ceremonies and prior to the Induction Ceremony. It was a very special evening, seeing all of the living legends of Midvale Speedway and their families!!

>br> This Saturday Night August 3rd The CRS Trucks invade Midvale Speedway once again, along with Late Model's, Modified's, Street Stock's and Compacts. The Mini Trucks will have the night off.


McIntosh Oil Company Late Model's
Fast Time: Bob Schneider Jr 13.836
Heat 1: George Riddle, Cody Jaberg, Ryan Tedesco, Emerson Huffman, Bob Schneider Jr, Tony Urdiales
Heat 2: John Sandquist Sr, Jonathan Reitter, Neil Rolli, Mark Enos, Larry Ennis, Bob Eichel
Feature: Tedesco, Huffman, Schneider Jr, Enos, Sandquist Sr, Rolli, Jaberg, Riddle, Ennis, Urdiales, Eichel. DNS - Rich Rohrer

Vanmeter Auto Repair Modified's
Fast Time: Lucas Ripley 14.818
Heat 1: Mike Stone, Brandon Bailey, Lucas Ripley, Kevin McClintock, Phillip Cox, Todd Ripley
Heat 2: Trey Williams, Nick Grubbs, Corey Beatty, Bob Page, Rick Sibila, Louis McGrath
Heat 3: Dan Gasser, Jerry Devore, Bill Aubihl, Derek Grewell, Bobby Devore III
Feature: Grubbs, Page, Lucas, Bailey, Todd, McClintock, Cox, Stone, McGrath, Sibila, Beatty, Jerry, Aubihl, Grewell, Don Rufener III, Bobby, Williams, Gasser

Buckey Mowing Street Stock's
Fast Time: Gabe Pringle 15.716
Heat 1: Lucas Ripley, Dennis Wood, Gabe Pringle, Robby Kordiac, Bear Schwartz
Heat 2: Frank Boychi, Bob Passwaters Sr, Colt Locker, Kyle Lawson, Katie Wood, Bob Passwaters Jr, Scott Richardson
Feature: Locker, Dennis, Ripley, Boychi, Lawson, Kordiac, Katie, Pringle, Richardson, Passwaters Jr, Passwaters Sr, Schwartz

Snap-on Tools by Doug Poole Mini Truck's
Fast Time: Michael Varnes 16.365
Heat: Michael Varnes, Eddie McLean, Barney Gerber, Tim Scott, Rick Brink, Roger Baucher, Scott Lindell
Feature: Lindell, McLean, Varnes, Gerber, Scott, Brink, Baucher

Finlayson Towing Compact's
Fast Time: Brandon France 17.197
Heat 1: Dan Buckey, Mike Stuber, Eugene Kopp, Jeffrey Orr, Josh Peebles, Don Rufener III, Brandon France, Kevin Renicker, Brent Shreffler
Heat 2: Allen Clark, Jamie Leslie, Justin Renicker, Kyle Finlayson, Karl Phillips, Toby Cook, Conor McLean, Curtis Finlayson
Heat 3: Gavin Roup, Blake Bitticker, Shawn Donnalley, Eric Brokaw, Andrea Brokaw, Howard Bartholow, Derek Robinson, Trevor Kohl
Fast Feature: Phillips, Finlayson, Kopp, Peebles, Rufener, France, Justin, Stuber, Buckey, Leslie, Kevin, Shreffler, Orr
2nd Feature: Cook, Robinson, Clark, Curtis, Roup, Donnalley, Bitticker, Andrea, McLean

Parade of Stars Late Models
Heat: Jan Markowski, Brian Matthei, Tony Depaulo, Jeep Iacobucci, Cliff Logeness.
Feature: Tony Depaulo, Jan Markowski, Brian Matthei, Tony Gullatta. DNS - Cliff Logeness.

Written by: Matt/Chris

Driver Results
Late Models
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
150701Ryan Tedesco
24590Emerson Huffman
34317Bob Schneider Jr
44107Burcher Racing
53966John Sandquist Sr
63725Chris Grubbs
73522Cody Jaberg
8330George Riddle
93169RAnimal Racing
102988Tony Urdiales
112769Bob Eichel
DNS07Rich Rohrer
DNS048Jonathan Reitter
Heat 1
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
1100George Riddle
2822Cody Jaberg
37701Ryan Tedesco
4690Emerson Huffman
5517Bob Schneider Jr
6088Tony Urdiales
DNS07Rich Rohrer
Heat 2
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
1666John Sandquist Sr
2448Jonathan Reitter
3325Chris Grubbs
4207Burcher Racing
5169RAnimal Racing
6069Bob Eichel
Economy Modifieds
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
15024Nick Grubbs
24567Bob Page
3430Lucas Ripley
44155Brandon Bailey
53900Todd Ripley
63738Kevin McClintock
73509Phillip Cox
833331Michael Stone
93166Louis McGrath
102902Rick Sibila
11277Corey Beatty
12254Jerry Devore
132331Bill Aubihl
142199Derek Grewell
151969Don Rufener III
161775Bobby Devore II
171511Trey Williams
181329Dan Gasser
Heat 1
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
110331Michael Stone
2855Brandon Bailey
370Lucas Ripley
4638Kevin McClintock
5509Phillip Cox
6000Todd Ripley
Heat 2
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
1611Trey Williams
2424Nick Grubbs
337Corey Beatty
4267Bob Page
5102Rick Sibila
6066Louis McGrath
Heat 3
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
1629Dan Gasser
244Jerry Devore
3331Bill Aubihl
4299Derek Grewell
5175Bobby Devore II
Street Stocks
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
150118Colt Locker
24588Dennis Wood
34367Lucas Ripley
44128Frank Boychi
5396Kyle Lawson
63755Robbie Kordiac
73522Kylee Wood
8337Gabe Pringle
93195Scott Richardson
102974Bob Passwaters Jr
112775Bob Passwaters Sr
122577BBear Schwartz
Heat 1
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
11067Lucas Ripley
2888Dennis Wood
377Gabe Pringle
4655Robbie Kordiac
5577BBear Schwartz
Heat 2
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
1628Frank Boychi
2475Bob Passwaters Sr
33118Colt Locker
426Kyle Lawson
5122Kylee Wood
6074Bob Passwaters Jr
7095Scott Richardson
Mini Truck
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
15019Scott Lindell
245443Eddie McLean
34395Michael Varnes
4412Barney Gerber
5394Tim Scott
63757Rick Brink
73511Roger Baucher
Heat 1
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
11095Michael Varnes
28443Eddie McLean
372Barney Gerber
464Tim Scott
5557Rick Brink
6011Roger Baucher
7019Scott Lindell
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
15023Karl Phillips
24515Kyle Finlayson
34319Eugene Kopp
44178PJosh Peebles
53907Don Rufener III
63738Brandon France
735175Justin Renicker
83344Mike Stuber
93169Dan Buckey
102964LJamie Leslie
112775Kevin Renicker
122524Brent Shreffler
13238Jeffrey Orr
Feature 2
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
13341Toby Cook
23015RDerek Robinson
3280Alan Clark
42653Curtis Finlayson
5249Gavin Roup
62221Shawn Donnalley
72032Blake Bitticker
81844Andrea Brokaw
916443Eddie McLean
Heat 1
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
11069Dan Buckey
2844Mike Stuber
3719Eugene Kopp
468Jeffrey Orr
5578PJosh Peebles
6007Don Rufener III
7038Brandon France
8075Kevin Renicker
9024Brent Shreffler
Heat 2
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
160Alan Clark
2464LJamie Leslie
33175Justin Renicker
4215Kyle Finlayson
5123Karl Phillips
6041Toby Cook
70443Eddie McLean
8053Curtis Finlayson
Heat 3
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
169Gavin Roup
2432Blake Bitticker
3321Shawn Donnalley
4279Eric Brokaw
5144Andrea Brokaw
60115Howard Bartholow
7015RDerek Robinson
8064Trevor Kohl
07/27/2019 Race
Late Models Listings
Finish Pos.Driver
1.Tedesco, Ryan
2.Huffman, Emerson
3.Schneider Jr, Bob
4.Racing, Burcher
5.Sandquist Sr, John
6.Grubbs, Chris
7.Jaberg, Cody
8.Riddle, George
9.Racing, Animal
10.Urdiales, Tony
07/27/2019 Race
Economy Modifieds Listings
Finish Pos.Driver
1.Grubbs, Nick
2.Page, Bob
3.Ripley, Lucas
4.Bailey, Brandon
5.Ripley, Todd
6.McClintock, Kevin
7.Cox, Phillip
8.Stone, Michael
9.McGrath, Louis
10.Sibila, Rick
07/27/2019 Race
Street Stocks Listings
Finish Pos.Driver
1.Locker, Colt
2.Wood, Dennis
3.Ripley, Lucas
4.Boychi, Frank
5.Lawson, Kyle
6.Kordiac, Robbie
7.Wood, Kylee
8.Pringle, Gabe
9.Richardson, Scott
10.Passwaters Jr, Bob
07/27/2019 Race
Mini Truck Listings
Finish Pos.Driver
1.Lindell, Scott
2.McLean, Eddie
3.Varnes, Michael
4.Gerber, Barney
5.Scott, Tim
6.Brink, Rick
7.Baucher, Roger
07/27/2019 Race
Compacts Listings
Finish Pos.Driver
1.Phillips, Karl
2.Finlayson, Kyle
3.Kopp, Eugene
4.Peebles, Josh
5.Rufener III, Don
6.France, Brandon
7.Renicker, Justin
8.Stuber, Mike
9.Buckey, Dan
10.Leslie, Jamie