Midvale Speedway
WELCOME RACE FANS!!.......... Backpack Give-Away - Parking Lot Drags @ Intermission...... START TIME 6:30 SATURDAY JULY 13TH
Sunday, July 14th

Ohio's Fun Place to Race!!
2024 Race Season
Fans WIN on Fan Appreciation Night!
May 8, 2024
Fans WIN on Fan Appreciation Night!A beautiful evening for 3 divisions of racing action. Fans watched some great racing Wednesday Night!

My Water Doctor Compacts were the first to hit the speedway. On the green flag, Alan Walker gets sideways and hits the turn two wall. Restart and battles began. Delmar Clark and Mike Stringer were holding a good line running in the second and third. Timmy Kalp starts to pull away. Racers were two by two behind them, all the way to 15th. Gavin Roup gets sideways off of two as Josh Huff takes fourth. Huff now to the outside of Stringer for third. Caution in turn three and four as Mike Stuber spins. On the restart, Kalp gets a good start but Clark and Huff bump tires on exit of four bringing out a caution before they cross the starting line in turn four. Kalp gets another good start. Roup now looks to the outside. Here comes Blaze Bacon on the outside of Stringer for third. Bacon goes low and takes it three wide into turn three. Roup follows to get under Kalp for the second spot. Kaeden Scott now looking to outside of Kalp for third. Problems for Justin Riley as he then pulls into the infield. Nolan Caldwell and Drew Romig all over the bumper of Mike Stringer for fifth. Brentin Irwin also on the move from 15th starting spot inside the top eight behind the battles in front of him. White flag one to go for Bacon. Off turn number four, double checkered waves as Bacon goes back-to-back. Following was Roup, Scott, Kalp and Romig

Wayne Dalton Sales and Service Street Stocks were next for their 20 lap feature. Like Porco and Tyler Harmon on the front row. Porco would pull away but Harmon would keep trying on the outside. Brady Carte also looking to the inside of Harmon for second. Harmon up the track, Carte to second as Passwaters looks low on Harmon for third. Jason Grewell fifth as Nate Smart and Zack Cogar battle for sixth. Passwaters Sr now in third. Smart to inside of Harmon for fourth. Dennis Wood to the outside of Grewell and Harmon. Carte now battling for the race lead in the outside lane. Carte gets sideways as Passwaters Sr to the inside for second. Smart follows for third. Wood drove around Smart for third. Wood to the outside of Passwaters Sr for second. Porco battling hard with Wood for the race lead. Caution after the white flag as Harmon spins off turn two as Carte gets into the back bumper. Porco gets a good start as Wood tries hard. At the double checkered flag it was Luke Porco picking up the win but after tech the win went to Dennis Wood. Follow was Bob Page, Passwaters Sr, Brandon Thomas & Grewell.

Ross Mountain BBQ Crown Vics were next on the 3/10ths mile oval. Ronald Cihon in his second start and Travis Roth brought the field to green. Roth gets the lead off turn two as Mario Diano follows Roth up front. Roth leads early as Diano closes in. Kyle Grewell looking to inside of Cihon for third. Diano to the inside down the back straightaway for the race lead. Roth stays right behind following him. Caution as Cihon spins on own in turn two. Green waves as Diano learns about the restarts for the first time in 20 years. He checks out as Roth and Grewell follow. At the double checkered it was Mario Diano getting his first win of the 2024 season. Following was Roth, Grewell, Cihon, Kyle Finlayson

My Water Doctor second compact feature was the last of the evening on fan appreciation night. Jordan Grewell and Allen Boyd bring the field to green. Jonathan Weber looks for the lead in turn three but Andrew Bethards get sideways and kisses the turn four wall ending his night. Complete restart as Weber looks low into turn one as off two Weber gets the lead. Grewell falling back as Justice Lenarz looks for third on Boyd. Caution as Alex Walker gets into Grewell going into turn one. Weber gets a good start. Lenarz follows and looks high and low. Douglas Ralff is on the move into the top three. Lenarz starts to fade back as Ralff gets around and has his sights on Weber. Ralff looks to the outside of Weber for the lead. Grewell up into the fourth spot as he closes in on Lenarz and Weber. At the double checkered flag is was Doug Ralff getting the win but after tech the race win went to Jonathan Weber. Following was Lenarz, Grewell, Boyd & Alex Walker

Next Race: Saturday May 18th HRN Construction and Restoration & Wayne Dalton Sales & Service presents Parking Lot Drags and Teturn of the 8! 8 divisions of racing action! Racing starts at 5:30!

Results Wednesday, May 8th:
[] = Starting Spot (May be different after people take scratch)

Wayne Dalton Sales & Service Street Stock:
Top Qualifier: #67 Bob Page 15.334
Heat 1 8 Laps
1. 75H-Tyler Harmon[2]; 2. 21-Brady Carte[3]; 3. 99-Jason Grewell[6]; 4. 75-Bob Passwaters Sr[4];
Heat 2 8 Laps
1. 58-Zack Cogar[1]; 2. 88-Dennis Wood[4]; 3. 5-Brandon Thomas[3]; 4. 67-Robert Page[5]; 5. 00-Vinnie Tantarelli[2]
A Feature 1 20 Laps
1. 88-Dennis Wood[10]; 2. 67-Robert Page[11]; 3. 75-Bob Passwaters Sr[4]; 4. 5-Brandon Thomas[9]; 5. 99-Jason Grewell[6]; 6. 58-Zack Cogar[7]; 7. 21-Brady Carte[3]; 8. 75H-Tyler Harmon[2]; 9. 00-Vinnie Tantarelli[8]; 10. (DQ) 64-Luke Porco[1]; 11. (DQ) 17-Nate Smart[5]

My Water Doctor Compacts:
Top Qualifier: #XX1 Justin Riley 16.527
Heat 1 8 Laps
1. 85-Jonathan Weber[4]; 2. 99-Jordan Grewell[1]; 3. 84-Scott Whitten[6]; 4. 13-Allen Boyd[3]; 5. 3L-Justice Lenarz[5]; 6. 44-Laura Day[7]; 7. 19-AJ Andrews[2]
Heat 2 8 Laps
1. 23-Brentin Irwin[4]; 2. 43-Andrew Bethards[3]; 3. 68X-Corbin Robinson[5]; 4. 6-Nolan Caldwell[7]; 5. 20-Larry Ennis Jr[6]; 6. 30-Alex Walker[1];
Heat 3 8 Laps
1. 45T-Tim Kalp II[1]; 2. 429-Cameron Walker[6]; 3. 69-Drew Romig[5]; 4. 04-Mike Stringer[4]; 5. 0-Delmar Clark[3]; 6. 88-Alan Walker[2]
Heat 4 8 Laps
1.57-Blaze Bacon[5]; 2. 427-Josh Huff[1]; 3. 62-Kaeden Scott[4]; 4. XX1-Justin Riley[6]; 5. 72-Dan Buckey[3]; 6. 9-Gavin Roup[2]
Fast Feature 20 Laps
1. 57-Blaze Bacon[11]; 2. 9-Gavin Roup[8]; 3. 62-Kaeden Scott[10]; 4. 45T-Tim Kalp II[1]; 5. 69-Drew Romig[7]; 6. 23-Brentin Irwin[15]; 7. 6-Nolan Caldwell[13]; 8. 04-Mike Stringer[4]; 9. 429-Cameron Walker[5]; 10. 20-Larry Ennis Jr[14]; 11. 68X-Corbin Robinson[16]; 12. 0-Delmar Clark[3]; 13. XX1-Justin Riley[12]; 14. 427-Josh Huff[6]; 15. 72-Dan Buckey[9]; 16. 88-Alan Walker[2]
Second Feature
1. 85-Jonathan Weber[4]; 2. 3L-Justice Lenarz[6]; 3. 99-Jordan Grewell[1]; 4. 13-Allen Boyd[3]; 5. 30-Alex Walker[7]; 6. 44-Laura Day[10]; 7. 84-Scott Whitten[5]; 8. 43-Andrew Bethards[9]; 9. 19-AJ Andrews[2]; 10. (DQ) 01C-Douglas Ralff[8]

Ross Mountain BBQ Crown Vics:
Top Qualifier: #36 Mario Diano 18.117
Heat 1 8 Laps
1. 118-Travis Roth[2]; 2. 14-Ryan Likens[3]; 3. 36-Mario Diano[5]; 4. 61-Ronald Cihon[1]; 5. 99-Kyler Grewell[4]; 6. 68-Kyle Finlayson[6]
A Feature 1 15 Laps
1. 36-Mario Diano[4]; 2. 118-Travis Roth[2]; 3. 99-Kyler Grewell[3]; 4. 61-Ronald Cihon[1]; 5. 68-Rob Scott[5]; 6. (DNS) 14-Ryan Likens

Written by: Matt Helms

Driver Results
Street Stocks
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
120088Dennis Wood
219067Bob Page
318075Bob Passwaters Sr
41705Brandon Thomas
516899Jason Grewell
616658Zack Cogar
716421Brady Carte
816275HTyler Harmon
916000Vinnie Tantarelli
Disqualified064Luke Porco
Disqualified017Nate Smart
Heat #1
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
13575HTyler Harmon
23021Brady Carte
32599Jason Grewell
42075Bob Passwaters Sr
Heat #2
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
14058Zack Cogar
23588Dennis Wood
3305Brandon Thomas
42567Bob Page
52000Vinnie Tantarelli
Fast Feature
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
120057Blaze Bacon
21909Gavin Roup
318062Kaeden Scott
417045TTimmy Kalp
516869Drew Romig
616623Brentin Irwin
71646Nolan Caldwell
816204Mike Stringer
9160429Cameron Walker
1015820Larry Ennis Jr
1115668XJosh Robinson
121540Allen Clark
13152XX1Justin Riley
14150427Josh Huff
1514872Dan Buckey
1614688Alan Walker
Heat #1
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
13585Jonathan Weber
23099Jordan Grewell
32584Scott Whitten
42013Allen Boyd
5153LJustice Lenarz
61044Laura Day
71019AJ Andrews
Heat #2
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
13523Brentin Irwin
23043Andrew Bethards
32568XJosh Robinson
4206Nolan Caldwell
51520Larry Ennis Jr
61030Alex Walker
Heat #3
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
13545TTimmy Kalp
230429Cameron Walker
32569Drew Romig
42004Mike Stringer
5150Allen Clark
61088Alan Walker
Heat #4
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
14057Blaze Bacon
235427Josh Huff
33062Kaeden Scott
425XX1Justin Riley
52072Dan Buckey
6159Gavin Roup
Second Feature
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
114685Jonathan Weber
21363LJustice Lenarz
312699Jordan Grewell
411613Allen Boyd
511430Alex Walker
611244Laura Day
711084Scott Whitten
810843Andrew Bethards
910619AJ Andrews
Disqualified001Doug Ralff
Crown Vics
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
120036Mario Diano
2190118Travis Roth
318099Kyler Grewell
417061Ronald Cihon
516888Rob Scott
DNS014Ryan Likens
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
140118Travis Roth
23514Ryan Likens
33036Mario Diano
42561Ronald Cihon
52099Kyler Grewell
61588Rob Scott
05/08/2024 Race
Street Stocks Listings
Finish Pos.Driver
1.Wood, Dennis
2.Page, Bob
3.Passwaters Sr, Bob
4.Thomas, Brandon
5.Grewell, Jason
6.Cogar, Zack
7.Carte, Brady
8.Harmon, Tyler
9.Tantarelli, Vinnie
10.Smart, Nate
05/08/2024 Race
Compacts Listings
Finish Pos.Driver
1.Bacon, Blaze
2.Roup, Gavin
3.Scott, Kaeden
4.Kalp, Timmy
5.Romig, Drew
6.Irwin, Brentin
7.Caldwell, Nolan
8.Stringer, Mike
9.Walker, Cameron
10.Ennis Jr, Larry
05/08/2024 Race
Crown Vics Listings
Finish Pos.Driver
1.Diano, Mario
2.Roth, Travis
3.Grewell, Kyler
4.Cihon, Ronald
5.Scott, Rob
6.Likens, Ryan