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Tuesday, February 19th
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2018 Race Season
Schacht Sweeps the Twin 50’s for Super Cups with McClintock, Smith, Oliver, Scott, Peebles and Gerber all finding Victory Lane!
June 2, 2018
Schacht Sweeps the Twin 50’s for Super Cups with McClintock, Smith, Oliver, Scott, Peebles and Gerber all finding Victory Lane!The first feature was the Make-up feature from a few weeks ago, starting the evening events. Rob Scott in the #30 and Tyler Eichel in the #4E set the pace for the makeup feature. Eichel pulled into the race lead but it was short lived as Billy Hilliker in the #2 made contact before they got a lap in. Eichel was forced pit side with a flat tire, setting up a complete restart, minus the #4E. Scott and Marcus Cox in the #64 started up front. The duo would battle for lead until lap 2, when Scott and Cox made contact with each other to bring the yellow out. Neither driver fessed up, so both were sent to the back for the restart. On the restart, Hilliker and #78 of Josh Peebles brought the field back to green. Hilliker pulled out to a good race lead but Peebles wasn’t giving up on the outside. On lap 4, Cox blew a motor going into turn three, bringing out another caution. Hilliker and Peebles were set to do battle again for the top spot. Both continued to give each other a little room while running a good line on the inside and outside. Allen Clark in #0 was battling with Josh Beall in the #86 and Scott. Toby Cook in the #41 started to make it a four way battle for third. On lap 7, Peebles dropped to the inside of Hilliker off turn two to take over the lead. Peebles was able to hold off Hilliker for the remainder of the race, picking up is first career feature win. Following the Minerva OH driver in the T&T Tire sponsored #78 of Josh Peebles was Hilliker, Beall, Cook, and Clark.

The first feature of the week number four program was the Mad Bro’s Games and Hobbies Mini Trucks. Scott Lindell in the #14 and Barney Gerber in the #2T started on the front row for the 12 lap feature. Gerber started on the outside and before turn one, closed the door on Lindell to get the race lead. On lap 1, Lindall and #95 of Michael Varnes got together in turn one, bringing out the caution. Gerber and Varnes brought the field back to green. The #4 of Tim Scott and Rich Schweitzer in the #84 started to move up into the third and fourth positions. Varnes continued to look high and low on Gerber but just couldn’t get a good run. Schweitzer and Scott kept battling for the third position, as Scott got the position with just a couple laps left. Picking up his first win of 2018 season was the Somerdale OH driver in the RV Parts Express, Swiss Auto Mart sponsored #2T of Barney Gerber. Following was Scott, Varnes, Schweitzer and Lindell. The heat win went to Varnes. Top Qualifier was Scott.

The second feature was the Summit Racing Equipment Economy Modifieds for their 25 lap feature. Mark Willison Jr in the #98 and Philip Cox in the #23J started on the front row. Willison got a good start as Cox continued to battle to the outside. The #02 of Mike Bowers, back in action after a bad wreck on opening night, received some left front suspension damage and was forced to pull to the infield to keep everything green. Lee McCreey in the #2 started to move in on Willison for the race lead, looking high and low. Jeff Dunfee III in the #3 was running third behind McCreery. Brandon Bailey in #55 and #38 of Kevin McClintock started to make a run to the front. Mack Gribble in the #12 was getting challenges from Bailey and McClintock. At the half way point, Willison leads, McCreery, McClintock, Dunfee III, and Cox were the top five. Todd and Lucas Ripley in the #00 and #0 made a slow move to the front. On lap 16, McClintock looked to the low side of Willison for the race lead off turn two. McClintock took the position a lap later. On lap 20, the first of two cautions flew as the brothers Grewell, the #99 of Jason, got into Derek Grewell in the #9 in turn two, sending him around. McClintock and Willison brought the field to green but off turn two, Cox slowed down as Bailey and both Ripley's got into each other in a chain reaction incident. Gribble spun down the back straightaway trying to avoid the calamity. McClintock and Willison set pace again on the restart. McClintock was able to hold off Willison, McCreery and Dunfee III to pick up his first feature win of the season. Following the Dover OH driver in the Van Meter’s Auto repair, Angels Closet sponsored #38 of Kevin McClintock, was Willison Jr, McCreery, Dunfee III and Lucas Ripley. Heat winners were Gribble and Willison Jr. Top Qualifier was McClintock.

The third feature to hit the 3/10th mile oval was the South Philly Pizza Compact fast feature. The #19 of Clayton Oliver and #178 of Steven Feister started on the front row. Oliver pulled out to a early race lead and brought the #38 of Brandon France with him. Mike Stuber driving the #31, got stuck on the outside with Feister on the first couple laps. Josh Feister in the #28 was coming from tenth as Oliver was having a good battle on his hands with France from lap 2 on. As France kept trying to find a good run, Eric Feister in the #78 was able to catch the duo up front. Eric Feister was looking inside and outside of France for second. Oliver was able to hold the bottom to force France and Feister to make the outside work. Kyle Finlayson in the #15 had a good battle for the fifth spot with Justin Renicker in the #175 and Josh Peebles in the #78. Oliver was holding a good line up front as France gave it one more try to the outside. Oliver was able to hang on, picking up the win at the double checkered flag. Following the Malvern OH driver in the Deluxe Auto Body, Vegas Nights, Crislip Motorsports, #19 of Clayton Oliver was France, Eric Feister, Renicker and Finlayson. Heat winners were Eric Feister, Oliver and Kyle Lawson.

Next up was the 30 lap McIntosh Oil Company Late Models. The #07 of Brock Burcher and the #3 of Dave Martin set the pace. Burcher got a good start on Martin going into turn one. Bryant Smith in the #1 started behind Martin. Bubba Smith in the #12 made a move to the outside of his brother Bryant and Martin to take over second behind Burcher. On lap 2, Bubba went high on Burcher down the back straightaway to take the lead off of turn four and started to check out. Albert Francis in the #33 was trying to follow Bubba to the front. Francis and Bryant made contact on lap 5 in turn one, bringing out the first and only caution. Bubba and Francis brought the field to green with 25 to go. Francis didnt give up on the high side as Ryan Tedesco in the #701 and #42 of Tom Stankiewicz were sitting third and fourth. Tedesco looked to the high side of Francis as both got together a little bit, allowing Stankiewicz to make the move to third. Stankiewicz was able to move to second by going to the inside of Francis and brought Tedesco with him to third. There was a really good battle for second between Stankiewicz and Tedesco, but Bubba was unstoppable from start to finish. Following the North Canton OH driver in the Smiths Auto Sales, Finish Line Motors, Finish Line Designs sponsored #12 was Stankiewicz, Tedesco, Bryant Smith and Francis. Heat winners were Tedesco and Bryant Smith. Top Qualifier was Tom Stankiewicz.

The last feature of the evening was the second South Philly Pizza Compact feature. Scott Espenschied in the #41 and Tyler Eichel in the #4E started up front. Eichel pulled out into the early race lead going into turn one. Rob Scott in the #30 stayed on his bumper. Scott goes to the outside of Eichel off turn two and made the pass for the lead. Mike McDonald in the #16 and the #2 of Billy Hilliker battled it out for the second spot, going back and forth, not giving each other an inch. Jason Rohrer in the #9 was battling for fourth, as he slowly made a run for the top three. Allen Clark in the #0 and Toby Cook in the #41 battle for the fifth spot as they tried to make a run on Eichel. Picking up the Flag to Flag feature win was the France Trucking sponsored #30 of Rob Scott. Completing the top 5 was McDonald, Hilliker, Rohrer and Eichel.

From Front to Back to Front: Schacht Sweeps at Midvale

Midvale, Ohio (June 3, 2018) – Bob Schacht showed that he was the car to beat throughout Saturday’s McInturf Realty Twin 50s presented by Patrick Miller Photography, but getting to victory lane was by no means the easiest of tasks once the green flag for each flew.
The Mooresville, North Carolina veteran driver shattered the track record in qualifying with a fast time of 14.473 seconds and the top six redraw went in his favor after pulling the number one pill for the first 50-lap feature. Schacht accelerated into the lead over 2017’s Jennerstown Speedway finale winner J.P. Crabtree III until a caution was displayed 17 laps in.
Crabtree, making his first start of 2018, challenged Schacht on the restart. Motoring to the inside into turn two, Crabtree slightly nudged Schacht, who was forced to take a higher exit out of the turn. As they approached turn three, even more contact was made which was enough to send Crabtree around.
Schacht pitted to repair damage to the right front and Crabtree, minus a rear bumper cover, stayed out but went to the rear of the field, handing the lead to 2014 SCSCS champion JJ Pack. However, it was two-time Midvale Speedway winner Kevin Kromer that took advantage on the restart and powered into the lead for the next few circuits.
It was setting up to be a spitting image of a spirited battle for the top spot from a few years ago on the 3/10-mile oval nearing halfway, as Kromer and Pack dueled for the position. Meanwhile, both Schacht and Crabtree were making their way toward the front again. By lap 35, Schacht caught and passed both Pack and Kromer and his No. 75 Engineered Components / Bob Schacht Motorsports Chevrolet held on the rest of the way for win number two of 2018.
“Last year we broke in the first race, but I went home after Dominion and I studied the race track,” Schacht said in victory lane. “I watched every YouTube thing that was on Midvale, the bumps and stuff like that, how people raced. I like this race track. It’s a good racey race track.”
Schacht also announced that all of his winnings from the night will be generously donated to cancer survivor Kevin Kromer’s Mission R.A.C.E.R. foundation.
Brent Nelson made a late race charge to within two car lengths of Schacht and finished runner-up, while Crabtree rounded out the podium. Kromer finished fourth while Ron Langdon, all the way from Long Island, New York ended up fifth in his No. 17 National Appliance / Langdon’s Automotive Chevrolet. Pack exited the race track during a yellow with less than 10 laps to go and was done for the night with a leak in the rear of his No. 90 JP Racing Chevrolet.
For the second feature, Schacht had a little more work to do from the beginning after drawing the sixth starting position. Nelson started from the pole and led the first five laps in his No. 80 Airtek Inc. / Steam Turbine Services / Precision Auto Collision / Atkinson Welding Chevrolet.
Behind the Petersburg, West Virginia racer, Crabtree and Schacht were patiently yet rapidly coming up fast on his rear bumper. Crabtree took the lead and held a comfortable margin for a number of laps until a red flag was displayed on lap 18 when Denver, North Carolina’s Larry Wilcox expired an engine on the backstretch and made a hard impact with the turn three wall. Wilcox climbed out under his own power, but the No. 66 Denise Wilcox Real Estate Agent with Sellstate Select / ETGI / Daddy K's BBQ Chevrolet was much worse for the wear. By this time, Schacht was up to second but elected to restart on the inside lane behind Crabtree. Nelson chose the outside and tried to make the line work, but Crabtree and Schacht surged ahead.
In a similar circumstance to the first feature, contact was made, this time in turn four, sending Crabtree around. Schacht was sent to the rear for the altercation, but quickly maneuvered toward the top spot and passed Nelson before the race crossed the halfway mark. Despite a stoppage with 20 laps remaining and one more challenge from Crabtree, Schacht cruised his way to become the first driver in SCSCS history to win three consecutive races.
The Muncie, Indiana driver stopped the No. 42 USA Tire / J.R.'s Landscaping / Stagger Pros / Support The Troops / Don Gnat Racing Ford on the frontstretch following the checkered flag and the runner-up climbed out to have a word with Schacht. There was some disagreement between each driver regarding what had ensued.
“The first race was my fault,” Schacht admitted. “I didn’t figure he was going to slow down that much right in the middle of the corner like he did and I got into him. I’ll take the blame or whatever you want to call it for that one there, but this last time he just kept trying to block me on the bottom. I got up in there and he just came down and then in the next corner I ran into him.”
“I just got spun,” Crabtree briefly explained.” “That’s all there is to it. I’m the leader and I’m protecting the bottom. I left the outside for him, but I guess he can’t do that so it’s whatever. We’ll move on to the next one and go at it some more.”
Nelson concluded a fairly satisfying night with a third place finish.
“We were close, but the car got tight on me,” the 2016 Midvale winner noted. “The longer we ran, before the end of the first race, the car just wouldn’t turn. The second race we made a little bit of an adjustment. The car was good until about halfway; same thing. I didn’t loosen it up enough.”
20-year-old series newcomer Edward Adams III from Front Royal, Virginia turned in an impressively respectable fourth place run in the No. 16 IceBoxx Customs / JP Racing Toyota. Walnutport, Pennsylvania’s Kromer rounded out the top five in his No. 77 Lehigh Valley Cancer Institute / Mission R.A.C.E.R. / Warren Pallet / K2 Motorsports Chevrolet.

Coming up this Saturday June 9th,
The Quaker Digital Acadamy Presents the return of the MSS Supermodifieds as they Invade Midvale Speedway! Late Models, Street Stocks, Compacts, and Mini Trucks will all be on hand with Racing starting at 6:30. Come Join us!

- Story by Matthew Helms
- Super Cup Story by Aaron Creed

----------------------------------------------------------------- Super Cup Stock Car Series:

Top Qualifer: #75 Bob Schacht
Twin 50 No. 1 Race Results:
1 75 Bob Schacht, 2 80 Brent Nelson, 3 42 JP Crabtree, 4 77 Kevin Kromer, 5 17 Ron Langdon, 6 16 Edward Adams III, 7 99 Mike Potter , 8 35 Bill Ashton 9 18 Jeff Zillweger , 10 3 Jason Schue 11 90 JJ Pack , 12 66 Larry Wilcox ,13 22 Marc Jones

Twin 50 No. 2 Race Results:
1 75 Bob Schacht , 2 42 JP Crabtree 3 80 Brent Nelson , 4 16 Edward Adams III, 5 77 Kevin Kromer 6 35 Bill Ashton , 7 17 Ron Langdon 8 99 Mike Potter , 9 3 Jason Schue 10 22 Marc Jones , 11 18 Jeff Zillweger ,12 66 Larry Wilcox

McIntosh Oil Company Late Models:

Top Qualifier: #42 Tom Stankiewicz
Heat #1: Tedesco, Stankiewicz, Francis, Bubba Smith, Gage Jaberg
Heat #2: Bryant Smith, Burcher, Martin
Feature: Bubba Smith, Stankiewicz, Tedesco, Bryant Smith, Francis, Eichel, Martin, Jaberg, Burcher

Summit Racing Equipment Modifieds:

Top Qualifier: #38 Kevin McClintock
Heat #1: Gribble, McCreery, Bailey, McClintock, Lucas Ripley
Heat #2: Willison Jr, Cox, Harding, D.Grewell, Kaufman
Feature: McClintock, Willison Jr, McCreery, Dubfee III, Lucas Ripley, Bailey, Todd Ripley, Gribble, D.Grewell, J.Grewell, Cox, Harding, Bowers

South Philly Pizza Compacts:

Make Up Feature: (May 12th): Peebles, Hilliker, Beall, Cook, Clark, Scott, Nealey, Cox, Eichel
Top Qualifier: #28 Josh Feister

Heat #1: E.Feister, France, J.Feister, Renicker, Finlayson
Heat #2: Oliver, Cook, McDonald, Rohrer, Hilliker
Heat #3: Lawson, Clark, Scott, Eichel, Bacon
Feature #1: Oliver, France, E.Feister, Renicker, Finlayson, Peebles, S.Feister, Stuber, Patterson, Beall, J.Feister
Feature #2: Scott, McDonald, Hilliker, Rohrer, Eichel, Clark, Cook, Bacon, Espenschied, Brokaw

Mad Bro’s Games & Hobbies Mini Trucks:

Top Qualifier: #4 Tim Scott
Heat: Varnes, Gerber, Schweitzer, Scott, Lindall
Feature: Gerber, Scott, Varnes, Schweitzer, Lindall, Bausher

Written by: Matt Helms

Driver Results
Late Models
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
15012Bubba Smith
24842Tom Stankiewicz
346701Ryan Tedesco
4441Bryant Smith
54233Albert Francis
64069Bob Eichel
7383Dave Martin
83621Gage Jaberg
93407Brock Burcher
DNS067Chad Stutler
Heat #1
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
18701Ryan Tedesco
2742Tom Stankiewicz
3633Albert Francis
4512Bubba Smith
5421Gage Jaberg
Heat #2
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
151Bryant Smith
2407Brock Burcher
333Dave Martin
Economy Modifieds
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
15038Kevin McClintock
24898Mark Willison Jr
3462Lee McCreery
4443Jeff Dunfee III
5420Lucas Ripley
64055Brandon Bailey
73800Todd Ripley
83612Mack Gribble
9349Derek Grewell
103299Jason Grewell
113023JPhillip Cox
122865Dan Harding
132602Mike Bowers
DNS010Shawn Kaufman
DNS04Jerry Devore
Heat #1
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
1812Mack Gribble
272Lee McCreery
3655Brandon Bailey
4538Kevin McClintock
540Lucas Ripley
Heat #2
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
1598Mark Willison Jr
2423JPhillip Cox
3365Dan Harding
429Derek Grewell
5110Shawn Kaufman
Mini Truck
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
1502TBarney Gerber
2484Tim Scott
34695Michael Varnes
44484Rich Schweitzer
54214Scott Lindell
64011Roger Bausher
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
1895Michael Varnes
272TBarney Gerber
3684Rich Schweitzer
454Tim Scott
5414Scott Lindell
Feature #1
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
15019Clayton Oliver
24838Brandon France
34678Eric Feister
444175Justin Renicker
54215Kyle Finlayson
64078PJosh Peebles
738178Steven Feister
83631Bart Busby
9348Noah Patterson
103686Josh Beall
113428Josh Feister
DNS064Marcus Cox
Feature #2
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
13630Korey Herron
23416Mike McDonald
3322Billy Hilliker
4309Jason Rohrer
5284ETyler Eichel
6260Alan Clark
72441Toby Cook
82257Mike Swaney
92041EScott Espensched
101844Andrea Brokaw
DNS029Brendan Nealey
Heat #1
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
1878Eric Feister
2738Brandon France
3628Josh Feister
45175Justin Renicker
5415Kyle Finlayson
Heat #2
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
1519Clayton Oliver
2441Toby Cook
3316Mike McDonald
429Jason Rohrer
512Billy Hilliker
Heat #3
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
1554Kyle Lawson
240Alan Clark
3330Korey Herron
424ETyler Eichel
5157Mike Swaney
06/02/2018 Race
Late Models Listings
Finish Pos.Driver
1.Smith, Bubba
2.Stankiewicz, Tom
3.Tedesco, Ryan
4.Smith, Bryant
5.Francis, Albert
6.Eichel, Bob
7.Martin, Dave
8.Jaberg, Gage
9.Burcher, Brock
10.Stutler, Chad
06/02/2018 Race
Economy Modifieds Listings
Finish Pos.Driver
1.McClintock, Kevin
2.Willison Jr, Mark
3.McCreery, Lee
4.Dunfee III, Jeff
5.Ripley, Lucas
6.Bailey, Brandon
7.Ripley, Todd
8.Gribble, Mack
9.Grewell, Derek
10.Grewell, Jason
06/02/2018 Race
Mini Truck Listings
Finish Pos.Driver
1.Gerber, Barney
2.Scott, Tim
3.Varnes, Michael
4.Schweitzer, Rich
5.Lindell, Scott
6.Bausher, Roger
06/02/2018 Race
Compacts Listings
Finish Pos.Driver
1.Oliver, Clayton
2.France, Brandon
3.Feister, Eric
4.Renicker, Justin
5.Finlayson, Kyle
6.Peebles, Josh
7.Feister, Steven
8.Busby, Bart
9.Patterson, Noah
10.Beall, Josh