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Wednesday, December 7th
Thunder In The Valley
2016 Race Season
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October 15, 2016
2016 Champions Crowned

October 1, 2016
2-Day Fall Classic Is In The Books

September 17, 2016

September 10, 2016
Season Championship Pushed to Next Week!

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Off-Season News
Off-Season News
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2016 Awards Banquet!

Mod- Cristian Bailey
SS- Vanessa McCreery
C- Sam Bigham
MT- Alex Striejewske

Most Improved:
LM Jesse Page
Mod- Braden Swaney
SS-Josh Moss
C-Britt Vanmeter

Sportsman of Year:
LM-Tom Stankiewicz
Mods- Brandon Bailey
SS-Josh Moss
C-Dan Buckey
MT- Colt Locker

Most Popular>br> LM- Bryant Smith
Mod-Lee McCreery
SS-Gabe Pringle
C-Gage Jaberg
MT- Rich Schweitzer

Pit Crew of Year:
LM-Larry Baker
Mods-Lucas Ripley
SS-Larry Smith
C-Gage Jaberg
MT-Linard Racing

Best Appearing Car:
LM- Tom Stankiewicz
Mods- Kevin McClintock
SS- Gabe Pringle
C- Brandon France
MT- Rich Schweitzer

Hard Luck:
LM-Slentz Racing
Mods- Laney Striejewske
SS-TJ Barker
C-Mike McDonld
MT-Cody Jaberg

Young Gun: Sam Bigham

Track Records- Flip Over : Cody Jaberg

C- Kyle Rector 17.394 8-20-16
MT- Colt Locker 16.282 7-9-16


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Racing Junk/ Motor Head Media Partnership By- Matthew Helms

(Midvale,Ohio) RacingJunk.com is the OFFICAL CLASSIFIELDS of Midvale Speedway! Racing Junk, has a direct link, from Midvales Site to there on the side with Sponsors. Racing Junk, also has Give-A-Ways that will be on our facebook page, and on the website, right under the Racingjuck.com Link. Give-A-Ways link, will be labeled with Give-A-Ways, and a picture of what is up for grabs

We want to thank RacingJunk.com/Motorhead Media for the opportunity with this amazing deal. We feel this is a great deal not just as a track, but for them also. Having them being our classifieds of Midvale helps our drivers post their cars for sale, and hopefully buy new ones or even get “new” faces into the sport we all love. We are pretty excited for this partnership and how to grow it into a long distance relationship in near future. Asking track owner Randy Smith what his thoughts were, “It’s great not just for Midvale but RacingJuck also. It will help both in the long run. Racing Junk/ Motor Head Media will be helping us promote events throughout the winter and into spring”. Us at Midvale would like to thank RacingJunk/Motor Head Media for the opportunity again!

Written by: Matthew Helms
2016 Late Models Series Standings
Records updated 10/18/16
1.Smith, BubbaLeader
2.Smith, Bryant-131
3.Baker, Larry-222
4.Stankiewicz, Tom-228
5.Schneider Jr, Bob-303
6.Hoopingarner, Gary-408
7.Eichel, Bob-449
8.Rosenberry, Alex-512
9.Page, Jesse-584
10.Willison, Mark-654
2016 Economy Modifieds Series Standings
Records updated 10/18/16
1.Allensworth, BryceLeader
2.Ripley, Lucas-8
3.McClintock, Kevin-22
4.McCreery, Lee-203
5.Bailey, Brandon-217
6.Swaney, Braden-349
7.Bailey, Cristian-411
8.Marder, Shawn-493
9.Striejewske, Laney-559
10.Kaufman, Shawn-574
2016 Street Stocks Series Standings
Records updated 10/18/16
1.Pringle, GabeLeader
2.Miller, Todd-111
3.Ritchey, Colton-117
4.Barker, TJ-132
5.Smith, Larry-137
6.Orr, Waylon-154
7.Grove, Kyle-510
8.Passwaters Sr., Bob-540
9.Passwaters Jr, Bob-826
10.Early, Tom-854
2016 Mini Truck Series Standings
Records updated 10/18/16
1.Locker, ColtLeader
2.Linard, Joe-168
3.Schweitzer, Rich-277
4.Jaberg, Cody-295
5.Striejewske, Alex-760
6.Linard, Roger-794
7.Varnes, Micheal-978
8.Dreher, Tim-1067
9.Nicholas, Dusty-1086
10.Cordia, Derek-1136
2016 Compacts Series Standings
Records updated 10/18/16
1.Vanmeter, BrittLeader
2.Jaberg, Gage-16
3.Oliver, Clayton-186
4.France, Brandon-261
5.Finlayson, Kyle-314
6.Buckey, Dan-384
7.McDounld, Mike-426
8.Bigham, Sam-493
9.Herron, Korey-531
10.Salsberry, Blaine-547

Track Records
Late Model
#12 Bubba Smith 13.707

Economy Modified
#30 Preston Walker 14.468

Street Stock
#62 Rick Elkins, Jr. 15.937

#22 Kyle Rector 17.394

Mini Truck
#118 Colt Locker 16.282

Main Event
#28 Jimmy Carter 13.262

Super Modified
#19 Trent Stephens 11.865

Open Modified
#31 Doug Meyer 14.340

Super Cup Stock Car
#7 Larry Berg 14.951