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Schultz Charges To Super Modified Win
Schultz Charges To Super Modified Win
On a downright sultry night at Midvale Speedway, the racing action couldn't have been much better for Diano Supply Night. Fans were treated to some great racing despite about a 90 minute delay due to the only shower in the State passing though just as the Super Modified's were ready to qualify. Fifty car, truck and Super Modified combinations were at the 3/10 mile oval under partly sunny skies and a sticky 90 degrees at race time.

First to hit the Speedway was the JD Byrider Street Stock's with the #31 of Billy Sunland and the #28 of Jimmy Orr bringing the field to green. Orr was able to take the top spot into turn one as the #77 of Josh Moss shot into 2nd. On lap 3, Orr got loose off turn four and Moss finished him off, but Orr was able to continue on and we stayed green. That moved Mike Martin in the #11 and Colton Ritchey in the #21 up to second and third behind Moss. The car on the move was the flat black #3 of Kyle Grove, looking for 2 in a row and absolutely on rails in the high lane. The only caution was on lap 4 as Sunland had issues off turn two. On the restart, Grove was exactly where he wanted to be, on the high side. He was able to take the top spot for good off turn two and let everyone else fight for 2nd. Fight is exactly what they did. Point leader Gabe Pringle in the #7 prob had the 2nd best car, but was having a terrible time getting to the front. Ritchey was able to dispose of Moss and take 2nd but could never get closer than about 5 or 6 car lengths to Grove. Martin, Moss and Pringle would duke it out for 3rd, racing terribly hard but clean. First, Pringle made an outstanding cross over move on Moss, who was playing both sides of the street trying to keep the #7 at bay. Then he was able to make another nice move around Martin to get up to 3rd, but was a half lap behind Grove, a full straightaway behind Ritchey and in desperate need of a caution. But that caution never came and I'm not sure it would have mattered anyway0. Grove, from Uhrichsville OH, cruised to his 5th victory in 2016 in the JD Byrider, CNAC Financing, El Pueblito Mexican Cuisine, South Philly Pizza and Greg's Recovery sponsored #3. Rounding out the top 5 was Ritchey, Pringle, Martin and Moss.

Next up was the 30 lap feature for the MSA Super Modified's. The #81 of Denny Fisher and the #30 of Rookie point leader Talon Stephens brought the field to Chief Starter Terry Colletti's green flag. Fisher, who currently sits 2nd in points, took the lead off turn two with Stephens in 2nd and the #8 of Brandon Fisher in 3rd. As the early laps clicked off the board, Stephens was all over Fisher. Stephens, who's brother Trent holds the track record at Midvale, was able to finally make a nice move to the inside on lap 8 to take the point. The machine on the charge was the #7 of fastest qualifier Charlie Schultz. They don't call him "Chargin" Charlie for nothing and he was knifing his way to the front. On lap 12, Schultz was up to second from his 7th starting position, setting his sights on Stephens who had about a 5 or 6 car length lead. Schultz caught Stephens on lap 16 as the duo had built up a half straightaway lead over the Fisher family, who were battling for 2nd. After putting up a four lap fight, Stephens relinquished the lead on lap 20 to Schultz after a power move to the inside down the back straightaway. The only caution flew on lap 20 as AJ Lesiecki in the #77 spun off turn four. On the restart, Schultz would blast out front and set sail. The Fisher's luck turned sour just after the restart, as the #8 of Brandon, who was running 4th, had to pull pit side after trailing some smoke. Denny in the #81 slipped of turn two and started to fade to the latter half of the top 5. It took Schultz quite a few years of racing Late Model's and Super Modified's at Midvale Speedway to pick up his first feature win back in 2014. He wouldn't have to wait nearly as long to pick up #2. The Lorain OH driver in the DEI, Action Auto Body and May Motorsports sponsored #7 would cruise to victory at his favorite track and salute the crowd with a wing stand in Downtown Ford Victory Lane. Finishing the top 5 was Stephens, Lesiecki with a nice recovery after his spin, Jon Henes and Denny Fisher.
The Canton Auto Salvage Compact's lined up for their 20 lap feature and would put on another great show. Two weeks in a row, they would go green to checkered while racing hard and clean. Brandon France in the #38 and Gage Jaberg in the #21 started on the front row. On the start Blaine Salsberry in the #4 took the front row 3-wide up the middle off turn two. Jaberg would prevail in the outside lane and take the lead off turn four. Salsberry would settle into 2nd with Clayton Oliver in the #19 in 3rd and the #27 of Britt Vanmeter in 4th. Vanmeter was the fastest qualifier and was trying feverishly to get around Oliver as the front two started to pull away. Lap after lap Salsberry tried to get to the outside and lap after lap Jaberg prevailed. While the front 2 went at it, Oliver continued to hold off Vanmeter. Those 4 drivers would drive their guts out for 20 laps, all the while racing each other clean!! As the laps wound down, another good battle was developing between Cody Shields in the #92 and France for a top 5 spot. Three separate battles for important positions, it was hard to just follow one. Salsberry tried high.....Salsberry tried low......then tried high again. Vanmeter tried High and Low, Shields did the same. Oliver and France would fend off the challenges and Jaberg was just strong enough and made no mistakes as he would pick up his 1st win of 2016. Following the New Philadelphia OH driver in the Michael Taylor Allstate Insurance, Rt. 39 Auto Salvage, Fox Auto Salvage and Parts and Naak Tuning sponsored #21 was Salsberry, Oliver, Vanmeter and France. Another good show of sportsmanship by the racing family, Dan Buckey, last week's feature winner, gave up his ride to Mike McDonald who had an accident in the heat race.

The McIntosh Oil Company Late Model's pulled on to the Speedway for their 30 lap feature with Bob Schneider Jr in the #17 and Gary Hoopingarner in the #45 bringing the field to the stripe. Schneider would pull out front off turn two with the #22 of Ron Jaberg Jr following. Jaberg, back behind the wheel for the first time this season, would hang right on the rear deck lid of the #17. Bryant Smith in the #1, Alex Rosenberry in the #2 and Bubba Smith in the #12 were starting to head towards the front by lap 6. The first caution waved on lap 8 as Jaberg got sideways off turn four and spun to the infield. That put Bryant on the outside of Schneider on the restart. They would stay side by side for four circuits, each one inching ahead of the other every corner, until Schneider got out of shape off turn two and spun to the infield. That put the brothers Smith side by side for the restart on lap 12. Bryant would prevail as Rosenberry got to the inside of Bubba and battled him for second. After another quick caution, Bubba got a great restart and nosed ahead of the #1. Coming off turn two, Bryant went up the track trying to stall out the momentum of his brother, the two made slight contact that sent Bryant to the infield and out of the race. That put Rosenberry on the outside for the final 2 restarts. Each time Rosenberry gave it his all for a lap in the outside lane and each time looked like he was in a four wheel drift. He would get to the back bumper of Bubba with two laps to go and again giving it everything he had but Bubba had enough muscle to pull into victory lane for the 6th time this season. Following the North Canton OH driver in the Finish Line Motor's, Finish Line Design's, Smith's Auto Sales and Freedom Auto Finance sponsored #12 was Rosenberry, Tom Stankiewicz, Mark Willison and Jaberg.

The final race of week twelve was the 12 lap Finish Line Motor's Mini Truck feature with the #118 of Kevin Locker and the #22 of Cody Jaberg starting up front. Joe Linard in the #82 would dispose of the front two and sail off into the night. Fastest qualifier Roger Linard in the #28 would begin to work on Locker for second as Joe was checked out and working on his victory lane speech. Roger seemed to have the faster truck but Locker was a tick better on the bottom and continued to hold the #28 at bay. The only caution flew on lap 9 as Codeman had a right front tire go flat off turn two, ending his night with more terrible luck. On the initial restart, it appeared as if Locker was laying back and jumped Joe, but something was a miss on the #82, everyone just didn't know it yet. On the next attempt, Joe again didn't get going and was forced to the infield with electrical issues. Roger tried to reel in Locker, but was unable to do so, giving Dad his 2nd win his his sons truck. Following the Somerdale OH driver in the Townhouse Drive Thru, My Water Doctor, The Lindentree and GM Electric sponsored #118 was the elder Linard, Alex Striejewske, Joe and Jaberg.

THANK YOU to the FANS who stuck with us through the heat and a few rain showers and to everyone from the MSA Super Modified Series and all of our driver's, team's and official's for hanging in there under less than ideal conditions!!

This Saturday night July 30th, The Quaker Digital Academy presents Street Stock and Compact Twin 40 lap Features. All 5 Regular Divisions will be on hand and Kid's Bicycle races will take place at intermission. Please bring your own bicycle and safety gear. The races will be split up into age groups and the course that you race on will vary with age group.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ MSA Super Modified's

Fast Time: Charlie Schultz 12.712
Heat 1: Brandon Fisher, Talon Stephens, AJ Lesiecki, Jake Smith
Heat 2: Charlie Schultz, Denny Fisher, Rich Reid, Jon Henes
Feature: Schultz, Stephens, Lesiecki, Henes, Denny Fisher, Brandon Fisher, Reid, Smith

McIntosh Oil Company Late Model's

Fast Time: Bubba Smith 14.105
Heat 1: Ron Jaberg Jr, Tom Stankiewicz, Bryant Smith, Bubba Smith, Larry Baker, Alex Rosenberry
Heat 2: Jesse Page, Mark Willison, Bob Schneider Jr, Gary Hoopingarner, Dave Martin, Don Rufener III
Feature: Bubba, Rosenberry, Stankiewicz, Willison, Jaberg Jr, Schneider Jr, Baker, Page, Martin, Rufener III, Bryant, Hoopingarner

JD Byrider Street Stock's

Top Qualifier Ky;e Grove
Heat 1: Colton Ritchey, Gabe Pringle, Kyle Grove, Mike Martin
Heat 2: Larry Smith, Josh Moss, Bob Passwaters Sr, Jimmy Orr, Billy Sunland
Feature: Grove, Ritchey, Pringle, Martin, Moss, Passwaters Sr, Orr, Sunland

Finish Line Motor's Mini Truck's

Fast Time: Roger Linard 16.367
Heat: Joe Linard, Roger Linard, Kevin Locker, Cody Jaberg, Alex Striejewske
Feature: Locker, Roger, Striejewske, Joe Linard, Jaberg

Canton Auto Salvage Compact's

Fast Time: Britt Vanmeter 17.772
Heat 1: Clayton Oliver, Ryan Shreffler, Mike McDonald, Dan Buckey, Gage Jaberg, Britt Vanmeter, Brandon France, Blaine Salsberry
Heat 2: Kyle Finlayson, Korey Herron, Noah Patterson, Cody Shields, Tyler Eichel, Don Rufener III, Zack Cogar
Feature: Jaberg, Salsberry, Oliver, Vanmeter, France, Shields, Finlayson, Herron, McDonald, Eichel, Cogar, Rufener III, Patterson

Spectator Drags Winner: Anthony McClintock

Written by: Chris Kail
2016 Late Models Series Standings
Records updated 07/25/16
1.Smith, BubbaLeader
2.Smith, Bryant-143
3.Baker, Larry-159
4.Hoopingarner, Gary-229
5.Stankiewicz, Tom-234
6.Schneider Jr, Bob-243
7.Eichel, Bob-330
8.Willison, Mark-434
9.Mills, Matt-451
10.Rosenberry, Alex-500
2016 Economy Modifieds Series Standings
Records updated 07/25/16
1.McCreery, LeeLeader
2.Ripley, Lucas-19
3.Allensworth, Bryce-22
4.McClintock, Kevin-49
5.Swaney, Braden-49
6.Bailey, Brandon-99
7.Bailey, Cristian-298
8.Marder, Shawn-313
9.McMillen, Doug-364
10.Striejewske, Laney-390
2016 Street Stocks Series Standings
Records updated 07/25/16
1.Pringle, GabeLeader
2.Miller, Todd-31
3.Ritchey, Colton-31
4.Barker, TJ-58
5.Smith, Larry-79
6.Orr, Waylon-100
7.Grove, Kyle-309
8.Passwaters Sr., Bob-456
9.McCreery, Vanessa-558
10.Collins, Curtis-674
2016 Mini Truck Series Standings
Records updated 07/25/16
1.Locker, ColtLeader
2.Jaberg, Cody-25
3.Linard, Joe-69
4.Schweitzer, Rich-267
5.Striejewske, Alex-568
6.Linard, Roger-634
7.Varnes, Micheal-658
8.Dreher, Tim-676
9.Nicholas, Dusty-695
10.Cordia, Derek-795
2016 Compacts Series Standings
Records updated 07/25/16
1.Vanmeter, BrittLeader
2.Jaberg, Gage-43
3.Oliver, Clayton-108
4.McDounld, Mike-143
5.France, Brandon-198
6.Finlayson, Kyle-206
7.Buckey, Dan-280
8.Shreffler, Brent-292
9.Shields, Cody-296
10.Salsberry, Blaine-318

Track Records
Late Model
#12 Bubba Smith 13.707

Economy Modified
#30 Preston Walker 14.468

Street Stock
#62 Rick Elkins, Jr. 15.937

#21 Gage Jaberg 17.464

Mini Truck
#118 Colt Locker 16.282

Main Event
#28 Jimmy Carter 13.262

Super Modified
#19 Trent Stephens 11.865

Open Modified
#0 Kenny Phillips 14.394

Super Cup Stock Car
#7 Larry Berg 14.951