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Sunday, March 29th
Thunder In The Valley
2015 Race Season
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April 11, 2015
Test & Tune For All Divisions

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First race of the season is Saturday, April 18th 2015 at 6:30 PM
20 days, 2 hours, 53 mins, 51 secs until green flag action.

Offseason News & Notes
The tentative outline for the 2015 schedule has been posted. It is still a work in progress and some minor changes will occur over the next month. Fan additions, like spectator drags as well as $1 dog and pop nights, etc. still have to be added as well.

The Midvale Speedway racecar show at the New Towne Mall will be held Friday-Sunday March 20-22. To sign up your ride, email info@midvalespeedway.com.

Test and tune dates are scheduled for April 11, 12, and 17, while the 2015 opener will be Saturday, April 18.

2015 racing will have Late Models, Economy Modifieds, Street Stocks, Compacts, and Mini-Trucks on a weekly basis with special visits from the Main Event Racing Series, MSA Supermodifieds, and the Super Cup Stock Car Series. Special events like the trailer race and skid plate races are also on the card.

For the full TENTATIVE schedule, visit midvalespeedway.com.

Written by: Adam Mackey

Track Records
Late Model
#12 Bubba Smith 13.781

Economy Modified
#30 Preston Walker 14.468

Street Stock
#62 Rick Elkins, Jr. 15.937

#175 Justin Renicker 17.534

Mini Truck
#6 Mike Martin 17.009

Main Event
#28 Jimmy Carter 13.262

Super Modified
#19 Trent Stephens 11.865

Open Modified
#0 Kenny Phillips 14.394

Super Cup Stock Car
#75 Jody Harrison 15.464