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Friday, September 21th
Thunder In The Valley
2018 Race Season
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September 8, 2018
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September 2, 2018

August 25, 2018
Pringle 1st, Peebles 2nd,Bailey 4th, Schweitzer 4th, Smith 5th, All find victory lane!

August 18, 2018
Stineman and Cox Take First Midvale Wins

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65th Season Champion's Crowned
The 2018 regular season has come to an end at "Thunder In The Valley". Week #15 had a good car count, a great crowd and some really good racing for the Summit Racing Equipment and Vanmeter's Auto Repair Season Championship Night. We had a wonderful family give away a couple bicycles in memory of their daughter and one of our racers added a bike to the giveaway and at the conclusion of the night, there was destruction. Sixty eight cars and trucks made the tow for the final regular season contest and it was 85 degrees and sunny at race time.

The first feature of the evening was the 25 lap Summit Racing Economy Modified feature. Kevin McClintock all but locked up the Championship over Mack Gribble during preliminaries, but still needed to start the race for it to be official. Todd Ripley in the #00 and new dad Phillip Cox in the #23J, started on the front row. Ripley would lead lap 1, but wasnt able to clear Cox until lap 2. Just after the leaders cleared turn two on lap 2, the runner-up in points, Mack Gribble in the #12, spun off turn two and collected the #65 of Dan Harding. Harding's night was done, Gribble was able to continue but would retire early. On the restart, Ripley was able to clear Cox off turn two as the #38 of Kevin McClintock moved to the outside of the #23J. After battling for a couple laps, McClintock was able to take over second. On lap 9, the second caution waved as Doug McMillen in the #54 spun in turn two. Unfortunately, no official saw it and there was no replay of the incident from Mid-Vid Video. So, it was determined to ask McMillen and fastest qualifier Jeff Dunfee III in the #3, to see if one of them would admit fault for the incident. Neither did, so they both went to the back for the restart. As the green flag flew, Ripley and McClintock made contact in turn one. The ensuing contact cut Todd's tire and he spun in turn 4, bringing out another caution. That put Cox on the outside of McClintock for what would be the final restart. The Champion was able to clear Cox off turn two as Brandon Bailey in the #55 and the #0 of Lucas Ripley fought for fourth behind Lee McCreery in the #2. By lap 15, McClintock's lead was about twelve car lengths over Cox. That's when Cox started inching back closer. He would get all the way back to the rear bumper with two laps to go, but McClintock was on a mission. He was determined to win the Season Championship Race for his sponsors, for his crew, for his family and for his father. McClintock would do just that, picking up his second feature win of the season, his 11th top 5, his third Modified Points Title and 8th Championship overall at Midvale. Following the Dover OH driver in the Vanmeter's Auto Repair, Federated Auto Parts, Broadrun Cheese House. Blick Tool & Die, Consolidated Stitches Embroidery, Angel's Closet, Dave's Auto Body, Dennison Yard, Alicia Manley MD, Stewart's Flooring and Tedesco Racing Graphics sponsored #38 was Cox, McCreery, Bailey and Lucas.

Next to pull onto the Speedway was the Mad Bro's Games and Hobbies Mini Trucks for their 15 lap event. There were 9 trucks pit side, 8 started the feature. That's the most trucks we have had in quite some time. Rich Schweitzer was able to clinch back to back Championships after turning an official qualifying lap. Rich Schweitzer in the #84 and Tim Scott in the #4 led the field to green. Schweitzer was able to grab the early lead as Colt Locker in the #118 moved up to second on lap 2. On lap 4, the fun started. Locker swung to the outside of Schweitzer. After a good battle, Locker cleared to the lead in turn one on lap 6. Everyone thought that was the way the race was going to finish. Well...."Mr. Smooth" had other ideas. On lap 8, Schweitzer put his machine in the high lane and pulled along side Locker. It took two laps, but Schweitzer dug down deep and completed the pass off turn two. On lap 12, Locker was able to get a nose alongside Schweitzer as neither driver would back down. They raced clean and hard for the final two laps of the last feature of the season. Coming through turns three and four, Locker seemed to have a small advantage, but Schweitzer got a great run off turn four and carried that momentum to pick up the victory by a few feet. In DLP Commercial Maintenance Victory Lane for the 5th time this season and collecting his 14th top 5, Schweitzer announced that he is going to hang up the helmet once again. Even the fans cheering, couldnt get him to change his mind. If this was the final laps for Schweitzer, he has had an incredible career. He wins back to back Mini Truck titles and collected his 5th at Midvale and his 6th overall. Rounding out the top 5 in the Season Championship Race behind the New Philadelphia OH driver in the Vanmeter's Auto Repair, Alicia Manley MD, Consolidated Stitches Embroidery, Allen's Muffler and Federated Auto Parts sponsored #84 was Locker, Michael Varnes, Scott and Barney Gerber.

Cody Jaberg in the #22 and the #07 of Bob Page led the field to Chief Starter Tom Kahl's green flag to start the 30 lap McIntosh Oil Company Late Model feature. Bubba Smith clinched the title after the first completed lap was in the books. Jaberg raced out to the lead off turn two on the opening circuit. Ryan Tedesco in the #701 was able to follow Jaberg to second. On lap two, Tedesco went to the high side for the lead. It took him a lap, but Tedesco was able to pull out front. On lap 4, Tom Stankiewicz in the #42 and Bubba Smith in the #12 shot past Jaberg into second and third. The first caution waved on lap 9 as the #0 of George Riddle and Page made contact and spun in turn four. On the restart, Tedesco and Stankiewicz made some contact in turns one and two. Heading down the back straightaway, there were visible sparks from Tedesco. As the #701 headed to turn three, he spun around, ending his night and bringing our caution number two. That set Stankiewicz and Bubba on the front row for what would be the final restart. As the green flag waved, Stankiewicz spun the tires on the bottom lane and Bubba got a good restart. That combination, proved to be the difference. Stankiewicz would stay close, about 3 car lengths, but would be unable to challenge for win. Pulling into DLP Commercial Maintenance Victory Lane for the 6th time in 2018 and collecting his 12th top 10, was now 5-time Champion Bubba Smith. This was his 3rd Late Model title in the last 4 seasons. Following the North Canton OH driver in the Smith's Auto Sales, Finish Line Motors, Finish Line Designs, Canton Auto Salvage, Freedom Auto Finance sponsored #12 was Stankiewicz, Bob Schneider Jr, Jaberg and Riddle.

The Buckey Mowing Street Stock title was wrapped up by Gabe Pringle with last week's rain out. Pringle captured his second title in 3 years. Bill Aubihl in the #31 and Shawn Marder in the #25 started on the front row. Aubihl would lead lap 1 and clear Marder into turn one of lap 2. Kyle Rector in the #22 jumped to the outside of Marder on lap three. The caution flew on lap 4 for the #31 of Aubihl, as he ran two laps under his qualifying time. As the caution was coming out to send Aubihl to the tail, Marder and Rector made contact in turn two. Marder would suffer a flat and be forced pit side. That put the Champion in the #7 on the outside of Rector for the restart. Pringle fought hard on two different restarts but couldnt make the outside work. Pringle settled in behind and had several opportunities to use the "chrome horn", but that isnt his style. Using lessons learned from his late father, he takes what the car gives him on any given night. Sometimes that's a downfall, because he doesnt win as many races as he probably should. But it's a good quality because the other drivers and the fans respect his style. Rector would soldier on to his second feature win this season, his car's third. Following the New Philadelphia OH driver in the Rhino Linings, Lightning Signs and Decals, All American Outdoors and Remax sponsored #22 was Pringle, Kyle Grove, Bear Schwartz and Josh Moss.

The final feature of the evening was the one that had the closest point battle. Brandon France and Kyle Finlayson were separated by 15 points coming into the 20 lap South Philly Pizza Compact feature. Finlayson needed to finish 8 spots ahead of France to take away the title. Billy Hilliker in the #2 and The #19 of Eugene Kopp led the field to the stripe. Hilliker would lead lap 1 with Kopp still hanging around on the outside. Coming off turn two, Josh Peebles in the #78 whipped to the inside of the two leaders, making the three wide pass for the top spot. Brandon France in the #38 and Kyle Finlayson in the #15 were able to move up to second and third on lap 4. Peebles looked strong out front, but on lap 7, the clock said he was too strong. The only caution flew as Peebles was sent to the tail for running two laps under his qualifying time. That put the two Championship contenders on the front row together. Good for France because all he needed to do was keep the #15 in sight. Bad for Finlayson because he needed the #38 marred back in traffic. As the green flag flew, the lead duo would trade the lead back and forth like the professionals they are. Finally, on lap 13, France was able to clear to the lead. The lapped machines did a good job of staying up high, that kept Finlayson from getting another run. France would win his 5th race of the season, collecting 10 top 5's and his first ever Championship. Following the Dover OH driver in the France Trucking, France Racing, South Philly Pizza and Keith's Cars sponsored #38 was Finlayson (who joined France in victory lane per his request), Bart Busby, Dan Buckey and Karl Phillips.

We cant THANK all of our drivers, teams, officials and FANS enough for sticking with us all season long. We have had our up's and down's this year, but all in all it was a successful 65th season and we are already planning year #66.

A SPECIAL THANK YOU to Keith and Connie Henline for donating a pair of bicycles in memory of their daughter Caylee. THANK YOU to Derek Grewell for donating the third bike as well!!!

Coming up in the postseason, This coming Saturday is the "Dirt to Asphalt" Show. 7 Divisions of Dirt cars on dirt tires racing on Asphalt. It will also include Bandalero's and Midvale Speedway Compacts. On Sunday will be the Indian Valley Karting Club.

Saturday and Sunday September 29th and 30th is the 2 day drifting event!! They will have a lot of different things going on and cars from all across the eastern US, it will be well worth checking out Club Loose II's event.

Saturday and Sunday October 13th and 14th is the Fall Classic. We will have information about it coming out in the next week or so, I would be on the lookout for Late Model's, Open Modified's, Open Street Stock's and Open Compact's plus much more....including a Crazy 8 demo derby!! Stay tuned.....

- Story by Chris Kail


McIntosh Oil Company Late Model's

Fast Time: Tom Stankiewicz 13.740

Heat 1: Bubba Smith, Bob Schneider Jr, Tom Stankiewicz, Ryan Tedesco, George Riddle, Cody Jaberg

Heat 2: Gage Jaberg, Bob Page, Bob Eichel, Chris Grubbs, Nick Grubbs.

Feature: Bubba, Stankiewicz, Schneider Jr, Cody, Riddle, Animal, Page, Nick, Chris, Tedesco, Gage.


Summit Racing Economy Modified's

Fast Time: Jeff Dunfee III 14.816

Heat 1: Dan Harding, Kevin McClintock, Lucas Ripley, Brandon Bailey, Jeff Dunfee III, Doug McMillen, Lee McCreery, Mack Gribble

Heat 2: Bob Page, Jerry Devore, Jason Grewell, Bill Shimko, Mike Stone, Phillip Cox, Derek Grewell, Todd Ripley

Feature: McClintock, Cox, McCreery, Bailey, Lucas, Jason, Dunfee III, Page, Shimko, Todd, Stone, Devore, McMillen, Gribble, Derek, Harding


Buckey Mowing Street Stock's

Fast Time: Bear Schwartz 15.862

Heat 1: Josh Moss, Kyle Grove, Kyle Rector, Bear Schwartz, Gabe Pringle, Rob Scott

Heat 2: Bob Passwaters Sr, Shawn Marder, Robbie Kordiac, Kenny Feister Jr, Bill Aubihl, Tim Lynn

Feature: Rector, Pringle, Grove, Schwartz, Moss, Aubihl, Marder, Passwaters Jr, Passwaters Sr, Kordiac, Feister Jr, Tom Earley, Scott


Mad Bro's Games & Hobbies Mini Truck's

Fast Time: Colt Locker 16.266

Heat: Rich Schweitzer, Colt Locker, Michael Varnes, Ryan Shreffler, Tim Scott, Barney Gerber, Roger Baucher, Bill Scott

Feature: Schweitzer, Locker, Varnes, Scott, Gerber, Shreffler, Baucher. DNS - Bill Scott, Mitch Ferguson


South Philly Pizza Compact's

Fast Time: Kyle Finlayson 17.257

Heat 1: Brandon France, Kyle Finlayson, Bart Busby, Josh Peebles, Karl Phillips, Dan Buckey

Heat 2: Ryan Alm, Billy Hilliker, Eugene Kopp, Mike Stuber, Tyler Eichel, Savanna Alm

Heat 3: Justin Renicker, Jimbo Roup, Hunter Corbitt, Laney Striejewske, Andrea Brokaw, Eric Brokaw

Feature: France, Finlayson, Busby, Buckey,Phillips, Stuber, Ryan, Peebles, Kopp, Hilliker, Renicker, Savanna, Eichel, Striejewske, Corbitt, Roup, Eric, Andrea


Trailer Race Top 3: Bryant Smith, Jimbo Roup, Alex Brannon

Written by: Chris Kail
2018 Late Models Series Standings
Records updated 09/18/18
1.Smith, BubbaLeader
2.Stankiewicz, Tom-36
3.Tedesco, Ryan-84
4.Schneider Jr, Bob-184
5.Smith, Bryant-219
6.Eichel, Bob-235
7.Jaberg, Cody-475
8.Francis, Albert-576
9.Burcher, Brock-615
10.Racing, Eichel-746
2018 Economy Modifieds Series Standings
Records updated 09/18/18
1.McClintock, KevinLeader
2.Gribble, Mack-72
3.McCreery, Lee-103
4.Bailey, Brandon-143
5.Cox, Phillip-274
6.Ripley, Lucas-312
7.Devore, Jerry-375
8.Grewell, Derek-405
9.Harding, Dan-418
10.Grewell, Jason-428
2018 Street Stocks Series Standings
Records updated 09/18/18
1.Pringle, GabeLeader
2.Grove, Kyle-131
3.Moss, Josh-158
4.Marder, Shawn-165
5.Rector, Kyle-280
6.Passwaters Sr, Bob-357
7.Aubihl, Bill-502
8.Passwaters Jr, Bob-530
9.Ritchey, Colton-589
10.Hoopingarner, Gary-595
2018 Mini Truck Series Standings
Records updated 09/18/18
1.Schweitzer, RichLeader
2.Gerber, Barney-100
3.Locker, Colt-303
4.Lindell, Scott-307
5.Scott, Tim-417
6.Bausher, Roger-492
7.Varnes, Michael-637
8.Shreffler, Ryan-884
9.Frederick, Tim-1056
10.Scott, Bill-1056
2018 Compacts Series Standings
Records updated 09/18/18
1.France, BrandonLeader
2.Finlayson, Kyle-17
3.Busby, Bart-73
4.Renicker, Justin-159
5.Peebles, Josh-196
6.Buckey, Dan-270
7.Eichel, Tyler-356
8.Cook, Toby-393
9.Hilliker, Billy-481
10.Herron, Korey-509

Track Records
Late Model
#12 Bubba Smith 13.638

Economy Modified
#30 Preston Walker 14.468

Street Stock
#3 Kyle Grove 15.741

#15 Kyle Finlayson 17.219

Mini Truck
#84 Rich Schweitzer 16.217

Main Event
#28 Jimmy Carter 13.262

Super Modified
#19 Trent Stephens 11.865

Open Modified
#15 Craig Phillips 14.331

Super Cup Stock Car
#33 Stephen Cox - 14.758

Must See Sprint Cars
#50 Brian Gerster - 12.4