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3 New Faces Find Victory Lane
3 New Faces Find Victory Lane
It was a Beautiful Saturday afternoon and evening in the valley of Midvale. We were lucky all day and into the evening as we avoided Mother Nature's wrath, that is until a little after 10:00. Lite rain cut the street stock race short but the night was official. Good hard racing all night long from the heat races to the features in every division!

First feature of the evening was the Finish Line Motors Mini Trucks for their 12 lap feature. Front row had Roger Linard and Rich Schweitzer. Green waved, and was a battle into turn one. Down the back straightaway, Schweitzer clears Linard, but goes in middle of turns 3 and 4, opening the inside for Joe Linard and Colt Locker. Next couple laps, Roger Linard holds the race lead. Colt Locker was battling to the outside of Joe Linard for the second spot, for nearly 5 laps! As Locker was trying to get the outside, Linard wasn’t giving up the bottom. Rich Scheitzer was able to stay in fourth right behind Locker and Linard as they were doing battle. As Roger Linard kept the race lead, son Joe Linard stayed right on the bumper. Locker was giving up on high side till final lap. When coming the Double Checkered Flag, picking up his first feature in 2016 and another feature to his career in nearly a decade, was the Dover Ohio driver in the Cinna Vapes Premium E-Liquid, Shook Auto, Ennis Hauling sponsored #28 of “Jolly” Roger Linard. Following was Joe Linard, Colt Locker, Rich Schweitzer, and Michael Varnes. Heat went to Roger Linard. Top Qualifier was Colt Locker.

Second feature pulling onto the track was the Canton Auto Salvage Compacts for their 20 lap feature. Sam Bigham and Mike McDonald were on the front row. Green waved as top 2, started to battle hard for the race lead into turns 1 and 3. On Lap one, Bigham and McDonald make contact as Bigham cuts a right front tire. McDonald and Oliver brought the field back to green. Oliver tried to stay on the outside but dropped down and opened outside for Rector and Jaberg. On Lap 5, the battle for the race was lead between Rector and McDonald. Rector used the outside lane and was hooked. Jaberg would take a couple laps to set up and get to the outside. Oliver, Buckey, France, and McDonald all battled for the third spot. On Lap 12, the second caution was out for debris in turn 2. Rector and Jaberg set up the restart and made last 8 laps exciting. Vanmeter, Buckey, Oliver, and McDonald all battle for the third spot. Off turn four, on lap 13, McDonald after battling the others would cut a right front tire. Rector and Jaberg again up front. Rector would get a great start and run with Jaberg hot on his tail as he keeps diving in High and Low to look around Rector. Vanmeter started to close in on the top 2. Caution waved for final time as Buckey spin on back straighaway, as he was trying to avoid hitting Oliver. Rector and Jaberg would go at it again with 2 laps to go. Jaberg would stay to the high side and trying to get the car to grip up high but ran out of time. To the Double Checkred Flag, the Dover, Ohio drover Kyle Rector goes to victory lane. Following was Jaberg, Vanmeter, Oliver, and Buckey. Heat winners were Fredrick and Rector. Top Qualifier with a NTR was Kyle Rector.

McIntosh Oil Company Late Models were next for their 30 Lap feature. Mike Smith and Jesse Page set up the front row. Green waved, Riddle who started 4th, didn’t get a good start and backed up the outside lane. Mike Smith would pull into the early race lead. Lap 3, battle for the race lead was between Mike Smith and Bryant Smith. Into turn 3, Bryant Smith would take over the race lead. Bubba Smith, Rosenberry, Page,and Stankiewicz would start to battle for the second through fourth postion. Schneider Jr and Hoopingarner were battling deep in the pack. Larry Baker wanted to be a part of it, so he started to look to the outside. Single file throughout the field. Lap 18, caution for #26 of Mike Smith spinning on his own on back straighaway. Bryant Smith and Bubba Smith would set up front row. Green waves and quick caution came out as Hoopingarner pushes up and gets into Baker. Both drivers were done for the night. Smith and Smith went green off turn 4. Bryant pushes up alittle bit to hold back Bubba Smith. Bryant would be able to clear Bubba Smith off turn 4. On Lap 24, caution again as #12 Bubba Smith spins on his own after have mechanical issues. Green would wave with Bryant Smith and Alex Rosenberry setting front row for the final 6 laps. Smith would push up, make little contact with Rosenberry. Rosenberry would stay high. Into turn 1, on Lap 25, Smith would be a lane and a half up and Rosenberry into the third lane. Into turn 3, Rosenberry, drove deep and make contact with Smith, sending Smith spinning in turn 3 and 4. 5 Laps to go, Stankiewicz and Page brought the field to green. Stankiewicz would clear Page into turn 3. Stankiewicz would start to check out. Page stayed right in second as Rosenberry and Smith charged through the field. For turn 4, for the first time in 2016, in the Baker Performance, Custom Car & Collision, From Strongsville, Ohio, #42 Tom Stankiewicz going to victory lane. Following was Page, Smith, Rosenberry, and Schneider Jr. Heat wins, went to Bryant Smith and Bob Schneider Jr. Top Qualifier was Tom Stankiewicz.

25 Lap feature for the Summit Racing Economy Modifieds were up next. Marder and Grewell brought the field to green. Marder would use the inside but Grewell wouldn’t give up on the high side. Marder would clear Grewell as he slotted into the bottom line behind Marder. Battling for fourth was Kaufman and Ripley. Bowers started to make a move on the inside. Lap 6, caution as off turn 2, Marder slows up, Grewell makes contact, and going into turn 3, Grewell starts to push up and field stacks up behind him. McMillenhad no where to go and his night was cut short do to car trouble. Marder and Bowers would bring field back to green, with 19 laps to go. Marder would start to pull away but Bowers wasn’t giving up on the high side. McClintock, Allensworth, Ripely, all started to close in on Marder and Bowers. Bowers gets loose into turn 3, McClintock takes second and goes straight to the outside into turn 1. In turn 3, new leader would be McClintock. Allensworth and Ripley would sart to battle for third and fourth. McClintcok would start to check out as Allensworth and Ripely would stay right there. Marder would try to hold off and battle back with Allensworth. Lap 23, saw next caution as Marder closes the door on Allensworth. Marder would spin and everyone tries to miss him. Under caution, Ripley breaks something in the rear end with only 3 laps to go. McClintock and Allensworth bring field to green. Allensworth gets an early start but McClintock would close back in. Both contained to battle. Lap 24, seen last caution as 37 of Bailey gets into MArder in turn 1 and 2. McClitock and Allensworth had one lap to settle it. Green waved and Allensworth again jumps but backs off to let McClintock close back in. Off turn 4, to the Double Checkred was the Broadrun Chesse House,Ferris Chevrolet, from Dover,Ohio, #38 Kevin McClintock in Victory Lane for 4th time this season. Following was Allensworth, Brandon Bailey, Kaufman, and Bowers. Heat winners were Harding and Marder. Top Qualifier was Bryce Allensworth

Last feature of the evening was the J.D.Byrider Street Stocks. Orr and Early brought the field to green for their 20 lap feature. Green waved as Orr would get a good start, going into turn 1. Passwater Sr, didn’t get a good start and got stuck up high. Smith would start to battle for the high side. Grove and Pringle would start to go high and battle though the field. Cox was getting battled from Moss and Pringle. On Lap 8, Pringle would start to look low on Cox, but lap 9, caution would wave as Pringle would spin into turn 1. Orr and Smith would bring field back to green. Smith would get a good start on the outside and try to pull away. Orr would settle for the second spot. Moss and Cox and Barker battle in the middle of the pack. Grove would start to battle in the second lane on lap 12. Grove, would get to the outside of Orr and try to get a run going in and off. Orr would try and try to close the momentum down on Grove. Grove got past Orr and started to battle Smith but Smith would close the door, leaving the bottom for Orr to battle back. Caution would wave on lap 18, as Barker would spin off turn 4. Green would wave with Smith and Grove but into turn 4, Moss would close the door on Cox and Pringle. Moss would break a rear end down the front straightway putting us under a red. Getting the track clear, rain would start to come in, making the race official. Picking up the victory would be Ziffycat.com #44 of Larry Smith. Following was Grove, Orr, Boron, and Early. Heat wins went to Moss and Early. Top Qualifier was Gabe Pringle.

Thanks again to all of our fans and drivers for sticking out the early rain to get the night in and watch some exciting racing action. Thanks to Frontier Tool & Equipment for being the night sponsor. Congrats to all our winners on week #15.

Coming up this Saturday August 27th, Kids Ride In Cars Night, featuring, Twin 50’s for the Late Models and Modifieds. Street Stocks, Mini Trucks, and Compacts also on hand. Kids ride in cars will happen at Intermission. Normal Admission Prices.Pits 2:30, Pratcie and Stands 3:00, Qualifying 5:00, Racing action to kick off at 6:30

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- McIntosh Oil Company Late Models

Top Qualifier Tom Stankiewicz
Heat #1:Smith, Rosenberry, Stankiewicz, SMith, Page
Heat #2:Schneider Jr, Smith, Hoopingarner, Baker, Eichel
Feature:Stankiewicz, Page, Bryant SMith, Rosenberry, Schneider Jr, Mike Smith, Bubba Smith, Baker, Hoopingarner, Riddle, Eichel

Summit Racing Economy Modifieds

Top Qualifier Bryce Allensworth
Heat #1:Harding,McMillen,Allensworth,McClintock,Kaufman
Heat #2:Marder, Grewell, Bowers, Shimko, Bailey
Feature:McClintock, Allensworth,Bailey, Kaufman,Bowers, Harding, Shimko, Marder, Grewell, Striejewske, Bailey,Ripley, McCune, McMillen

J.D. Byrider Street Stocks

Top Qualifier Gabe Pringle
Heat #1:Moss, Passwaters Sr, Pringle, Cox, Grove
Heat #2:Early, Passwaters Jr, Orr, Smith, Schwartz
Feature:Smith, Grove, Orr, Boron Sr, Early, Cox, Passtwaers Sr, Passtwaters Jr, Barker, Pringle, Moss, Schwartz, Pringle

Canton Auto Salvage Compacts

Top Qualifier NTR Kyle Rector
Heat #1:Rector, Bigham, Oliver, Buckey, Jaberg
Heat #2:Fredrick, Finlayson, Herron, Eichel,Smith
Feature:Rector, Jaberg, Vanmeter,Oliver, Buckey, France, Fredrick, Finlayson, Eichel, McDonald, Smith, Bigham

Finish Line Motors Mini Trucks

Top Qualifier Volt Locker
Heat:Roger Linard, Locker, Schweitzer, Gerber, Striejewske
Feature:Roger Linard, Joe Linard, Locker, Schweitzer, Garber, Striejewske

Written by: Matthew Helms
2016 Late Models Series Standings
Records updated 08/22/16
1.Smith, BubbaLeader
2.Smith, Bryant-117
3.Baker, Larry-170
4.Stankiewicz, Tom-209
5.Schneider Jr, Bob-244
6.Hoopingarner, Gary-248
7.Eichel, Bob-370
8.Rosenberry, Alex-470
9.Willison, Mark-494
10.Page, Jesse-561
2016 Economy Modifieds Series Standings
Records updated 08/22/16
1.Allensworth, BryceLeader
2.Ripley, Lucas-16
3.McClintock, Kevin-23
4.McCreery, Lee-209
5.Bailey, Brandon-211
6.Swaney, Braden-258
7.Bailey, Cristian-349
8.Marder, Shawn-405
9.Striejewske, Laney-455
10.McMillen, Doug-521
2016 Street Stocks Series Standings
Records updated 08/22/16
1.Pringle, GabeLeader
2.Ritchey, Colton-43
3.Miller, Todd-69
4.Smith, Larry-88
5.Barker, TJ-107
6.Orr, Waylon-123
7.Grove, Kyle-284
8.Passwaters Sr., Bob-490
9.Passwaters Jr, Bob-752
10.McCreery, Vanessa-771
2016 Mini Truck Series Standings
Records updated 08/22/16
1.Locker, ColtLeader
2.Linard, Joe-83
3.Jaberg, Cody-207
4.Schweitzer, Rich-283
5.Striejewske, Alex-604
6.Linard, Roger-713
7.Varnes, Micheal-872
8.Dreher, Tim-911
9.Nicholas, Dusty-930
10.Cordia, Derek-980
2016 Compacts Series Standings
Records updated 08/22/16
1.Vanmeter, BrittLeader
2.Jaberg, Gage-32
3.Oliver, Clayton-127
4.France, Brandon-226
5.Finlayson, Kyle-251
6.McDounld, Mike-273
7.Buckey, Dan-292
8.Herron, Korey-441
9.Bigham, Sam-457
10.Shields, Cody-464

Track Records
Late Model
#12 Bubba Smith 13.707

Economy Modified
#30 Preston Walker 14.468

Street Stock
#62 Rick Elkins, Jr. 15.937

#21 Gage Jaberg 17.464

Mini Truck
#118 Colt Locker 16.282

Main Event
#28 Jimmy Carter 13.262

Super Modified
#19 Trent Stephens 11.865

Open Modified
#0 Kenny Phillips 14.394

Super Cup Stock Car
#7 Larry Berg 14.951