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Wednesday, July 29th
Thunder In The Valley
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Another 0% Chance of Rain, In the Books
Another 0% Chance of Rain, In the Books
Tonight was an action packed night of racing at its best. Special thanks to Skipco Auto Aution and Rent 2 Own for being the night sponsor. At Intermission the kids were having a blast with the bike races, after their favorite drivers who had finished their heats.

Before moving in the features, a track official lost his Mom earlier in the night. Chris Kail, our Lead Announcer, please keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers. Prayers for you Kail and your family from all of us at Midvale Speedway.

First Feature of the evening was the J.D. Byrider Street Stocks. Starting on the front row was the #80 of Robbie Patterson and #75 of Bob Passwaters Sr. J.D. Bryrider Street Stocks were gearing up for the distance of 20 laps. The green waved, Patterson pulled using the inside off turn two but Passwaters Sr didn’t give up on the out side. On lap 3, the first caution came out for the #77 of Hartline coming down and the #31 of Aubihl who had no where to go. On the restart, it began with Patterson and Larry Smith. Into turn one, Patterson would pull to about half car lenght lead from Smith, but not far back was Grove. Lap 9, the Second Caution came out for the #00 of Wissman spinning on his own, in turn four. On the restart, Smith and Paterson were on front row. But from the back were Grove and Bertram on the move. Green waved on restart and Paterson still used that bottom lane but just couldn’t get out front of Smith. Grove was bumping Paterson and Smith, trying to get to the front. Lap 13, the next caution waved and was for the #1 of Hoopingarner, coming straight down onto the #21 of Ritchey who cut a right front flat. Green waved and Patterson and Smith were again on the front row, but this time Smith would gain the upper hand. Off turn 2, Patterson would spin on his own and bring out the caution and then he pulled off. Smith and Grove set up the Restart and Grove, with a good handling car, got the run on the outside of turn two, and never looked back. Lap 16, last caution would wave for the #00 of Wissman spinning on his own in turn two. Lap 16, the last restart had Grove and Smith, but Grove had a good handling car and found himself in victory lane. Picking up the win in the #3, El Pueblito Mexican Cuisine, South Philly Pizza, form Uhrichsville, Driver Kyle Grove. Following Grove was Smith, Passwaters Jr, Passwaters Sr, and Ricthey. Heat winners were Smith and Hartline. Top Qualifier was Kyle Grove.

Second feature was the McIntosh Oil Company Late Models. On the front row was the #3 of Dave Martin and #1 of Bryant Smith. Green waved, Smith and Martin side by side off of turn two but on the backstraightaway, the #53 of Miller looked low on Martin but got into him and the big one was on the start. Stankiewicz, Martin, Hoopingarner, Miller, and Mills were all in the wreck. Miller, Mills and Martin teams got their cars back out onto the track but had to start in back because of going into the pits. Green would wave for the complate restart with Bryant Smith and Roger Smith. Bryant would pull away but seemed little down on power. On the move was the #28 of Rietter, looking to the inside and outside of Smith. Lap 12, was second caution of the evening for the #69 of Eichel going up in smoke. On the restart Smith and Rietter were the lead cars. But off turn two, Smith had good handling car and Reitter got a little loose using the outside but was able to drop to second. Rietter again, would look high and low but would get another try at a side by side restart in lap 15 because #31E of Tom Early blows up into turn one. Reitter and Smith again on front row, but Smith using the inside would pull to the advantage over Reitter and Reitter would close the door on third and goes straight down to the bottom to start pressuring Smith again. Lap 19, caution waved for #17 of Schneider going under his qualifying time. Restart would set up Reitter and Smith. This time, Reitter got the run using the outside off of turn two and set sail. Smith would stay second as Bubba Smith and Glenn Gault Jr battled for third. Coming to the white flag, caution waved because not all lead lap cars pasted the stripe, but caution waved for Mills, getting into Miller off turn four. Restart began with Reitter and Smith. Reitter had a good start last time but now Smith is on the outside for first time since the start. Green waved and good side by side racing. Smith would pull to a half car lenght lead on the backstretch. Reitter wasn’t giving up on the bottom. White waved and Rettier was second by inches to Smith. Off turn four, side by side still, Reitter would lose it on his own. Puling to Victory Lane, the #1, Smiths Auto Sales, Freedom Auto Finance of Bryant Smith. Following Smith, was Gault Jr, Bubba Smith, Sommers, and Mills. Heat winners were Bryant Smith and Bob Schneider Jr. Top Qualifer was Bubba Smith.

Third feature was the Canton Auto Salvage Compacts. On the front row, #16M Mike McDounld and #28 of Jim Keller Jr. Green waved Keller had it going into turn one, but gets a little loose and slides up the track and McDounld starts to pull away. On lap 5, the first battle for the lead, was the #169 of Clark going to the outside and off of four gets it by inchs and then off of turn two, Clark clears and sets sail. On Lap 8, the first and only caution waved for the compacts, and was for the #46 of Bailey, getting into the #57 of Ennis Jr. Green waved for the restart with Clark and McDounld up front. Clark would get the lead into the middle of one and two. Clark started to check out but the car on the move was the #21 of Gage Jaberg and #69 of Dan Buckey. Jaberg, got out the fishing pole, and started to close in on Clark. On lap 16, Jaberg was there but Clark keeps it on the bottom and keeps trying to hold off Jaberg. Lap 18, Jaberg would get the lead and set sail. Picking up his second win of the year, the Michael Taylor Allstate Ins., Fox Auto Salvage and Parts, of #21 of Gage Jaberg. Following Jaberg was, Buckey, Clark, Wes Ennis, and Fredrick. Heat winners were, Moore and Fredrick. Top Qualifier was Gage Jaberg.

Next to last feature, was the Summit Racing Economy Modifieds. Starting on the front row was the #6 of Matt Hucthison and #14 of Andrew Wise. Hucthison would pull into the lead on the inside. Green would get around Wise on the next lap and had his sights on Hucthison. Caution waved at lap 4, for the #24 of Jewell coming down and bumping tires with #44 of Aaron Prater. Restart would have Hucthison and Green. Hucthison would use the inside lane and pull infront of Green. On Lap 5, Cox, Wise, and Krebs all got together going into turn 3 and Krebs spun out and backed into the fence. Restart would go green, but a real quick yellow for a failed restart. Green would wave with Hucthison and Green again on front row and Hucthison would pull away from Green, but McClintock was on his way to the front. On lap 10, McClintock would go to the outside to pass, Hucthison for the lead and start to hold off Hucthison and Green. Off of turn four for the victory was the #38 of McClintock but after post race tech,the #38 was not performing to the rules and was DQed. The win would go to the #36 of Lousville, Ohio, Driver Mike Green. Following Green was, Hucthison, Allensworth, Bailey, and Sibla Jr. Heat winners were Cox and Hucthison. Top Qualifer was Bryce Allensworth.

The Last feature to hit the Speedway was the Finish Line Motors Mini Trucks for their 12 lap feature. Michael Varnes in the #95 and Matt Wallick in the #59 brought the field down for the start. Anderson going three wide got around both going into turn one and off of turn two. Anderson would lead until lap 5, and then Colt Locker made his move, and started setting sail. Picking up his second win in the truck, the Locker Racing, TownHouse #118 of Colt Locker. Following Locker was Anderson, Nicholas, Varnes, and Jaberg. Heat winner and Top Qualifer was Colt Locker.

Coming up this weekend Aug 1st, presented by Quaker Digital Acadamy, Autograph Night with the Street Stock and Compact Twin 40’s. Racing action will be at 6:30. LM,MOD,SS,C,MT will all be on hand. Admission Prices: Adults $12, seniors $10, Students 6-15 $8, Children 5 and under FREE.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ McIntosh Oil Company Late Models

Top Qualifer Bubba Smith

Heat 1: Bryant Smith, Miller, Roger Smith, Reitter, Gault Jr

Heat 2: Schneider Jr, Sommers, Martin, Hoopingarner, Cramer

Feature: Bryant Smith, Gault Jr, Bubba Smith, Sommers, Mills, Cramer, Martin, Reitter, Miller, Slentz, Schneider Jr, Roger Smith, Early, Eichel, Stankiewicz, Hoopingarner

Summit Economy Modifieds

Top Qualifer Bryce Allensworth

Heat 1: Cox, Bailey, Jewell, Prater, Ripley

Heat 2: Hucthison, Huffman, Krebs, Green, Kauffman

Feature: Green, Hucthison, Allensworth, Bailey, Sibla Jr, Ripley, Wise, Swaney, Kauffman, Huffman, Krebs, Cox, Prater, Jewell

J.D. Byrider Street Stocks

Top Qualifer Kyle Grove

Heat 1: Smith, Patterson, Bertram, Grove, Orr

Heat 2: Hartline, Aubihl, Passwater Sr., Martin, Wissman

Feature: Grove, Smith, Passwaters Jr., Passwaters Sr., Ritchey, Aubihl, Martin, Hartline, Bertram, Wissman, Patterson, Hoopingarner, Orr

Canton Auto Salvage Compacts:

Top Qualifer Gage Jaberg

Heat 1: Moore, Jaberg, Clark, Buckey, Wes Ennis

Heat 2: Fredrick, Shreffler, Cogar, Corbitt, Shalosky

Feature: Jaberg, Buckey, Clark, Ennis, Fredrick, Keller Jr., Vanmeter, Shreffler, Finlayson, Moore, France, Shalosky, Corbitt, Cogar

Finish Line Motors Mini Trucks

Top Qualifer Colt Locker

Heat: Locker, Nicholas, Anderson, Varnes, Wallick

Feature: Locker, Anderson, Nicholas, Varnes, Jaberg, Wallick, Cordia

Written by: Matthew Helms
2015 Late Models Series Standings
Records updated 07/28/15
1.Smith, BubbaLeader
2.Smith, Bryant-72
3.Miller, Mike-121
4.Stankiewicz, Tom-175
5.Schneider Jr, Bob-257
6.Rosenberry, Alex-386
7.Martin, Dave-392
8.Mills, Matthew-422
9.Reitter, Jonathan-452
10.Racing, Jaberg-465
2015 Economy Modifieds Series Standings
Records updated 07/28/15
1.Sibila Jr, BobLeader
2.Allensworth, Bryce-43
3.McClintock, Kevin-59
4.Bailey, Brandon-176
5.Cox, Philip-196
6.Swaney, Braden-295
7.Stewart, Adam-300
8.McCreery, Lee-315
9.Piehl, Chris-330
10.Krebs, Keith-403
2015 Street Stocks Series Standings
Records updated 07/28/15
1.Ritchey, ColtonLeader
2.Grove, Kyle-91
3.Passwaters Sr, Bob-100
4.Barker, TJ-104
5.Miller, Todd-119
6.Passwaters Jr, Bob-194
7.Patterson, Robbie-259
8.Wissman, Kelly-394
9.Orr, Waylon-470
10.Bertram, John-482
2015 Mini Truck Series Standings
Records updated 07/28/15
1.Anderson, KeithLeader
2.Nicholas, Dusty-26
3.Cordia, Derek-81
4.Varnes, Michael-386
5.Locker, Colt-485
6.Jaberg, Cody-504
7.Kelly, Preston-624
8.Collmar, Chet-713
9.Wallick, Matt-812
10.Pritchett, John-821
2015 Compacts Series Standings
Records updated 07/28/15
1.Racing, OliverLeader
2.Jaberg, Gage-112
3.Buckey, Dan-115
4.Finlayson, Kyle-192
5.Keller, Jim-268
6.Moore, Leeza-355
7.Clark, Allen-375
8.Racing, Swaney-419
9.Striejewske, Laney-431
10.Oliver, Clayton-433

Track Records
Late Model
#12 Bubba Smith 13.781

Economy Modified
#30 Preston Walker 14.468

Street Stock
#62 Rick Elkins, Jr. 15.937

#175 Justin Renicker 17.534

Mini Truck
#6 Mike Martin 17.009

Main Event
#28 Jimmy Carter 13.262

Super Modified
#19 Trent Stephens 11.865

Open Modified
#0 Kenny Phillips 14.394

Super Cup Stock Car
#75 Jody Harrison 15.464