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June 20, 2015
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Mother Nature Has use Cancel Night #7

June 6, 2015
50 Lapper for Late Models

May 30, 2015
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Mid-Season Championship in the Books
Mid-Season Championship in the Books
After the weather looked bad the night before. We woke up Saturday Morning and hourly forecast looked great. We had a passing shower around 230, and then we were good for the rest of the night. Mother Nature held off the rain until we got the races in. Fans seen some, good side by side racing and exciting racing at its finest.,

First Feature of the evening was the 20 lap Canton Auto Salvage Compacts. Starting on the front row was the #95 of Leeza Moore and #28 of Jim Keller Jr. The green waved and Moore checked out over Keller into turn one. Moore was leading as it was three rows deep of side by side racing. First caution waved at lap three for the #19 of Oliver and the #38 of France getting together off of turn two. Green would wave with the 3 laps in and 17 to go with Moore starting to pull away but Keller wouldn’t let that happen. Keller got the lead the next lap and started to check out. Cars moving through the field were the #15 of Finlayson and #50 of Ennis as they had their cars hooked on the outside lane. Finlayson and Ennis were in a close battle and Ennis got around Finlayson on lap 12 and started to pressure Keller. Ennis looked to the inside of Keller for the lead into three and Keller tried to close the door but Ennis was there. Ennis got into Keller, from Keller closing the door. Keller went right back up the track in turns three and four collecting Finlayson ending both their nights. Green would wave with both Ennis and Ennis Jr on the front row. Ennis in the #50 would pull into the lead but #69 of Buckey stayed close to him. At the Checkered, picking up the win in the #50, Bad Boys Sand Blasters, Stewarts Flooring sponsored of Wes Ennis. Folling Ennis was Buckey, Salsberry, Ennis Jr, and Moore the top 5. Ennis was Top Quilaifier. Heat winners were, Ennis Jr, Keller Jr, and France.

Next feature on tap, was the McIntosh Oil Company Late Models. Starting on the front row for the 30 lap feature was the #22 of Todd Ripley and #21 of Rick Sibila. Green waved for the feature and caution waved right off the bat from #17 of Schneider Jr and #29 of Cramer making contact off of turn two. Green would wave for a restart and Ripley pulled into the lead. On lap 2, #53 of Miller looked under Ripley in 3 and off of 4, Miller would be the new leader. Bryant Smith followed behind and looked inside and outside to try and find the right line for him to get around Mike Miller for the lead. Bubba Smith also join the mix and made it Miller, hold a steady wheel to hold off both Smiths. Lap 17, we seen the next caution and was for the #17 of Schneider who it looked to be spinning out but saved it, but the flag men jumped and caution waved. Green would wave again and have Miller and Bryant Smith on front row. Miller would gain the top spot in turn 1 and off of 2 and held a good line. Bryant, was looking still inside and outside to get around Bryant. The two made a little contact but keep on going. Lap 25 we seen are last caution and was for the #1 of Bryant Smith having a left front flat in turn 1. Last restart had Bubba Smith and Mike Miller you’re front row. Green waved and Smith had a half car length into one on Miller. Off of two an into three, Smith started to pull the outside and had Rosenberry following him. At the End, picking up his Third win of 2015, the Finish Line Motors, Freedom Auto Finance, to Canton,Ohio driver Bubba Smith. Following Smith was, Rosenberry, Miller, Mills, and Stankiewicz. Bubba Smith was Top Qualifier. Heat winners were Miller and Schneider Jr.

The Middle feature of the evening was the J.D. Byrider Street Stocks. On the front row for the 20 lap feature was, the #75 of Bob Passwaters Sr and the #44 of Larry Smith. Green waved for the start and Passwaters had a good run off of two as he started to lead the way. For the first Five laps, Todd Miller in the #77 and Passwaters in the #75, keep going back and forth for the top spot. On lap 6, Miller keep trying to get around Passwaters but couldn’t so Westerfield in the #80 put it on the outside and started to move up but on lap 8, Westerfield, got a little loose off of turn four and got into the #11 of Barker and #3 of Grove. Grove was top qualifier but didn’t get to finish the race. On the Restart it had Passwaters and Miller on front row. Green waved and both went side by side. Miller got a good run on the outside and made it stick. Ritchey in the #21 tried to look to the outside but just couldn’t get the grip. Lap 14 a caution for the #80 of Westerfield getting into the #21 of Ritchey in turn one. Restart had Miller and Passwaters, and the Green waved. Miller would pull away as Passwaters held the bottom and ritchey couldn’t get around him. At the end, the winner of the 20 lap feature, when to New Cumberland,OH, Driver Todd Miller in the Somerdale Inn, RG Smith Co, #77. Following Miller was, Passwaters Sr, Ricthey, Smith, and Orr. Kyle Grove was top Qualifier. Heat winners were, Ritchey and Barker.

Next to last feature was the Summit Racing Economy Modifieds, going 25 laps for Mid-Season Championship Night. Starting on the front row, was the #21 of Bryce Allensworth and the #51 of Rick Elkins Jr. Green waved for the 25 lapper, and Allensworth seemed to have a good car from the beginning. Allensworth pulled out ahead of Elkins but Elkins was not giving up on the outside and inside if Allensworth slipped up. McClintock was tring to put his name into the top 2 spots but on lap 7, caution waved for the #10E of Embree and #14 of Wise, getting together into turn one. Green would wave for the restart but a yellow would fly right back out for the #2 of McCreery stopping in turn two. Green would wave, with Allensworth and Elkin in front row. Allensworths car was shooting out like a canon on the starts and was the car to beat. McClintock would get around Elkins for the second spot and had his signs on Allensworth. As McClintock was looking inside and outside, on lap 12, McClintock would spin off of turn number four. Restart setting up, which had Allensworth and Elkins and what a good start. Allensworth would get cleared of Elkins off of two. On lap 13, caution would wave for the #14 of Wise and #40 of Krebs in turn number one. Green would wave and Allensworth, with Elkins would give a go and Elkins on the outside got little loose off of two, opened up the bottom for the #82 of Rick Sibila. Sibila would just follow behind Allensworth. Deep in the pack the #112 of Harvey and #2 of McCreery getting into each other and on lap 19, caution would wave. Caution comes out for the #112 of Harvey getting into the #2 of McCreery into turn one. Last restart has Allensworth and Sibila on the front row. Allensworth would pull again to the advantage over second off of turn two. Lap 23, Elkins got around Sibila for second but just didn’t have the time to pass Allensworth. Picking up his First career Modified Feature, leading Flag to Flag, #21, Star Strategies Safe Money Management, of Bryce Allensworth. Following Allensworth was, Elkins Jr, Sibila, Ripley, and Bailey. Top Qualifier Lee McCreery. Heat winners were, Allensworth, Cox, and Embree.

Last feature of the evening, is the Finish Line Motors Mini-Trucks. Front row was #32 of Keith Anderson and #95 of Michael Varnes. Green waved and like a 4 wide battle for the lead into turn one but Cordia back out of it to save his truck. Nicholas would pull away a little but Cordia was still right there. Anderson would pull off because of motor problems. On Lap 6, we seen the one and only caution in the Truck feature. Caution came out for the #22 of Cody Jaberg, who had a throttle stuck but didn’t hit the wall or if did, it was hard. Picking up the win after leading from the start, #23 of New Philadelpia,OH Driver Dusty Nicholas, the M & D Designs sponsored truck. Following Nicholas was, Locker, Cordia, Varnes, and Jaberg.

This Coming Friday, July 3rd, The Main Event Racing Series will be invading, Midvale Speedway. Main Event, Presented by Downtown Ford, will be going 100 Laps. Good List of cars, are ready for the July 3rd race. Also, FIREWORKS, to start you’re Fourth of July Weekend off with a BOOM!! Pits will open at 2:00. MERS Practice at 4-4:45 and a scuff at 6-6:30. Grandstand will open at 4:00. Midvale Car will practice at 4:45 to 6:00. Qualifying will be group for the Modifieds, Street Stocks and Trucks at 6:30 and following them will be single car qualifying for the Main Event. Admission Prices for this coming weekend is Pits $35. Grandstand side, Adults and Seniors $20, Students 6-15 $10, and Children 5 and Under FREE.

There is Practice this Thursday, July 2nd for Main Event, Modifieds, Street Stocks, and Mini Trucks or Anything you want to shake down. Practice is $10 per person and Practice is from 4-8 this Thursday the 2nd

Rain Date if Rains Friday will be July 4th. Also, Wisebands from a couple weeks agos rainout, can not get you in for this coming weekends racing action but can and only will work for July 11th weekend for rainout bands a couple weeks ago if didn’t use this past weekend June 27th.

More Info Midvalespeedway.com or Midvale Speedway on Facebook

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- McIntosh Oil Company Late Models:

Top Qualifier Bubba Smith 13.822

Heat 1: Miller, Bryant Smith, Stankiewicz, Bubba Smith, Sibila

Heat 2: Schneider Jr, Rosenberry, Ripley, Cramer, Martin

Feature: Bubba Smith, Rosenberry, Miller, Mills, Stankiewicz, Sibila, Schneider Jr, Martin, Eichel, Bryant Smith, Ripley, Cramer.

Summit Racing Economy Modifieds:

Top Qualifier Lee McCreery 14.526

Heat 1: Allensworth, McClintock, Elkins Jr, Sibila, Bailey

Heat 2: Cox, Harvey, Wise, Swaney, Hutchinson

Heat 3: Embree, Krebs, Hutson, Fewkes, Ripley

Feature: Allensworth, Elkins Jr, Sibila, Ripley,Bailey, McClintock, Cox, Swaney, Stewart, Hutchinson, Piehl, Embree, Hutson, Slentz, McCreery, Harvey, Wise, Krebs.

J.D.Byrider Street Stocks:

Top Qualifier Kyle Grove 16.178

Heat 1: Ritchey, Orr, Grove, Bertram, Westerfield Jr

Heat 2: Barker, Smith, Miller, Passwater Sr., Wissman

Feature: Miller, Passwater Sr, Ritchey, Smith, Orr, Barker, Wissman, Westerfield Jr, Bertram, Grove

Canton Auto Salvage Compacts:

Top Qualifier Wes Ennis 17.803

Heat 1: Ennis Jr, Buckey, Finlayson, Ennis, Salsberry

Heat 2: Bailey, Keller Jr, Vanmeter, Shreffler, Moore

Heat 3: France, Oliver, Striejewske, Corbett, McCue

Feature: Ennis, Buckey, Salsverry, Ennis Jr, Moore, Jaberg, Shreffler, Oliver, Bailey, Striejewske, Corbett, Finlayson, Vanmeter, Keller Jr, Shalosky, McCue, France.

Finish Line Motors Mini Trucks:

Top Qualifier Colt Locker 17.499

Heat: Nicholas, Locker, Cordia, Anderson, Varnes

Feature: Nicholas, Locker, Cordia, Varnes, Jaberg, Anderson

Written by: Matthew Helms
2015 Late Models Series Standings
Records updated 06/29/15
1.Smith, BubbaLeader
2.Smith, Bryant-59
3.Miller, Mike-97
4.Stankiewicz, Tom-117
5.Schneider Jr, Bob-186
6.Rosenberry, Alex-222
7.Tedesco, Ryan-244
8.Martin, Dave-295
9.Sibila, Rick-300
10.Racing, Jaberg-319
2015 Economy Modifieds Series Standings
Records updated 06/29/15
1.Sibila Jr, BobLeader
2.McClintock, Kevin-23
3.Allensworth, Bryce-75
4.Piehl, Chris-164
5.Stewart, Adam-168
6.Cox, Philip-184
7.McCreery, Lee-202
8.Bailey, Brandon-211
9.Swaney, Braden-247
10.Elkins Jr, Rick-292
2015 Street Stocks Series Standings
Records updated 06/29/15
1.Ritchey, ColtonLeader
2.Barker, TJ-53
3.Passwaters Sr, Bob-56
4.Miller, Todd-78
5.Grove, Kyle-133
6.Patterson, Robbie-161
7.Passwaters Jr, Bob-177
8.Wissman, Kelly-219
9.Hughes, Chase-368
10.Lweis Sr, Brian-384
2015 Mini Truck Series Standings
Records updated 06/29/15
1.Anderson, KeithLeader
2.Nicholas, Dusty-0
3.Cordia, Derek-7
4.Jaberg, Cody-327
5.Varnes, Michael-342
6.Collmar, Chet-454
7.Locker, Colt-529
8.Kelly, Preston-557
9.Pritchett, John-562
10.Bertram, Cyler-614
2015 Compacts Series Standings
Records updated 06/29/15
1.Oliver, JoeLeader
2.Buckey, Dan-113
3.Jaberg, Gage-115
4.Finlayson, Kyle-144
5.Keller, Jim-157
6.Oliver, Clayton-206
7.Striejewske, Laney-270
8.Moore, Leeza-288
9.Renicker, Justin-296
10.Bailey, Cristian-304

Track Records
Late Model
#12 Bubba Smith 13.781

Economy Modified
#30 Preston Walker 14.468

Street Stock
#62 Rick Elkins, Jr. 15.937

#175 Justin Renicker 17.534

Mini Truck
#6 Mike Martin 17.009

Main Event
#28 Jimmy Carter 13.262

Super Modified
#19 Trent Stephens 11.865

Open Modified
#0 Kenny Phillips 14.394

Super Cup Stock Car
#75 Jody Harrison 15.464