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Tuesday, September 16th
Thunder In The Valley
2014 Race Season
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September 6, 2014
Season And Point Champions Determined

September 1, 2014
Perry & Schullick Claim Big Midvale Wins

August 23, 2014
Rosenberry & Walker Claim Midvale Wins

August 16, 2014
Schultz Flies To Super Win At Midvale

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Great Crowd Attends Fall Classic
Great Crowd Attends Fall Classic
Fans filled the grandstands this past Saturday night for the 2014 season ending Fall Classic. All five of the weekly divisions were there, in addition to a Figure 8 race, officials races and the trailer race.

Roger Smith and Bubba Smith were the Late Model feature winners, Tad Grove won the Economy Modified race, and Scott Archer claimed a thrilling win in the Street Stocks. In the Compact division, Kyle Finlayson took the victory, while Mike Martin won the Mini Trucks and Blaine Salsberry won the Figure 8 race. Gabe Pringle and Adam Mackey won the two heats in the official's races, while 84-year old Pappy Miller claimed the feature win.

Drivers from all events put on a great show for the fans and it is much appreciated. It was a great way to finish off the season.

Complete story later.

Results For Midvale Speedway

McIntosh Oil Company Late Models
Top Qualifier – Bubba Smith 13.948
Feature #1 – Roger Smith, Mike Mazzagatti, Ron Jaberg, Jr., Doug Sommers, Bryant Smith, Alex Rosenberry, Rick Sibila, Bubba Smith, Matthew Mills, Emerson Huffman, Ron Kirkpatrick, Tom Stankiewicz, Dave Martin, Gene Molnar, Jr., Marcus Malcuit
Feature #2 – Bubba Smith, Emerson Huffman, Rick Sibila, Doug Sommers, Tom Stankiewicz, Mike Mazzagatti, Bryant Smith, Matthew Mills, Ron Kirkpatrick, Dave Martin, Ron Jaberg, Jr., Alex Rosenberry, Roger Smith, Marcus Malcuit
Summit Racing Economy Modifieds
Top Qualifier – Kevin McClintock 14.649
Heat #1 – Tad Grove, Justin Courtney, Tyler Noeske, Mike Green, Preston Walker
Heat #2 – Brandon Bailey, Tim Westerfield, Jr., Jason Grewell, Shawn Kaufman, Shawn Marder
Feature – Tad Grove, Preston Walker, Mike Green, Tyler Noeske, Kevin McClintock, Jason Grewell, Bryce Allensworth, Justin Courtney, Shawn Kaufman, Shawn Marder, Brandon Bailey, Austin Harvey, Tim Westerfield, Jr., Mike Hutson, Joe Slentz, Greg Hole
JD Byrider Street Stocks
Top Qualifier – Dennis Wood 16.100
Heat #1 – Scott Archer, Dennis Wood, Bob Passwaters, Sr., Foster Mackey, Mike Martin
Heat #2 – Bill Aubihl, Waylon Orr, Josh Moss, Cody Collmar, Tim Lynn
Feature – Scott Archer, Dennis Wood, Josh Moss, Foster Mackey, Cody Collmar, Bob Passwaters, Sr., Tim Lynn, Mike Martin, Bill Shimko, Bill Aubihl, Robert Douglas, Waylon Orr
Finish Line Motors Mini Trucks
Top Qualifier – Mike Martin 17.009 NTR
Heat – Cyler Bertram, Mike Martin, Dusty Nicholas, Cody Jaberg, Derek Cordia
Feature – Mike Martin, Cyler Bertram, Derek Cordia, Cody Jaberg, Dusty Nicholas, Roger Bausher
Canton Auto Salvage Compacts
Top Qualifier – Kyle Finlayson 17.725
Heat #1 – Justin Renicker, Clayton Oliver, Kyle Finlayson, Allen Clark, Larry Ennis, Jr.
Heat #2 – Daniel Risley, Josh Roberts, Zack Cogar, Gage Jaberg, Cristian Bailey
Feature – Kyle Finlayson, Justin Renicker, Blaine Salsberry, Clayton Oliver, Larry Ennis, Jr., Zack Cogar, Laney Striejewske, Gage Jaberg, Allen Clark, Cristian Bailey, Josh Roberts, Mitchell Ujcich, Gary Gibson, Daniel Risley
Figure 8
Feature – Blaine Salsberry, Dan Buckey, Gabe Pringle, Daniel Risley
Official Racing
Heat #1 – Gabe Pringle
Heat #2 – Adam Mackey
Feature – Pappy Miller, Jason Nealey, Adam Mackey, Gabe Pringle, Terry Colletti
Trailer Race
Feature – Bryant Smith, Bubba Smith, Tod Festi

Written by: Adam Mackey
2014 Late Models Series Standings
Records updated 09/10/14
1.Schneider, Jr., BobLeader
2.Kirkpatrick, Ron-68
3.Miller, Mike-74
4.Rosenberry, Alex-84
5.Mills, Matthew-126
6.Baker, Larry-150
7.Sibila, Rick-200
8.Smith, Bryant-200
9.Smart, Randy-380
10.Stankiewicz, Tom-428
2014 Economy Modifieds Series Standings
Records updated 09/10/14
1.McClintock, KevinLeader
2.Bowers, Mike-224
3.Boron, Jr., Don-230
4.Grewell, Jason-236
5.Jewell, Glen-266
6.Marder, Shawn-414
7.Walker, Preston-474
8.Piehl, Chris-482
9.McCreery, Lee-483
10.Sibila, Jr., Bob-494
2014 Street Stocks Series Standings
Records updated 09/10/14
1.Wood, DennisLeader
2.Martin, Mike-2
3.Orr, Waylon-144
4.Passwaters, Sr., Bob-223
5.Moss, Josh-240
6.Hoopingarner, Gary-249
7.Passwaters, Jr., Bob-349
8.Lewis, Sr., Brian-594
9.Lewis, Jr., Brian-768
10.Elkins, Jr., Rick-859
2014 Mini Truck Series Standings
Records updated 09/10/14
1.Martin, MikeLeader
2.Anderson, Keith-44
3.Cordia, Derek-156
4.Bertram, Cyler-415
5.George, Bruce-811
6.Jaberg, Cody-917
7.Large, John-1316
8.Powell, Dwayne-1318
2014 Compacts Series Standings
Records updated 09/10/14
1.Buckey, DanLeader
2.Oliver, Clayton-37
3.Frederick, Tim-97
4.Finlayson, Kyle-100
5.Renicker, Justin-200
6.Striejewske, Laney-216
7.Ennis, Jr., Larry-305
8.Ennis, Wes-357
9.Beatty, Chase-407
10.Jaberg, Gage-427

Track Records
Late Model
#12 Bubba Smith 13.781

Economy Modified
#30 Preston Walker 14.468

Street Stock
#62 Rick Elkins, Jr. 15.937

#175 Justin Renicker 17.534

Mini Truck
#6 Mike Martin 17.119

Main Event
#28 Jimmy Carter 13.262

Super Modified
#19 Trent Stephens 11.865

Open Modified
#0 Kenny Phillips 14.394

Super Cup Stock Car
#75 Jody Harrison 15.464