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Gainer Scores First Late Model Main At Fall Classic
September 30, 2001
Gainer Scores First Late Model Main At Fall ClassicA total of 194 cars were in the pits this past Saturday and Sunday, September 29/30 at Midvale Speedway’s, season ending, Budweiser Fall Classic. Divisions on hand included Late Models, Modifieds, 305 SAS Sprint Cars, Legends, Detroit Irons, Pure Stocks, and Compacts. A Figure 8 race was also held on Sunday afternoon.

In the 50-lap/$1,200 to win Smokers Paradise Late Model feature, Bob Gainer and Paul Miller, Jr. started in row one, as the eight inversion was used after qualifying. At the completion of lap 1, it was Stow, Ohio’s Gainer leading the stellar field of 24 cars. Two cautions occurred in the first six laps, one for Kenny Cantrell and the other for Tom Newman, Jr. and Paul Sibila. After each restart, it would not take much time for Gainer to stretch his lead over Miller. With 15 laps in, Bob Sibila moved one step closer to his first feature win at Midvale this season, when he passed Miller for second. At that point, Gainer had a two-second lead built up. However, at halfway, Gainer’s pace would be slowed by some lapped traffic, which allowed Massillon’s Sibila to close in. The duo ran bumper-to-bumper with Sibila looking to the inside on a couple of occasions. With 8 laps to go, Sibila got his best run at the leader when he went to the outside. The leader, however, was able to finally get underneath the slower car of A.P. Ren and hang on to the top spot. That was not the last of the excitement, though. With 4 laps to go, Gainer was trying to lap Gary Hoopingarner. As the duo entered turn three, they made contact causing Hoopingarner to spin. The caution was charged to the nearly lapped car of Hoopingarner, and Gainer remained the leader. Over the last couple of green flag laps, Sibila was no challenge for Gainer, whose car seemed to be better on cool tires. Crossing the line with his first career feature win, in 15 years of racing, was Bob Gainer in the Battaglia’s/Pat Dee’s Pub and Eatery #23. Sibila, Miller, Jr., Marcus Malcuit, and Mike Miller completed the top five. John Crumrine, Don Harvey, Jr., Farmer Smith, Brian Volk, and Dave Wagner completed the top ten. Gainer, Ren, Bob Schneider, Jr., and Bob Sibila, Jr., won the heats, while Tim Sibila won the last chance race.

The Tolloti Pipe Open Wheel Modifieds had a strong 21-car field take the green. The polesitter, Duane Workman, held off Ronnie Souders to lead the first lap. 12 laps into the race, Ernie Shook took the fourth spot from Glen Jewell. Both drivers looked to have the strongest cars, but it was the driver who could maneuver the outside lane the best that took the spot at that point. Shook then took third from Walker, but on lap 17 he would lose a couple of spots when Walker and Souders made contact. Souders slid up the banking in front of Shook, who had no where to go. With 20 laps complete, Jewell was again trying the high lane. By lap 24, he had taken second from Walker and was settled behind the leader, Workman. On lap 27, Jewell decided it was time to make his move, and went to the outside of the Akron, Ohio driver. Jewell made the pass and brought Shook along with him. During a lap 34 caution period, Jewell’s car stopped on the backstraightaway, and was pushed to the pits, ending his day. This handed the lead over to Shook, who to that point had an up-and-down race. For many of the last 16 laps, the leader had, top qualifier, Doug Meyer glued to his bumper. However, with just a few to go, Meyer pulled to the infield, reportedly out of gas. The Wadsworth, Ohio driver, Ernie Shook, went on to pick up his second Midvale victory of the season. Walker, Dusty Woodie, Rick Sibila, and John White followed the DRS Services/Goodyear Gemeni car across the line. Butch Erickson, Workman, John Wilson, Bill Petrie, and Carl Nash completed the top ten. White, Rick Page, and Erickson won the heat races on Saturday night.

On the front row of the 30-lap A-Main event for the Southwest Expressline Sprint Asphalt Series was the 105 of Wayne Buckingham and on the outside front row started was the 77 of Don Townsend, Sr. When the green flew Don Townsend jumped out to the early lead as he dove down to the bottom going into turn 1. In about 5 laps, the 1 of Doug Berryman closed in on the bumper of the leader Townsend. As the two where battling for the lead, the 5 of Todd Buchanan closed in on the two and was now in the mix. As the three got into lapped traffic Buchanan got around the 1 of Berryman to take over the second spot. He then moved in on the rear of Townsend and on lap 10 got around for the lead. As the laps wound down, Buchanan got into heavy lapped traffic. Coming down the front straight, Buchanan went to the bottom to pass the 45 of Jack Smith as the 77 of Don Townsend went around the top of Smith to go 3 wide going into turn 1. When they reached turn 1, Townsend was back in the lead. He wasn't challenged the rest of the way to pick up his 3rd win of the season. Finishing second was Todd Buchanan, third was Terry Gibson, fourth was Doug Berryman, fifth went to Jerry Inbody, sixth was Tim Buchanan, seventh was Craig Sharfenberg, Sr., eighth was Mike McVetta, ninth was Wayne Buckingham, and rounding out the top ten was Danny Brown.

Just a handful of laps into the 30-lap Legend car main event, Brett Jursik, who started out of the top five, took second from Larry Young. Wasting no time, Jursik passed Jason Knox, the leader, and held the point. Over the last 20 laps, Young, who took second, was all over the #89 of Jursik, but could not get a good enough run to take over. The father-son duo of Fred and Tim Davis caught the top two cars late in the race, but neither of those could muster a run either, as Jursik was too much. At the end, the top five finishers were Jursik, Young, F. Davis, T. Davis, and Rick Riffle. Wally Kosicki, Dennis Knox, Tom Hall, Jason Knox, and Mark Williams completed the top ten. Riffle, Knox, and Jeff Burton won the heats.

In the 35-lap/$300 to win Tusco Net Detroit Iron race, Keith Thomas, who recently purchased Todd Miller’s racer, started on the outside of row one. He took the lead at the start, as polesitter, Bill Aubihl fell back. Later in the race, Thomas was able to hold off challenges from Doug McMillen and, track champion, Joe Linard for the win. Following the D&B Machine/Hoop’s Designs #34 were Linard, McMillen, Kevin McClintock, and John Tantarelli. Tim Gowins, Denver Carte, Jimmy Orr, Paul Murray, and Tony Newman rounded out the top ten. Carte, Will Walker, and Murray won the heats, while Rich Stalnaker won the last chance.

In the Papa John’s Pure Stock division, Saturday night preliminaries ended with an Oliver Racing Team sweep. Teddy Oliver won a heat and the pursuit, while Bob Oliver and Brian Oliver claimed the other two heat races. However, in the 25-lap feature Curtis Collins had other things in mind – like winning one for his team. Collins, of Canton, Ohio, was able to beat J.R. Ridgway, Jim Shaw, Rick Elkins, Jr., and Al Street to the line. Larry Smith, John Leasure, Will Custer, D.J. Radanovich, and Doug Higgins rounded out the top ten.

The Canton Auto Salvage Compacts were split into three separate features. In the fast one, Terry Colletti brought home the victory with Bubba Smith, Billy Stutler, Jimbo Roup, and Phil Veno completing the top five. Completing the top ten were Jason Morgan, Kelly McNutt, John McNutt, Ron Courtney, and John Wissman.

In the second feature event, Lennie Orr picked up another win. Jason Anthony, Greg Grove, Jim Keller, Jr., and Randy Cecil completed the top five. Ron Myers, Kelly Wissman, Gene Morgan, Bill Mercier, and Jerry Kimble completed the top ten.

Randy Smart brought home the checkered in the third and final Compact feature. Kirk Whittaker, John Baker, Mike Montague, and Mike Hammerling rounded out the top five.

Brian Oliver was looking for another win in the Figure 8 class. In the 15-car field, Oliver had led almost every lap, but on the most important one, something went wrong in the front-end, ending his chance for the $300 prize. Chad Squires took the lead and went on to win.

Results For Midvale

Smokers Paradise Late Models
Late Model Qualifying (29 Cars) - 1. #75 Marcus Malcuit 14.82 2. #44 John Crumrine 14.84 3. #79 Mike Miller 14.86 4. #77 Bear Schwartz 14.93 5. #83 Bob Sibila 14.97 6. #24 John Ambrose 14.97 7. #54 Paul Miller Jr. 14.98 8. #23 Bob Gainer 15.00 9. #7 Farmer Smith 15.02 10. #12 Don Harvey 15.02
Heat #1 – Bob Gainer, Bob Sibila, John Ambrose, Jr., Mike Miller, Marcus Malcuit
Heat #2 – A.P. Ren, Tom Garbrandt, Dave Wagner, Farmer Smith, Don Harvey
Heat #3 – Bob Schneider, Jr., Roger Smith, Tom Newman, Jr., Paul Sibila, Darrel Dexter
Heat #4 – Bob Sibila, Jr., Bob Eichel, Mike Enos, Timber Mazonec, Norm Taylor
Last Chance – Tim Sibila, Roger Smith, Darrel Dexter, Paul Sibila, Tom Newman, Jr., Timber Mazonec, Norm Taylor, Mike Enos, Ryan Tedesco, Scott Ramey, Jack McGrath, Bob Sibila, Jr., Bob Eichel
Feature – Bob Gainer, Bob Sibila, Paul Miller, Jr., Marcus Malcuit, Mike Miller, John Crumrine, Don Harvey, Jr., Farmer Smith, Brian Volk, Dave Wagner, Bear Schwartz, John Ambrose, Jr., Tim Sibila, A.P. Ren, Timber Mazonec, Darrel Dexter, Gary Hoopingarner, Mike Enos, Tom Garbrandt, Paul Sibila, Tom Newman, Jr., Kenny Cantrell, Norm Taylor, Roger Smith

Tolloti Pipe Modifieds
Modified Qualifying (22 Cars) - 1. #31 Doug Meyer 14.70(NTR) 2. #44 Dusty Woodie 14.76 3. #63 Rick Sibila 14.78 4. #27 Mark Striker 14.80 5. #2 Ernie Shook 14.81 6. #8 Tim Allensworth 14.83 7. #17 John White 14.89 8. #24 Glen Jewell 14.89 9. #50 Jeff Walker 14.92 10. #33 John White 14.96
Heat #1 – John White, Ernie Shook, Tim Allensworth, Mark Striker, Doug Meyer
Heat #2 – Rick Page, Jeff Smith, Duane Workman, John Wilson, Mark Enos
Heat #3 – Butch Erickson, Jim McCune, Bill Petrie, Brett Jursik, Carl Nash
Feature – Ernie Shook, Jeff Walker, Dusty Woodie, Rick Sibila, John White, Butch Erickson, Duane Workman, John Wilson, Bill Petrie, Carl Nash, Mike Bowers, Mark Striker, Doug Meyer, Rick Page, K.C. Lenner, Tim Allensworth, Glen Jewell, Ronnie Souders, Jeff Smith, Jim McCune

305 SAS Sprint Cars
305 Sprint Qualifying (18 Cars) - 1. #99x Tim Buchanan 12.88 2. #2a Danny Brown 13.24 3. #6 Jerry Inbody 13.34 4. #99 Craig Sharfenburg 13.44 5. #17 Dustin Keegan 13.53
Dash – Jerry Inbody, Tim Buchanan, Craig Sharfenburg, Danny Brown
Heat #1 – Terry Gibson, Wayne Buckingham, Tim Buchanan, Jerry Inbody, Dustin Keegan
Heat #2 – Don Townsend, Sr., Doug Berryman, Danny Brown, Craig Sharfenburg, Todd Buchanan
Feature – Don Townsend, Sr., Todd Buchanan, Terry Gibson, Doug Berryman, Jerry Inbody, Tim Buchanan, Craig Sharfenburg, Mike McVetta, Wayne Buckingham, Danny Brown, Jimmy Taylor, Jack Smith, Mark Pridemore, Ronnie Williams, Cortney Gallogly, Cory Butler, Mel Park, Dustin Keegan

Legend Cars
Legend Qualifying (24 Cars) – 1. #98 Rick Riffle 16.39 2. #86 Fred Davis 16.47 3. #3 Wally Kosicki 16.55 4. #20 Tim Davis 16.59 5. #32 Larry Young
Heat #1 – Rick Riffle, Wally Kosicki, Brett Jursik, Larry Young, Dennis Knox
Heat #2 – Jason Knox, Brion Jursik, Mark Williams, Charlie Williams, Randy Burns
Heat #3 – Jeff Burton, Bob Swann, Mark Wills, Tom Williams, Duane Lorens
Feature – Brett Jursik, Larry Young, Fred Davis, Tim Davis, Rick Riffle, Larry Young, Dennis Knox, Tom Hall, Jason Knox, Mark Williams, Randy Burns, Charlie Williams, Tom Spisak, Bill Richards, Bob Swann, Jeff Burton, John Burns, Mark Wills, Duane Lorens, Jeff Hawk, Derek Crasi, Tom Williams, Brion Jursik

Tusco Net Detroit Irons
Detroit Iron Qualifying (25 Cars) - 1. #38 Kevin McClintock 16.13 2. #82 Joe Linard 16.18 3. #65 Tim Gowins 16.30 4. #54 Doug McMillen 16.33 5. #88 Rob Petrus 16.34 6. #67 John Tantarelli 16.34 7. #34 Keith Thomas 16.43 8. #31 Bill Aubihl 16.45 9. #21 Denver Carte 16.51 10. #28 Jimmy Orr 16.52
Heat #1 – Denver Carte, Bill Aubihl, John Tantarelli, Joe Linard, Doug McMillen
Heat #2 – Will Walker, Tim Postel, Rich Stalnaker, Tim Skinner, Jimmy Orr
Heat #3 – Paul Murray, Tim Roudebush, Don Rufener, Jr., Rich Kirkpatrick, Joe Sanford, Jr.
Last Chance – Rich Stalnaker, Dave Darrow, Paul Murray, Don Rufener, Jr., Calvin Collins, Tim Roudebush, Johnny Morris, Tim Croft, Jr., Rick Kirkpatrick, Mike Hamric, Will Walker
Feature – Keith Thomas, Joe Linard, Doug McMillen, Kevin McClintock, John Tantarelli, Tim Gowins, Denver Carte, Jimmy Orr, Paul Murray, Tony Newman, Scott Curto, Jr., Rob Petrus, Johnny Morris, Tim Skinner, Bill Hilliker, Tim Roudebush, Kevin Herron, Bill Aubihl, Dave Darrow, Tim Postel, Don Rufener, Jr., Rich Stalnaker, Calvin Collins, Tim Croft, Jr.

Papa John’s Pure Stocks
Pure Stock Qualifying (23 Cars) - 1. #21 Scott Archer 18.40 2. #2t Barney Gerber 18.55 3. #88 Jim Shaw 18.57 4. #66 Curtis Collins 18.60 5. #75 D.J. Radanovich 18.62 6. #73 Al Street 18.64 7. #3 Larry Smith 18.66 8. #80 J.R. Ridgway 18.68 9. #49 Teddy Oliver 18.69 10. #14 Rick Everett, Jr. 18.76
Heat #1 – Teddy Oliver, Al Street, Larry Smith, Curtis Collins, Jim Shaw
Heat #2 – Bob Oliver, Mike Royer, D.J. Radanovich, Rick Everett, Jr., Chester McMasters
Heat #3 – Brian Oliver, Will Custer, Vic Paul, Rick Elkins, Jr., Doug Higgins
Pursuit – Teddy Oliver, Scott Archer, Barney Gerber, Curtis Collins, J.R. Ridgway
Feature – Curtis Collins, J.R. Ridgway, Jim Shaw, Rick Elkins, Jr., Al Street, Larry Smith, John Leasure, Will Custer, D.J. Radanovich, Doug Higgins, Chester McMasters, Anthony Bissett, Vic Paul, Bob Oliver, Brian Oliver, Scott Archer, Mike Royer, Lonnie Marbais, Teddy Oliver, Rick Everett, Jr., Barney Gerber

Canton Auto Salvage Compacts
Compact Qualifying (49 Cars) - 1. #85 Phil Veno 19.06 2. #3 Rick Reynolds 19.12 3. #84 Billy Stutler 19.20 4. #12 Bubba Smith 19.20 5. #03 Justin Courtney 19.27 6. #96 Cody Kahler 19.30 7. #2 Jason Morgan 19.35 8. #72 Russell Grandison 19.36 9. #27 Terry Colletti 19.37 10. #35 John McNutt 19.39
Heat #1 – Terry Colletti, Jason Morgan, Kelly McNutt, Billy Stutler, Ron Courtney
Heat #2 – Jerry Kimble, Lennie Orr, Greg Grove, Gene Morgan, Bryce Scott
Heat #3 – Matt Wallick, Randy Cecil, Larry Riggle, Bill Mercier, Dave Smith
Heat #4 – Rocky Moore, Randy Smart, Blaine Partee, Bruce Gibson, John Baker
Pursuit – Jason Morgan, Billy Stutler, Cody Kahler, Phil Veno, Greg Grove
Feature #1 – Terry Colletti, Bubba Smith, Billy Stutler, Jimbo Roup, Phil Veno, Jason Morgan, Kelly McNutt, John McNutt, Ron Courtney, John Wissman, Chad Squires, Jim Poole, Rick Reynolds, Ray Scott, Cody Kahler, Russell Grandison, Justin Courtney
Feature #2 – Lennie Orr, Jason Anthony, Greg Grove, Jim Keller, Jr., Randy Cecil, Ron Myers, Kelly Wissman, Gene Morgan, Bill Mercier, Jerry Kimble, Gary Smith, Sr., Nick Buckles, Reece Shoup, John Nealey, Brian Oliver, Larry Riggle, Gary Gibson
Feature #3 – Randy Smart, Kirk Whittaker, John Baker, Mike Montague, Mike Hammerling, Robert Nealey, Rocky Moore, Violet McMasters, Gabe Pringle, Bruce Gibson, Otto Polilli, Matt Wallick, William Scott, Blaine Partee

Written by: Adam Mackey