Midvale Speedway
WELCOME RACE FANS!!.......... Backpack Give-Away - Parking Lot Drags @ Intermission...... START TIME 6:30 SATURDAY JULY 13TH
Sunday, July 14th

Ohio's Fun Place to Race!!
2024 Race Season
Off-Season News
December 20, 2023
National Compact Touring Series coming May 11th. Must See Racing Sprint Cars & Must See Sprint Lites coming August 3rd.

Thank you track officials, crews, fans and drivers for coming to the 2023 Midvale Speedway banquet a couple weeks ago!
We can’t thank you enough for coming and supporting Midvale Speedway in 2023. We cannot wait for 2024!!
Special Awards are Listed below:

Rookies of the Year:
Late Model: Denny Benjamin
Modified: Ian Porco
Street Stock: Brady Carte
Mini Truck: Jason Shaw
Compact: Josh Robinson

Most Improved:
Late Model: Denny Benjamin
Modified: Ian Porco
Street Stock: Jason Grewell
Compact: Justin Riley
Mini Truck: Trenton Croft

Best Appearing:
Late Model: Kevin Garner
Modified: Lucas Ripley
Street Stock: Brady Carte
Compact: Josh Huff
Mini Truck: Eddie Mclean
Legend: Nick Gullutta
Bandolero: Michael Mazzagatti

Most Popular Driver:
Late Model: Jonathan Reitter
Modified: Ian Porco
Street Stock: Bob Page
Compact: Tabitha Stuber
Mini Truck: Connor McLean
Legend: Chuck Witt
Bandolero: Chloe Mazzagatti

Hard Luck:
Late Model: Chris Grubbs & Kevin Garner
Modified: Conrad Yoder
Street Stock: Luke Porco
Compact: Peebles Racing
Mini Truck: Jason Shaw
Legend: Dom McCormick

Sportsman of the Year:
Late Model: Bob Eichel
Modified: Kevin McClintock
Street Stock: Bob Passwaters Sr
Compact: Blaze Bacon
Mini Truck: Bob Johnson

Pit Crew of the year:
Late Model: Page/Tantarelli Racing
Modified: McClintock Racing
Street Stock: Grewell Racing
Compact: Buckey Racing
Mini Truck: McLean/Johnson Racing
Bandolero: Mazzagatti Racing

Track Records:
Late Model Track Record - 13.449 - Set November 4th 2023 - #18 Brandon Short
Modified Track Record - 14.423 - Set August 26th 2023 - #38 Kevin McClintock
Open Modified Track Record - 14.237 - Set November 4th 2023 - #51 Rick Elkins Jr
Compact Track Record - 16.573 - Set September 9th 2023 - #XX1 Justin Riley
Mini Truck Track Record - 15.779 - November 4th 2023 - #442 Connor Mclean

Young Gun Award:
Nathan Smart

Written by: Matthew Helms