Midvale Speedway
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2024 Race Season
2023 Fall Classic Results
November 4, 2023
2023 Fall Classic ResultsRad-Air Bandolero:
Top Qualifier: #17 Chris Ferrell
Heat: Ryan Likens, Ferrell, Alison LaRocco
Saturday Feature: Likens, Ferrell, LaRocco
Sunday Feature: Likens, Ferrell, LaRocco, Emma Likens

Rad-Air Legends:
Top Qualifier: #17 Greg Rudzik
Heat: Nick Gulletta, Daniel Hall, Rudzik, Chuck Witt, Matt Kelley
Pursuit: Hall, Gulletta, Rudzik, Witt, Kelley
Saturday Feature: Rudzik, Gulletta, Hall, Witt, Kelley, Ron Harvey
Sunday Feature: Rudzik, Gulletta, Witt, Kelley

McIntosh Oil Company Late Models:
Top Qualifier: #18 Brandon Short NTR
Heat #1: Bob Page, Jesse Adams, RJ White, Lucas Ripley, Jimmy Carter
Heat #2: Bib Schneider Jr, Tim Allensworth, Rich Boal, Alex Stavarz
Heat #3: Neil Rolli, Kaleb Swanson, Tim Sibila, Tim Fredrick
Pursuit: T.Allensworth, Ripley, Page, White, Rolli, Schneider Jr, Stavarz, Carter
Sunday 50 Lap Feature: Carter, Short, Cody Jaberg, Ripley, Schneider Jr, White, T.Allensworth, Boal, T.Sibila, Stavarz, Rolli, Swanson, Jonathan Reitter, Denny Benjamin, Mike Lawson, Kyle Lawson, Fredrick, Adams, Page

Open Modifieds:
Top Qualifier: Rick Elkins Jr NTR
Heat #1: Lucas Ripley, Kenny Feister Jr, Elkins Jr, Nathan Embree, Bryce Allensworth
Heat #2: Norm Taylor, Nick Grubbs, Jeff Dunfee III, Tim Allensworth, Braden Swaney
Heat #3: Shawn Lewis, Kyle Lawson, Bob Page, Sam Bigham, Bubba Smith
Pursuit: B.Smith, T.Allensworth, Ripley, Embree, Elkins Jr
40 Lap Feature: Elkins Jr, Dunfee III, T.Allensworth, B.Smith, Embree, Swaney, Lawson, Bigham, B.Allensworth, Grubbs, Ripley, Taylor, Gerald Altizer, Tyler Nuckles, Rick Sibila, Bob Sibila Jr, Lewis, Austin Berger, Page, Feister Jr

Crate Modifieds:
Top Qualifier: #38 Kevin McClintock
Heat #1: Ian Porco, Phil Cox, McClintock, Teddy Oliver, Nick Grubbs
Heat #2: Todd Ripley, Lee McCreery, JD Lawson, Conrad Yoder, Cody Stull
Pursuit: Oliver, Cox, McClintock, Lawson, Porco
30 Lap Feature: Porco, Rick Elkins Jr, Cox, Emerson Huffman, Oliver, Don Rufener III, Lawson, Yoder, McClintock, McCreery, Ripley, Stull

Open Street Stock:
Top Qualifier: #24W Jeremie Wiggins
Heat #1: Chris Lette, Zack Cogar, Jason Grewell, Wiggins, Tad Grove
Heat #2: Scott Lindell, Dave Meyer, Cole Eckinger, TJ Draher, Vinnie Tantarelli
Pursuit: Tantarelli, Lette, Grewell, Brady Carte, Grove
30 Lap Feature: Jeff Kuykendall, Josh Way, Bob Page, Wiggins, Carte, T.Grove, Cogar, Eckinger, Lette, John Ambrose, Lindell, Grewell, Luke Porco, Joshua Way, Kyle Grove, Meyer, Draher, Tantarelli

Mini Trucks:
Top Qualifier: #442 Connor Mclean NTR
Heat: Blake Ripley, Mike Stuber, Bob Johnson, C.Mclean, Eddie Mclean
Pursuit: Stuber, Trenton Croft, Ripley, E.Mclean, Johnson
15 Lap Feature: E.Mclean, C.Mclean, Johnson, Croft, Jason Shaw, Stuber, Randy Vermilion, Chris Himes, Ripley DQ

Outlaw Compacts:
Top Qualifier: #3 Clayton Oliver
Heat #1: Oliver, Jake Albright, Corbin Robinson, Don Rufener III, Doug Sommers
Heat #2: Don Rufener Jr, Sheldon Lindlag, Justice Lenarz, Rich Dunlap, Chris Nicastro
Pursuit: Albright, Rufener III, Robinson, Nicastro, Lenarz
30 Lap Feature: Robinson, Alright, Sommers, Rufener Jr, Lindlag, Andrew Bethards, Lenarz, Oliver, Gavin Roup, Rufener III, Clay Quarles, Richard Brink, Nicastro, Tim Fredrick

Open Compact:
Top Qualifier: #57 Blaze Bacon
Heat #1: Gavin Roup, Mike Stuber, Rich Dunlap, Bacon, Timmy Kalp
Heat #2: Don Rufener Jr, Allen Clark, Kenny Betts, Noah Kaufman, Nate Smart
Heat #3: Justice Lenarz, Jonathan Weber, Brenden Nealey, AJ Andrews, Harmony Betts
Pursuit: Nate Smart, Tabitha Stuber, Roup, Josh Huff, Bacon
Buy-In Feature: Roup, Bacon, Corbin Robinson, Jimbo Roup, Lenarz, Huff, Andrews, Jakob Keller, Dunlap, Damien Andrews
30 Lap Feature: Justin Riley, Bacon, Kalp, Huff, Kaeden Scott, Robinson, Dunlap, Lenarz, M.Stuber, T.Stuber, Cameron Walker, Kaufman, Smart, Clark, Rufener Jr, J.Roup, K.Betts, G.Roup, AJ Andrews, Otto Polilli, Weber, H.Betts, Nealey, Keller, D.Andrews, Scott Whitten

Officials Race: Dan Herron, Terry Colletti, Matt Hems, Dave Hoopingarner, Ed Corpman

Powder Puff: Stacy Robinson

THANK YOU to all the FANS, DRIVERS, TEAMS, OFFICIALS, WORKERS, VOLUNTEERS and EVERYONE who had a part in making the rescheduled Fall Classic a success!!! The banquet is coming up next month and we look forward to seeing everyone in the spring for Season 72!!

Written by: Matt Helms