Midvale Speedway
WELCOME RACE FANS!!.............Salute to Fallen Heroes.............Outlaw Late Model Jokers Wild 60/Mike Swaney Memorial 57 Presented by Link Supply ..........Sunday May 26th
Friday, May 24th
Ohio's Fun Place to Race!!
2024 Race Season
Mazzagatti, Embree, Wood, Bates, Lenarz & Burns win on Ohio Invitational/Jokers Wild Night At Midvale Speedway!!
September 3, 2023
Mazzagatti, Embree, Wood, Bates, Lenarz & Burns win on Ohio Invitational/Jokers Wild Night At Midvale Speedway!!Race Weekend Results

Outlaw Late Model:
Top Qualifiers: #99 John Sandquist Jr
70 Lap Feature: Mike Mazzaggatti, Jimmy Carter, John Sandquist Jr, Tim Allensworth, Bob Schneider Jr, Bryant Smith, AP Ren, Neil Rolli, Roger Smith, Emerson Huffman, Brandon Short, Bob Page, RJ White, Jonathan Reitter, #Lucas Ripley, Kaleb Swanson, Denny Benjamin, Bill Shimko, Rich Rohrer, George Riddle, Kyle Lawson, Bobby Devore II, Bob Sibila Jr, Brendon Lushes

Open Modifed:
Top Qualifier: #32 Norm Taylor
50 Lap Jokers Wild: Top 3 Leg #1: Doug Meyer, Rick Sibila, Bubba Smith
Leg #2: Nathan Embree, Sam Bigham, Rick Sibila, Doug Meyer, Norm Taylor, Lucas Ripley, Tyler Nuckles, Bubba Smith, Michael Stone, Louis McGrath, Bib Sibila Jr, Gerald Altizer, Brian Whetnall, Nathan McCauley, Derik Gacom, Phil Cox, Shawn Lewis, Cristian Bailey, Christian White, Bobby Devore II, Braden Swaney, Stephen Klinecht, Jeff Dunfee III, Cody Jaberg, John White, Brandon Bailey, Shawn Bubsay, Johnny Morris, Mick Zile

Open Street Stock:
Top Qualifier: #24W Jeremie Wiggins
Heat #1: Wiggins, Jeff Kuykendall, Kylee Wood, Ian Porco, Colt Locker
Heat #2: Brady Carte, Katie Wood, Cody Collmar, Jason Grewell, John Ambrose
Heat #3: Gary Hoopingarner, Tyler Harmon, Cyler Bertram, TJ Draher, Trenton Croft
35 Lap Feature: Dennis Wood, Wiggins, Kuykendall, Collmar, Ambrose, Carte, Grewell, Katie Wood, Locker, Kylee Wood, Harmon, Draher, Croft, Bertram, Porco, John Pritchett, Hoopingarner, Landin Ady

Open Compact:
Top Qualifier: #XX1 Justin Riley
Heat #1: Josh Irwin, Kaeden Scott, Gavin Roup, Eric Johnson, Cameron Walker
Heat #2: Dan Buckey, Larry Ennis Jr, Kyle Bates, Scott Whitten, Nolan Caldwell
Heat #3: AJ Andrews, Joe Fewkes, Rich Dunlap, Justice Lenarz, Don Rufener Jr
Heat #4: Jason Deal, Eric Feister, Gerald Altizer, Chris Lealand, Coen Kostrab
B Main: (Top 4 to Fast Feature) Lenarz, Rufener Jr, Feister, Vinny Cicconetti, Dunlap, Fewkes, Lealand, David Simmons, Kostrab, Jonathan Weber, Dominic Cicconetti, Nic Peebles, Anthony McClintock, Dylan Litten, AJ Andrews, Deal
30 Lap Fast Feature: Bates, Scott, Walker, Jeffery Orr, Zack Meyers, Roup, Irwin, Riley, Josh Huff, Johnson, Ennis Jr, Damion Andrews, Buckey, Timmy Kalp, Allen Clark, Whitten, Altizer, Caldwell, Lenarz, Kenny Betts, V.Cicconetti, Rufener Jr, DNS Feister, DNS Doug Ralff

Ace Racing League:
Top Qualifier: #21 Jay Teague
Heat: Tony Burns, Randy Maggio Jr, Roye Lowe, Jason Shaw, Teague
15 Lap Feature: Burns, Teague, Shaw, Lowe, Maggio Jr, Jason Wainright


THANK YOU to the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Army for sponsoring this past weekends events....WOW WHAT A SHOW!!!

THANK YOU to all the Drivers, Teams, Officials, Volunteers, Workers and FANS!!!

THANK YOU to JT and his helpers along with The Claymont Cheerleaders....we only had to move 1 car tonight!! The Cheerleaders made $4300 in the 50/50!!

This coming Saturday September 9th is Season Championship Night presented by the New Philadelphia VFW and Ferris Chevrolet!! 7 Racing Divisions in Action!!

Written by: Matt Helms