Midvale Speedway
WELCOME RACE FANS!!.......... Backpack Give-Away - Parking Lot Drags @ Intermission...... START TIME 6:30 SATURDAY JULY 13TH
Sunday, July 14th

Ohio's Fun Place to Race!!
2024 Race Season
Zywic, Page, Ripley, Grove, Sallinger, Salsberry & Mclean storm to Victory Lane on Old Timers Night!
July 22, 2023
Zywic, Page, Ripley, Grove, Sallinger, Salsberry & Mclean storm to Victory Lane on Old Timers Night!Week #10 Results Presented by Airgas

RadAir Bandoleros:
Top Qualifier: #87 Chloe Mazzagatti
Heat: C.Mazzagatti, Lucas Zywic, Bensyn Feister, Michael Mazzagatti, JT Prosser
Feature: Zywic, C.Mazzagatti, M.Mazzagatti, Chris Ferrell, Prosser, Feister

McIntosh Oil Company Late Models:
Top Qualifier: #65 Jimmy Carter
Heat #1: Chris Grubbs, Bib Page, Mike Mazzagatti, Bob Schneider Jr, Jimmy Carter
Heat #2: Kevin Garner, Andrew Smart, Roger Smith, George Riddle, AP Ren
Heat #3: Danny Benjamin, Bob Eichel, Roger Miller, Kaleb Swanson, Dave Martin
Feature: Page, Mazzagatti, Carter, Cody Jaberg, Smart, Schneider Jr, Ren, Grubbs, Garner, Benjamin, Smith, Swanson, Martin, Riddle, Eichel, Larry Ennis Sr, DNS Miller, DNS Neil Rolli

Crate Modifieds:
Top Qualifier: #38 Kevin McClintock
Heat #1: Nick Grubbs, Kyle Lawson, Ian Porco, McClintock, Bob Page
Heat #2: Phil Cox, Kenny Feister Jr, Bill Shimko, Conrad Yoder, Lucas Ripley
Feature: Ripley, Page, Porco, McClintock, Cox, Grubbs, Lawson, Feister Jr, Vanessa McCreery, Bob Passwaters Jr, Shimko, Yoder, Joe Slentz

Street Stock:
Top Qualifier: #5 Brandon Thomas
Heat #1: Kyle Grove, Bob Page, Scott Lindell, Nate Smart, Tad Grove
Heat #2: Jason Grewell, Bob Passwaters Sr, Brady Carte, TJ Draher, Luke Porco
Feature: K.Grove, Grewell, T.Grove, Thomas, Page, Lindell, Smart, Zack Cogar, Passwaters Sr, Vinnie Tantarelli, Carte, Porco, Bryant Smith, Draher

Buckey Mowing Compacts:
Top Qualifier: #XX1 Justin Riley
Heat #1: Tabitha Stuber, Blaze Bacon, Nolan Caldwell, Brent Shreffler, Corbin Robinson
Heat #2: Larry Ennis Jr, Mike Stuber, Gavin Roup, Damion Andrews, Drew Romig
Heat #3: Cameron Walker, Mike Stringer, Dan Buckey, Allen Clark, Noah Kaufman
Heat #4: Don Rufener Jr, Chris Billetter, Jonathan Weber, Justices Lenarz, Scott Whitten
B-Main (Top 4 to Fast Feature): Blaine Salsberry, Billetter, Rufener Jr, Lenny Orr, Lenarz, Whitten, Weber, Franklin Halter, Allen Boyd, Seth Gibson, Laura Day
Fast Feature: Jeremy Sallinger, Shreffler, Riley, Robinson, Bacon, M.Stuber, Josh Huff, Caldwell, Romig, Brentin Irwin, D.Andrews, Roup, Buckey, Stringer, T.Stuber, Walker, Ennis Jr, Kaufman, Clark, AJ Andrews, Orr, Salsberry, Rufener Jr, Billetter

Ross Mountain BBQ Mini Trucks:
Top Qualifier: #442 Connor Mclean
Heat #1: Trenton Croft, Bob Johnson, C.Mclean, Jason Shaw, Mike Stuber
Heat #2: Blake Ripley, Brian Lewis, Ricky Brink, Randy Vermilion, Eddie Mclean
Feature: C.Mclean, Croft, Johnson, Shaw, Stuber, Brink, Lewis, Ripley, Vermilion, E.Mclean, DQ Jake Beavers


CONGRATULATIONS TO THE 8TH HALL OF FAME CLASS that was inducted at Intermission!!! THANK YOU to all the past Hall of Famer's and "Old Timers" for coming tonight!!

Thank you to AirGas for sponsoring the event and Thank you to Lighter Motorsports out of Maine that sweetened the pot for the Compact and Late Model Features!!

Next Saturday Night July 29th is Ferris Chevrolet Night with 7 Divisions of Racing Plus Parking Lot Drags at Intermission

Written by: Matt Helms

Driver Results
Late Models
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
15067Bob Page
24587Mike Mazzagatti
34365Jimmy Carter
44121Cody Jaberg
53917AAndrew Smart
63717Bob Schneider Jr
73577Bear Schwartz
83325Chris Grubbs
93145Kevin Garner
102969BDenny Benjamin
112743Roger Smith
122562Kaleb Swanson
13233Dave Martin
14210George Riddle
151969Bob Eichel
16174ELarry Ennis Sr
DNS05Roger Miller
DNS0999Neil Rolli
Heat #1
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
11025Chris Grubbs
2867Bob Page
3787Mike Mazzagatti
4617Bob Schneider Jr
5565Jimmy Carter
Heat #2
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
1645Kevin Garner
2417AAndrew Smart
3343Roger Smith
420George Riddle
5177Bear Schwartz
Heat #3
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
1669BDenny Benjamin
2469Bob Eichel
335Roger Miller
4262Kaleb Swanson
513Dave Martin
Crate Modifieds
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
1500Lucas Ripley
24549Bob Page
34364Ian Porco
44138Kevin McClintock
53909Phil Cox
63724Nick Grubbs
7356Kyle Lawson
83313Kenny Feister Jr
9312Vanessa McCreery
102974Bob Passwaters Jr
112733Bill Shimko
122534Conrad Yoder
132345Joe Slentz
Heat #1
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
11024Nick Grubbs
286Kyle Lawson
3764Ian Porco
4638Kevin McClintock
5549Bob Page
Heat #2
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
1609Phil Cox
2413Kenny Feister Jr
3333Bill Shimko
4234Conrad Yoder
510Lucas Ripley
Street Stocks
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
1503Kyle Grove
24599Jason Grewell
3438GTad Grove
4415Brandon Thomas
53967Bob Page
63719Scott Lindell
73517Nate Smart
83358Zack Cogar
93175Bob Passwaters Sr
102900Vinnie Tantarelli
112721Brady Carte
122564Luke Porco
13231Bryant Smith
142173TJ Draher
Heat #1
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
1103Kyle Grove
2867Bob Page
3719Scott Lindell
4617Nate Smart
558GTad Grove
Heat #2
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
1699Jason Grewell
2475Bob Passwaters Sr
3321Brady Carte
4273TJ Draher
5164Luke Porco
Mini Truck
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
150442Connor McLean
24529Trenton Croft
34399Bob Johnson
44142McLean Racing
53933X3Mike Stuber
63757Rick Brink
73523Brian Lewis
83300Blake Ripley
93143Randy Vermillon
1029443Eddie McLean
Disqualified017Jake Beavers
Heat #1
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
11029Trenton Croft
2899Bob Johnson
37442Connor McLean
4642McLean Racing
5533X3Mike Stuber
Heat #2
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
1600Blake Ripley
2423Brian Lewis
3357Rick Brink
4243Randy Vermillon
51443Eddie McLean
B-Main Feature
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
553LJustice Lenarz
6584Scott Whitten
7585Jonathan Weber
8591Franklin Halter
9513Allen Boyd
10583Seth Gibson
11544Laura Day
Fast Feature
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
15052Jeremy Sallinger
24524Brent Shreffler
343XX1Justin Riley
44168XCorbin Robinson
53957Blaze Bacon
63772Mike Stuber
735427Josh Huff
8336Nolan Caldwell
93169Drew Romig
102923Brentin Irwin
112742Damion Andrews
12259Gavin Roup
132307Dan Buckey
142104Mike Stringer
15195Tabitha Stuber
1617429Cameron Walker
171520Larry Ennis Jr
181317Noah Kaufman
19110Allen Clark
20942KAJ Andrews
2198Jeffrey Orr
2294Blaine Salsberry
23947Don Rufener Jr
2499CChris Billeter
Heat #1
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
1105Tabitha Stuber
2857Blaze Bacon
376Nolan Caldwell
4624Brent Shreffler
5568XCorbin Robinson
Heat #2
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
1620Larry Ennis Jr
2472Mike Stuber
339Gavin Roup
4242Damion Andrews
5169Drew Romig
Heat #3
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
16429Cameron Walker
2404Mike Stringer
3307Dan Buckey
420Allen Clark
5117Noah Kaufman
Heat #4
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
1647Don Rufener Jr
249CChris Billeter
3385Jonathan Weber
423LJustice Lenarz
5184Scott Whitten
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
15034Lucas Zywic
24587Chloe Mazzagatti
34318Michael Mazzagatti
44117Chris Ferrell
53911JT Prosser
637178Ben Feister
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
11087Chloe Mazzagatti
2834Lucas Zywic
37178Ben Feister
4618Michael Mazzagatti
5511JT Prosser
07/22/2023 Race
Late Models Listings
Finish Pos.Driver
1.Page, Bob
2.Mazzagatti, Mike
3.Carter, Jimmy
4.Jaberg, Cody
5.Smart, Andrew
6.Schneider Jr, Bob
7.Schwartz, Bear
8.Grubbs, Chris
9.Garner, Kevin
10.Benjamin, Denny
07/22/2023 Race
Crate Modifieds Listings
Finish Pos.Driver
1.Ripley, Lucas
2.Page, Bob
3.Porco, Ian
4.McClintock, Kevin
5.Cox, Phil
6.Grubbs, Nick
7.Lawson, Kyle
8.Feister Jr, Kenny
9.McCreery, Vanessa
10.Passwaters Jr, Bob
07/22/2023 Race
Street Stocks Listings
Finish Pos.Driver
1.Grove, Kyle
2.Grewell, Jason
3.Grove, Tad
4.Thomas, Brandon
5.Page, Bob
6.Lindell, Scott
7.Smart, Nate
8.Cogar, Zack
9.Passwaters Sr, Bob
10.Tantarelli, Vinnie
07/22/2023 Race
Mini Truck Listings
Finish Pos.Driver
1.McLean, Connor
2.Croft, Trenton
3.Johnson, Bob
4.Racing, McLean
5.Stuber, Mike
6.Brink, Rick
7.Lewis, Brian
8.Ripley, Blake
9.Vermillon, Randy
10.McLean, Eddie
07/22/2023 Race
Compacts Listings
Finish Pos.Driver
1.Lenarz, Justice
2.Whitten, Scott
3.Weber, Jonathan
4.Halter, Franklin
5.Boyd, Allen
6.Gibson, Seth
7.Day, Laura
8.Sallinger, Jeremy
9.Shreffler, Brent
10.Riley, Justin
07/22/2023 Race
Bandolero Listings
Finish Pos.Driver
1.Zywic, Lucas
2.Mazzagatti, Chloe
3.Mazzagatti, Michael
4.Ferrell, Chris
5.Prosser, JT
6.Feister, Ben