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Season and Track Champions Decided At Midvale
September 1, 2001
Season and Track Champions Decided At Midvale140 different drivers competed in five divisions of racing, this past Saturday, September 1 at Midvale Speedway. Not only were drivers competing for wins in the season championship races, they were competing for double points on the final night that points are awarded this season.

Once again, 20 cars were in the pits for the 25-lap Smokers Paradise Late Model feature. Massillon’s Bob Sibila, still looking for his first feature win of 2001, started on the outside of the second row, and became the leader early on, when he passed Tom Garbrandt. Sibila, who came into the feature a little over 100 points behind Mike Miller for the track championship, needed to win and hope Miller would finish worse than 9th for the title. With Sibila out front and cruising, Miller started to drop back, and was in 8th before a caution, near halfway, flew. During the caution period, cars were checked on the backstretch for putting a liquid substance down on the track, causing a slick condition. While looking at Sibila’s car, officials noticed that rear end grease was all over the back end, sending him pitside and ending his night. That put Tom Garbrandt back into the lead, with Duane Dunn and Gary Hoopingarner second and third. Over the last half of the race, Hoopingarner tried several times to get around Dunn, but was unable to, as Garbrandt pulled away to a commanding lead. At the finish, Uhrichsville’s Garbrandt, driving the First Union Securities/Hoopy’s Paint #64, had his first feature win of the season, while Dunn had his career best finish of second. Hoopingarner, Don Harvey, Jr., and Farmer Smith completed the top five, while Miller, Kenny Carroll, Tim Sibila, Paul Sibila, and Kenny Stevens rounded out the top ten. Bob Sibila, Paul Sibila, and Rob Julian won the heats, while Smith was the top qualifier. After the points were tallied, Clinton’s Mike Miller was announced as Midvale Speedway’s 2001 point champion.

In the 20-lap Tolloti Pipe Modified feature, Jim McCune and Jeff Walker started on the front row. For the second week in a row, Massillon’s McCune took the early lead and started to pull away, as point’s leader, Dusty Woodie was working his way up. By the halfway point, Woodie worked his way into the lead and started to stretch it out over the rest of the 14-car field. Nine-time feature winner, Glen Jewell, came into the night second in points, some 200 behind, but could not get through the field quick enough to challenge Woodie. At the finish, Woodie, in the Coshocton Trucking/Mason Truck Sales #44, crossed the line in first as the season and track champion. As he went around the speedway to pick up the checkered flag, he stopped in turn four and gave the fans an excellent clinic on how to burn some donuts. McCune, Walker, Jewell, and Lawney Vaughn finished off the top five, while John Wilson, Butch Erickson, Tim Allensworth, Mark Enos, and Jeff Smith completed the top ten. Woodie and Smith won the heats, while Jewell was top qualifier.

The first driver to claim their point’s championship during the night was Dover’s Joe Linard, in the Tusco Net Detroit Iron division. Linard, driving the Uncle Primo’s/New Image Homes #82, locked up the championship after his heat race event. However, the feature race was as exciting as ever. 26-cars took the green flag for the 20-lap affair, and polesitter Bill Aubihl took the lead, looking for his first win. Roger Butler took second, as Tim Skinner, who started in row one, dropped to third. One car on the move was the #11 of Todd Miller. Miller, using the outside lane, picked up a few spots before challenging in the top three. However, the cars of Aubihl, Butler, and Skinner were too much, and Miller would have to settle for fourth. At the finish, Dover’s Aubihl picked up the large season championship trophy in his Ohio Valley Check Cashing/Star Auto Glass #31. Butler, Skinner, Miller, and Will Walker completed the top five. Finishing in positions six through ten were Jimmy Orr, Joe Linard, Doug McMillen, Tim Gowins, and Kevin McClintock. McMillen was top qualifier, while Miller, Paul Murray, and Jim Benzel won the heats.

In the Papa John’s Pure Stock feature, Rick Everett, Jr. and Mike Royer led the 26-car field down for the green. However, after a few laps of racing, neither would be out front, as the #49 of Teddy Oliver looked to better his division leading feature win total. With half the laps complete and Oliver out front, top qualifier Joe Coram moved into second. Coram tried lap after lap to get around Oliver, but could never get the run he needed to finish him off. Following the Danny’s Auto Part/Used Tire Company car of Canton’s Oliver were Coram, Larry Smith, Everett, and Sonny Arkenburgh. However, in post race inspection, three cars were found to be illegal – Everett, Arkenburgh, and seventh place finish Vic Paul. The official rundown now stands at Oliver, Coram, Smith, Adam Ridgway, and Mike Martin. Sixth through tenth were Brian Wood, Royer, Antony Bissett, John Leasure, and Al Street. Jim Shaw, Martin, and Leasure won the heats. Canton’s Mike Martin, by way of a solid evening, was able to hold of Brian Wood and Bryan Aubihl for the track championship.

Josh Grove started in eighth spot in the fast Canton Auto Salvage Compact feature, but was able to come through the field and take the win in his J.D. Byrider/Jim’s Place Used Auto Parts #4. Greg Mazzoleni, Jimbo Roup, Billy Stutler, and Terry Colletti completed the top five, while John McNutt, Bubba Smith, Jim Poole, Willie Grove, and Jack Grove completed the top ten.

In the second Compact feature, Jim Keller, Jr., of Paris, Ohio was the winner. Tim Dreher, Jerry Kimble, Jason Anthony, and Robert Mizer completed the top five. Chad Squires, Phil Veno, Ron Myers, Lennie Orr, and Shawn Musick wrapped up the top ten.

In the third and final 4-Cylinder feature, Matt Wallick of New Phila picked up the win. Gary Murray, Kirk Whittaker, Mike Montague, and Jamie Leslie rounded out the top five.

Josh Grove, Tim Dreher, Justin Courtney, Kirk Whittaker, and Steve won the heat races, while Terry Colletti was top qualifier. Massillon’s Jason Shaw picked up the track championship, by holding off Billy Stutler, after a solid season of competition.

Despite the track champions already being declared, Midvale Speedway’s exciting racing action will continue this Saturday, September 8. Late Models, Modifieds, Detroit Irons, Pure Stocks, Compacts, Figure 8’s and Powder Puff races will be on the card. Admission for this event is 9.95 for adults, 8.95 for seniors, 6.00 for kids 6-16, and free for 5 and under. Qualifying starts at 4, while racing will begin at 6:30.

Results For Midvale

Smokers Paradise Late Models
Top Qualifier – Farmer Smith
Heat #1 – Bob Sibila, Bear Schwartz, Kenny Carroll, Farmer Smith, Mike Miller
Heat #2 – Paul Sibila, Tom Newman, Kenny Stevens, Darrel Dexter, Gary Hoopingarner
Heat #3 – Rob Julian, Jack McGrath, Bruce Johnson, Mike Enos, Bob Eichel
Feature – Tom Garbrandt, Duane Dunn, Gary Hoopingarner, Don Harvey, Jr., Farmer Smith, Mike Miller, Kenny Carroll, Tim Sibila, Paul Sibila, Kenny Stevens, Mike Enos, Darrel Dexter, Jack McGrath, Bob Schneider, Jr., Tom Newman, Bob Sibila, Bear Schwartz, Bob Eichel, Rob Julian

Tolloti Pipe Modifieds
Top Qualifier – Glen Jewell
Heat #1 – Dusty Woodie, Mark Striker, Glen Jewell, Mark Enos, Tim Allensworth
Heat #2 – Jeff Smith, Jeff Walker, Jim McCune, Mike Buchanan, Mike Bowers
Feature – Dusty Woodie, Jim McCune, Jeff Walker, Glen Jewell, Lawney Vaughn, John Wilson, Butch Erickson, Tim Allensworth, Mark Enos, Jeff Smith, George Bowers, Mike Bowers, Mike Buchanan, Mark Striker

Tusco Net Detroit Irons
Top Qualifier – Doug McMillen
Heat #1 – Todd Miller, Joe Linard, Tim Gowins, Will Walker, John Tantarelli
Heat #2 – Paul Murray, Waylon Orr, Don Rufener, Jr., Bill Hilliker, Rich Stalnaker
Heat #3 – Jim Benzel, Calvin Collins, Dave McMillen, Tim Roudebush, Tim Croft, Jr.
Feature – Bill Aubihl, Roger Butler, Tim Skinner, Todd Miller, Will Walker, Jimmy Orr, Joe Linard, Doug McMillen, Tim Gowins, Kevin McClintock, Don Rufener, Jr., Bill Hilliker, Tim Postel, Roger Linard, Rich Stalnaker, Paul Murray, Tim Roudebush, Calvin Collins, Tammy Randolph, Dave Jordan, Jim Benzel, Joe Sanford, Jr., Larry Ennis, Dave McMillen, John Tantarelli, Waylon Orr

Papa John’s Pure Stocks
Top Qualifier – Joe Coram
Heat #1 – Jim Shaw, Teddy Oliver, Barney Gerber, Al Street
Heat #2 – Mike Martin, Adam Ridgway, Bryan Aubihl, Mike Royer
Heat #3 – John Leasure, Joe Oliver, John Ferrell, Scott Spino, Doug Higgins
Feature – Teddy Oliver, Joe Coram, Larry Smith, Adam Ridgway, Mike Martin, Brian Wood, Mike Royer, Anthony Bissett, John Leasure, Al Street, Bob Oliver, Barney Gerber, John Ferrell, Jim Shaw, Joe Oliver, Scott Spino, Scott Ollis, Paul Parson, Bryan Aubihl, Doug Higgins, Curtis Collins, Chester McMasters, Brian Oliver

Canton Auto Salvage Compacts
Top Qualifier – Terry Colletti
Heat #1 – Josh Grove, Rich Fox, Russell Grandison, Billy Stutler, Terry Colletti
Heat #2 – Tim Dreher, Jason Morgan, Vince Martin, Jim Poole, Ron Myers
Heat #3 – Justin Courtney, Blaine Partee, Jason Anthony, Jim Keller, Jr., Robert Mizer
Heat #4 – Kirk Whittaker, Matt Wallick, Larry Riggle, Matt Eggerton, Gary Gibson
Heat #5 – Gary Murray, Sonny Makin, Mike Montague, Bruce Gibson, John Wissman
Feature #1 – Josh Grove, Greg Mazzoleni, Jimbo Roup, Billy Stutler, Terry Colletti, John McNutt, Bubba Smith, Jim Poole, Willie Grove, Jack Grove, Rich Fox, Jason Shaw, Russell Grandison, Vince Martin, Cody Kahler, Bobby Long, Jason Morgan, Ray Scott, Greg Grove
Feature #2 – Jim Keller, Jr., Tim Dreher, Jerry Kimble, Jason Anthony, Robert Mizer, Chad Squires, Phil Veno, Ron Myers, Lennie Orr, Shawn Musick, Justin Courtney, Matt Eggerton, Gary Gibson, Bret Rininger, Blaine Partee, Robert Nealey, Taylor Long, William Scott, Kelly Wissman, Bill Coburn
Feature #3 – Matt Wallick, Gary Murray, Kirk Whittaker, Mike Montague, Jamie Leslie, William Scott, Bobby Hunter, John Wissman, Jill Harshey, Ben Gibson, Sonny Makin, Larry Riggle, Mike Phillips, Bruce Gibson

Written by: Adam Mackey

Driver Results
Detroit Irons
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
140031Bill Aubihl
2380OORoger Butler
336023Tim Skinner
434011Todd Miller
532015Will Walker
630028Jimmy Orr
728082Joe Linard
826054Doug McMillen
924065Tim Gowins
1022038Kevin McClintock
112007Don Rufener, Jr.
1218027Bill Hilliker
1316045Tim Postel
141402Roger Linard
1512059Rich Stalnaker
1610020Paul Murray
178088Tim Roudebush
186066Calvin Collins
194099Tammy Randolph
20203Dave Jordan
212048Dan Selway
22209Joe Sanford, Jr.
232098Larry Ennis
242024Dave McMillen
252067John Tantarelli
26206Waylon Orr
DNS039Tim Croft
Heat #1
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
18011Todd Miller
26082Joe Linard
34065Tim Gowins
42015Will Walker
5067John Tantarelli
Heat #2
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
18020Paul Murray
2606Waylon Orr
3407Don Rufener, Jr.
42027Bill Hilliker
5059Rich Stalnaker
Heat #3
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
18048Dan Selway
26066Calvin Collins
34024Dave McMillen
42088Tim Roudebush
5039Tim Croft
Late Models
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
140064Tom Garbrandt
238032Duane Dunn
336068Gary Hoopingarner
434012Don Harvey, Jr.
53207Farmer Smith
630079Mike Miller
728050Kenny Carroll
826049Tim Sibila
924044Paul Sibila
1022021Kenny Stevens
1120070Mike Enos
1218055Darrel Dexter
131604J.C. Ramsey
1414017Bob Schneider, Jr.
1512010Tom Newman, Jr.
1610083Bob Sibila
178077Bear Schwartz
186069Bob Eichel
194029Rob Julian
DNS067Bruce Johnson
Heat #1
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
18083Bob Sibila
26077Bear Schwartz
34050Kenny Carroll
4207Farmer Smith
5079Mike Miller
Heat #2
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
18044Paul Sibila
26010Tom Newman, Jr.
34021Kenny Stevens
42055Darrel Dexter
5068Gary Hoopingarner
Heat #3
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
18029Rob Julian
2604J.C. Ramsey
34067Bruce Johnson
42070Mike Enos
5069Bob Eichel
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
140044Dusty Woodie
238022Jim McCune
336050Jeff Walker
434024Glen Jewell
5320O3Lawney Vaughn
630033John Wilson
728019Butch Erickson
826011Tim Allensworth
9240OMark Enos
1022034Jeff Smith
1120099George Bowers
12180O2Mike Bowers
1316088Mike Buchanan
1414027Mark Striker
Heat #1
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
18044Dusty Woodie
26027Mark Striker
34024Glen Jewell
420OMark Enos
5011Tim Allensworth
Heat #2
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
18034Jeff Smith
26050Jeff Walker
34022Jim McCune
42088Mike Buchanan
50O2Mike Bowers
Pure Stocks
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
140049Teddy Oliver
238010Joe Coram
33603Larry Smith
434080Adam Ridgway
53206Mike Martin
630054Brian Wood
72807Tammy Rufener
826045Anthony Bissett
924012John Leasure
1022073Al Street
1120019Bob Oliver
121802TBarney Gerber
1316068John Ferrell
1414088Jim Shaw
1512050Joe Oliver
1610021Scott Spino
1780O1Scott Ollis
186044Paul Parson
194069Bryan Aubihl
202013Douglas Higgins
212066Curtis Collins
222081Chester McMasters
232048Brian Oliver
Disqualified015Sonny Arkenburgh
Disqualified026Vic Paul
Disqualified014Matt Wallick
Heat #1
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
18088Jim Shaw
26049Teddy Oliver
3402TBarney Gerber
42073Al Street
Heat #2
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
1806Mike Martin
26080Adam Ridgway
34069Bryan Aubihl
4207Tammy Rufener
Heat #3
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
18012John Leasure
26050Joe Oliver
34068John Ferrell
42021Scott Spino
5013Douglas Higgins
Feature #1
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
14004Willie Grove
238089Greg Mazzoleni
33609Jimbo Roup
434084Billy Stutler
532027Terry Colletti
630035John McNutt
728012Bubba Smith
826014Jim Poole
92403Greg Grove
1022093Jack Grove
1120051Rich Fox
121801Jason Shaw
1316072Russell Grandison
1414013Aaron Fonte
1512096Cody Kahler
1610077Bobby Long
17802Jason Morgan
186091Ray Scott
194021Josh Grove
Feature #2
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
130019Jim Keller, Jr.
22808Lennie Orr
326055Jerry Kimble
42406Jason Anthony
522050Robert Mizer
620026Chad Squires
718085Phil Veno
816015Ron Myers
914036Kelly McNutt
1012074Shawn Musick
11100O3Justin Courtney
128086Matt Eggerton
136083Gary Gibson
144068Bret Rininger
152090Blaine Partee
162029Robert Nealey
1720177Taylor Long
1820142William Scott
192098Kelly Wissman
2020188Bill Coburn
Feature #3
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
120087Rick Everett, Jr.
218071Gary Murray
316010Kirk Whittaker
414054Mike Montague
512092Jamie Leslie
610042Allen Andrews
78095Bobby Hunter
860O1John Wissman
94070Jill Harshey
102030Ben Gibson
111023Sonny Makin
121018Larry Riggle
131011Mike Phillips
141032Bruce Gibson
DNS022Lou Francis
DNS043Otto Polilli
Heat #1
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
1804Willie Grove
26051Rich Fox
34072Russell Grandison
42084Billy Stutler
5027Terry Colletti
Heat #2
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
1808Lennie Orr
2602Jason Morgan
34013Aaron Fonte
42014Jim Poole
5015Ron Myers
Heat #3
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
180O3Justin Courtney
26090Blaine Partee
3406Jason Anthony
42019Jim Keller, Jr.
5050Robert Mizer
Heat #4
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
18010Kirk Whittaker
26087Rick Everett, Jr.
34018Larry Riggle
42086Matt Eggerton
5083Gary Gibson
Heat #5
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
18071Gary Murray
26023Sonny Makin
34054Mike Montague
42032Bruce Gibson
50O1John Wissman
09/01/2001 Race
Detroit Irons Listings
Finish Pos.Driver
1.Aubihl, Bill
2.Butler, Roger
3.Skinner, Tim
4.Miller, Todd
5.Walker, Will
6.Orr, Jimmy
7.Linard, Joe
8.McMillen, Doug
9.Gowins, Tim
10.McClintock, Kevin
09/01/2001 Race
Late Models Listings
Finish Pos.Driver
1.Garbrandt, Tom
2.Dunn, Duane
3.Hoopingarner, Gary
4.Harvey, Jr., Don
5.Smith, Farmer
6.Miller, Mike
7.Carroll, Kenny
8.Sibila, Tim
9.Sibila, Paul
10.Stevens, Kenny
09/01/2001 Race
Modifieds Listings
Finish Pos.Driver
1.Woodie, Dusty
2.McCune, Jim
3.Walker, Jeff
4.Jewell, Glen
5.Vaughn, Lawney
6.Wilson, John
7.Erickson, Butch
8.Allensworth, Tim
9.Enos, Mark
10.Smith, Jeff
09/01/2001 Race
Pure Stocks Listings
Finish Pos.Driver
1.Oliver, Teddy
2.Coram, Joe
3.Smith, Larry
4.Ridgway, Adam
5.Martin, Mike
6.Wood, Brian
7.Rufener, Tammy
8.Bissett, Anthony
9.Leasure, John
10.Street, Al
09/01/2001 Race
Compacts Listings
Finish Pos.Driver
1.Grove, Willie
2.Mazzoleni, Greg
3.Roup, Jimbo
4.Stutler, Billy
5.Colletti, Terry
6.McNutt, John
7.Smith, Bubba
8.Poole, Jim
9.Grove, Greg
10.Grove, Jack