Midvale Speedway
WELCOME RACE FANS!!............ Thunder In The Valley 2024..............Night of Destruction kicks off our 2024 season on Saturday April 13th......
Saturday, February 24th
Ohio's Fun Place to Race!!
2024 Race Season
April 29th Canceled
April 29, 2023

Track Official's have discussed the plans for tomorrow throughout the day. It was determined that the best possible thing to do for EVERYONE, was to CANCEL tomorrow's racing action.

It is of the utmost importance to put on the best possible show for the drivers, teams and FANS!!! With the probability of us chasing the seeping in turns 3 & 4 and the need to use the speedy dry, it would limit the racing in the 2nd lane and that isn't what anyone wants!

The forecast does look decent in the afternoon but we would be battling conditions, especially if it continues to rain overnight and into the early morning like forecasted.

We hope you will all understand and support this decision and everyone will grab a friend and come out NEXT SATURDAY NIGHT for 7 DIVISIONS OF RACING!!!

** Next Saturday May 6th - LM, OM, MODS, SS, C, MT & B all on hand. (No L) **

Written by: Matt Helms