Midvale Speedway
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2024 Race Season
April 15, 2023
70th SEASON OPENER RESULTSMcIntosh Oil Company Late Models:
Top Qualifier: #18 Brandon Short
Heat: Chris Grubbs, Bob Page, George Riddle, Brandon Lushes, Kevin Garner
Feature: Short, Page, Riddle, Garner, Denny Benjamin, Lushes, Bobby Devore II, Bob Eichel, DNS Chris Grubbs

Crate Modified:
Top Qualifier: #0 Lucas Ripely
Heat #1: Phil Cox, Bob Page, Ripley, Brandon Bailey, Will Walker
Heat #2: Bobby DeVore II, Ian Porco, Kenny Feister Jr, Kyle Lawson, Doug McMillen
Feature: Lawson, Feister Jr, Porco, McMillen, Cox, Bailey, Ripley, Page, Kevin McClintock, Devore II, Conrad Yoder, Walker

Open Modified:
Top Qualifier: #331 Michael Stone
Heat: Bryce Allensworth, Bob Sibila Jr, Braden Swaney, Stone, Rick Elkins Jr
Feature: Elkins Jr, Stone, Swaney, Sibila Jr, Stephen Klinecht, Austin Berger, Vanessa McCreery, Allensworth

Street Stock:
Top Qualifier: #32 Cody Collmar
Heat: Vinny Tantarelli, Collmar, Colt Locker, Tom Powell, Luke Porco
Feature: Zack Cogar, Locker, Collmar, Kyle Grove, Powell, Tantarelli, Dave Meyer, Porco

Top Qualifier: #62 Kaeden Scott
Heat #1: Brandon France, Corbin Robinson, Josh Huff, Drew Romig, Scott
Heat #2: Tyler Scott, Damion Andrews, Chris Billetter, Tyler Harmon, Gavin Roup
Heat #3: Josh Irwin, Braden Maurer, Scott Whitten, Andrew Bethards, Jonathan Weber
Heat #4:Camron Walker, Seth Gibson, Jordan Grewell, David West, Allen Boyd
B-Main: (Top 4 To A-Main) Eric Johnson, Maurer, Jordan Greathouse, Bethards, Walker, Grewell, Jonathan Weber, West, Boyd
Fast Feature: Justin Riley, K.Scott, Huff, Robinson, Romig, France, T.Scott, Harmon, Andrews, Irwin, Billetter, Bethards, Roup, Whitten, Blaze Bacon, Johnson, Kenny Betts

Mini Trucks:
Top Qualifier: #99 Bob Johnson
Heat: Brady Mclean, Connor Mclean, Johnson, Ricky Brink
Feature: Johnson, C.Mclean, B.Mclean, DNS Himes

THANK YOU to McIntosh Oil Company for Sponsoring the 70th Season Opener!!
Next week the chase for the Season Championship Points battle gets underway with all 7 Divisions in action!! THANK YOU TO EACH AND EVERY PERSON that made opening night a SUCCESS!!!

Written by: Matt Helms