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2022 Race Season
2022 Fall Classic Information!
October 6, 2022
2022 Fall Classic Information!Presented by Snap-On Tools by Doug Poole and Shook Auto

Midvale Speedway is turning it up for our Fall Classic on Saturday and Sunday, October 8th and 9th!

Here is some of the info you will need:


Division Payout's:

-Ohio Invitational Outlaw Late Model 65 Lap Feature (Midvale Barberton Rules - American Racer Tire)2 Barrell -
(14+ cars) $2,000 to win, $1,200, $1,000, $800, $700, $600, $500, $450, $400, $350, $300 to start.
(14 or Less) $1,200 to win, $1,000, $800, $700, $600, $500, $450, $400, $350, $300 to start. Spotters allowed for Late Models (Driver must be able to hear tower still)

- Doug Mate Memorial - Leg #5 Main Event Classic Open Modified Series- OPEN Modified 50 Lap Feature - American Racer Tire
(20+cars) $2,000 to win, $1,200, $1,000, $800, $700, $650, $600, $500, $450, $400, $350, $300, $250 to start.
(20 or Less) $1,200 to win, $1,000, $800, $700, $650, $600, $500, $450, $400, $350, $300, $250 to start.

- Hank Lang Memorial Crate Modified's (Midvale, Jennerstown and Ona Sport Mods Rules - No Chip Rule - American Racer Tire)-
30 Lap Feature $1,000 to win, $800, $600, $500, $450, $400, $350, $325, $300, $275, $250, $225, $200 to start.

- Sue Schwark OPEN Street Stock (MUST meet Midvale, Barberton, Painesville Rules ONLY - American Racer Tire) (No Wheelman Series Rules)-
30 Lap Feature $1,000 to win, $600, $400, $350, $300, $275, $250, $225, $200, $180, $150 to start.

- Compact Clash
Midvale, Painesville, and Barberton Rules
No Hoosier or Mickey Thompson tires or Falkens. No tire soaking of any kind.
**2400 Min. Weight**
**400 Tread wear rule**
25 Lap A - Feature $450 to win, $200, $150, $130, $120, $110, $100, $90, $80, $70, $60, $50 to start.
B - Feature 15 lap $100 to win, $80, $70, $60, $50, $40, $30 to start.

- Mini Truck's (Saturday Only Full Program) 15 Laps- 200,125, 100,90,75,70,65,60,50 on back

-Legends and Bandaleros Full program Saturday Night plus Features on Sunday! Legends Payout Both Days-
Bandaleros Top 3 both Days receive trophies! Plus Thank you Tony Barbuscio as he donated $50.00 Summit Gift Cards to the Winner of the Bandolero Features Saturday and Sunday!

Tire Ration:
Late Model: 4 Tire- 2 Inside and 2 Outside
Treaded Tire: Open Mod, Crate Mod, SS- 2 Tires
1st Come; 1st Serve while supplies last
Tire $165 a piece
Tires will only be sold on Race Day!

Racing Fuel $11 a Gallon


At Intermission on Saturday we will have Trick or Treat on the track!!
Drivers please bring candy for the kids! Driver you are allowed to decorate car like some have done in years past!

ADDED to our Saturday Night program, Non-Winner Compact Feature!

If you have never won a feature at Midvale. Details still getting worked out and will be know soon. Midvale Speedway frequency is 454.0000 for scanners/raceceivers
We use the Westhold Transponders! Yellow is rechargeable or Orange which is Hardwired! Same as Barberton,Sandusky, Painesville, and Lorain! Please bring one if have one! We will be renting them, $20 for the whole weekend plus ID!!

Pits: Saturday: $35 (4-12 $20) - Sunday $35 (4-12 $20) (2-Day Pass $60, (4-12) $30)

Saturday - Adults $15, Seniors $12, Students (14-17) $12, Children (6-13) $8, 5 and Under is FREE!
Sunday - Adults $20, Seniors $15, Students (14-17) $15, Children (6-13) $10, 5 and Under is FREE!

10/06/22 Thursday: Open practice 4-8
10/07/22 Friday: Open Practice 4-8
Each Practice $10 a person

10/8/22 Saturday:
Pits Open at 10am
Practice/Qualifying from 12 to 4:30(We will rotate schedule so everyone gets equal practice- Most Likely only 2 sessions each division! Fastest Time in practice is your qualifying time!)
Grandstands open at 1:00
Racing at 5:30

10/9/22 Sunday: Pits Open at 10am, Practice from Noon until 1:30, Grandstands open at noon, Racing at 2:00.

Is available along the fence/tree line of the main parking lot. There is NO water, electric or sewer hookups. You MUST maintain and clean up your area!
Note: Other parking TBD soon

**NOTE** If there is inclement weather, the purses can be reduced by up to 20%.

Please comment if any questions or contact Matthew Michael Helms at this time please!

Written by: Matt Helms

Driver Results
Main Event Classic Open Modified Series
Doug Mate Memorial 50 Feature
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
1100114Tim Westerfield Jr
29082Bob Sibila Jr
38521Bryce Allensworth
48010Nathan Embree
57537SSpencer Stineman
67051Rick Elkins
76528Scott Archer
860331Michael Stone
95538MSteve Mowery
105032Norm Taylor
11507KDawson Knaul
125012Bubba Smith
135057Braden Swaney
145060Sam Bigham
155064Branden Lemmerman
165024Kyle Lawson
175017NNathan McCauley
185022Derik Gacom
195037Cristian Bailey
20500Lucas Ripley
215032WBrain Whetnall
22503BAustin Berger
235019Gerald Altizer
245066Louis McGrath
255037TJTJ Stineman
26501Shawn Lewis
275016Adam White
285068Bob Page
295000Todd Ripley
305086Zack Miller
Heat #1
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
12028Scott Archer
21837SSpencer Stineman
31682Bob Sibila Jr
414331Michael Stone
51237TJTJ Stineman
61051Rick Elkins
71068Bob Page
Heat #1 Lorain
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
12054Mike Zile
21817Kurt Hennings
31677Don Townsend Jr
41422John White
51244Dylan Watson
61026Jason Drew
7100Brett Dolan
Heat #2
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
12038MSteve Mowery
21810Nathan Embree
31657Braden Swaney
41466Louis McGrath
51200Todd Ripley
Heat #2 Lorain
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
12064Branden Lemmerman
21868Bob Page
31686Zack Miller
41413Kenny Feister Jr
5123DJeff Dunfee III
61012LDan LaRocco
71032Norm Taylor
Heat #3
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
12032Norm Taylor
21864Branden Lemmerman
31624Kyle Lawson
41460Sam Bigham
51212Bubba Smith
6107KDawson Knaul
71017NNathan McCauley
Heat #3 Lorain
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
12097Stephen Klinecht
21866Louis McGrath
31657Braden Swaney
41407Parker Ennes
51237CBrad Copen
610331Michael Stone
71028Scott Archer
81010Nathan Embree
Heat #4
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
12022Derik Gacom
21837Cristian Bailey
3161Shawn Lewis
41416Adam White
51219Gerald Altizer
6103BAustin Berger
71032WBrain Whetnall
Heat #4 Lorain
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
12051Rick Elkins
21802Rick Sibila
31616Rick Groetsch
41437SSpencer Stineman
51212Bubba Smith
61037TJTJ Stineman
71031Doug Meyer
81030Preston Walker
Lorain 40 Feature
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
110097Stephen Klinecht
29037CBrad Copen
38531Doug Meyer
48010Nathan Embree
575331Michael Stone
67057Braden Swaney
76516Rick Groetsch
86037TJTJ Stineman
95512Bubba Smith
105007Parker Ennes
115028Scott Archer
125037SSpencer Stineman
135086Zack Miller
145002Rick Sibila
155032Norm Taylor
165030Preston Walker
17503DJeff Dunfee III
185026Jason Drew
195068Bob Page
205054Mike Zile
215017Kurt Hennings
225044Dylan Watson
235051Rick Elkins
245064Branden Lemmerman
255012LDan LaRocco
265066Louis McGrath
275013Kenny Feister Jr
285022John White
29500Brett Dolan
305077Don Townsend Jr
31503BAustin Berger
10/06/2022 Race
Main Event Classic Open Modified Series Listings
Finish Pos.Driver
1.Westerfield Jr, Tim
2.Sibila Jr, Bob
3.Allensworth, Bryce
4.Embree, Nathan
5.Stineman, Spencer
6.Elkins, Rick
7.Archer, Scott
8.Stone, Michael
9.Mowery, Steve
10.Taylor, Norm