Midvale Speedway
WELCOME RACE FANS!!............ Thunder In The Valley 2022............... Quaker Drive Thru Presents Super Cup Stock Car Series.......PLUS Crate Modifieds, Street Stocks, Compacts, & Mini Trucks
Saturday, May 21th
Ohio's Fun Place to Race!!
2022 Race Season
Week #17 Results
September 5, 2021
Week #17 ResultsOutlaw Super Late Models:
Top Qualifier: #10 Bud Perry
65 Lap Feature: Perry, Jimmy Carter, Greg Forcht, Rich Rohrer, Bob Schneider Jr, Bob Page, Jonathan Reitter, Kyle Warner, John Sandquist Jr, Dennis Wood, Cody Jaberg, Chase Burky, Joe Fewkes, Jesse Adams, Chris Grubbs, AP Ren, Alex Stavarz, Bobby Devore II, Neil Rolli, Kevin Garner, RJ White

Open Modifieds:
Top Qualifer: #00 Todd Ripley
Consi #1: (Top 6 to A) Jon Sluka, Mike Stone, Bubba Smith, Doug Meyer, Bob Page, Stephen Klinecht, Louis McGrath, Jeremy Cooper, Corey Beatty, Buckshot Morris, Austin Berger, Andy Booten, Wesley Smith
Consi #2: Top 6 to A) Tim Allensworth, Zack Miller, Mark Striker, Brad Copen, Parker Ennes, Brian Whetnall, Jeff Dunfee III, Cristian Bailey, John White, Tyler Beatty, Jamie Womack, Adam White, DJ Warner
40 Lap Feature: T.Ripley, Sam Bigham, Norm Taylor, Kenny Phillips, Rick Elkins Jr, Spencer Stineman, Bryce Allensworth, TJ Stineman, Sluka, Miller, Smith, Stone, Page, Lucas Ripley, Ennes, Striker, Copen, Meyer, T.Allensworth, Doug Mate, Tyler Nuckles, Steve Mowery, Whetnall, Klinecht, Dan Burden, Bob Sibila Jr

VanMeters Auto Repair Modifieds:
Top Qualifier: #09 Phil Cox
Heat #1: Miker Bowers, Miek Stone, Nick Grubbs, Cox, Rick Sibila
Heat #2: Jonathan Reitter, Braden Swaney, Glen Jewel, Brandon France, Kyle Lawson
Heat #3: Andrew Smart, Vanessa McCreery, Zack Leasure, Jerry Devore, Bobby Devore II
40 Lap Feature: Brandon Bailey, Randy Gray, Stone, Kevin McClintock, Reitter, Smart, Bowers, Cox, Lawson, McCreery, France, Jewel, Grubbs, Leasure, Swaney, Sibila, Will Walker, J.Devore, Neil Rolli, Devore II

Open Street Stocks:
Top Qualifier: #12 Jeff Kuykendall
Heat #1: Ian Porco, John Ambrose, Dennis Wood, Tad Grove, Cody Collmar
Heat #2: Colt Locker, Ron Miller, Cyler Bertram, Gabe Pringle, Katie Wood
Heat #3: Lindsey Fade, Hunter Corbitt, Josh Peebles, Tim Schmitt Jr, TJ Barker
30 Lap Feature: D.Wood, Zack Cogar, Collmar, Kuykendall, Bertram, Miller, Schmitt Jr, Peebles, Fade, K.Wood, Ambrose, Barker, Porco, Robbie Kordiac, T.Grove, Pringle, Kyle Grove, TJ Dreher, Corbitt, Locker

Open Compacts:
Top Qualifier: #79B Phil Bunton Jr
Heat #1: Blaine Salsberry, Brent Shreffler, Bunton Jr, Erik Johnson, Jeffery Orr
Heat #2: Sheldon Sommers, Will Custer, Allen Clark, Braden Maurer, Dougles Ralff
Heat #3: Kenny Betts, Mike McDonald, Jonathan Weber, Drew Romig, Allen Andrews
Heat #4: Ronald Bunton, David Leabranchek, Kaeden Scott, Andrea Leach, Damien Andrews
Feature #1: Johnson, Orr, Bunton Jr, Salsberry, Mike Stuber, B.Shreffler, Blaze Bacon, Don Rufener Jr, Ryan Shreffler, Clark, Romig, Maurer, Dougles Ralff, McDonald, Sommers, DNS Custer, DNS Scott Kitchen, DNS Chad Wise
Feature #2: Gavin Roup, Betts, Evan Worrell, Bunton, Weber, Leabranchek, Scott, AJ Andrews, Tyler Harmon, Corbitt, D.Andrews, Leach, A.Andrews, DNS Justice Lenarz

Our Thoughts and Prayers are with Doug Mate, his family, his friends and his competitors!!!
THANK YOU to Doug Poole and Snap-On Tools for Sponsoring tonight's Ohio Invitational. THANK YOU to High Impact Tree Service and West Side Rat Rods for donating to this past weekends purse. THANK YOU to Stephen Klinect and Family for doing the Candy Rush!!

This Saturday Night is Vanmeter Auto Repair Season Championship Night!! We will have KID'S RACE CAR RIDES at Intermission. The final regular season night takes the Green Flag at 6:30.

Written by: Matthew Helms