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Sibila Wins First Career Late Model Feature
July 28, 2001
Sibila Wins First Career Late Model FeatureDespite the 80% chance of precipitation in the weather forecast, dry and cool conditions made for an exciting night of racing action this past Saturday, July 28, at Midvale Speedway. 140 cars filled the pits in the Late Model, Modified, Detroit Iron, Pure Stock, and Compact divisions.

An 18-car field of Smokers Paradise Late Models competed in the 25-lap feature event. A father and son combo of Paul and Tim Sibila made up the first row, for yet another time this season. Once the green flew, everything went well until P. Sibila spun on the backstretch in front of oncoming traffic. Everyone did an excellent job of missing him, setting up a complete restart. On the second try, T. Sibila took the lead, while Paul dropped back to second. While trying to hold that runner-up spot on lap 10, Bear Schwartz and Don Harvey, Jr., were sandwiching him, three wide. Schwartz spun into the infield in turn two, and Sibila and Schwartz were charged with the caution. For the restart, this moved Harvey into second with Bob Sibila going to third. With 13 laps in, caution flew again for P. Sibila as he spun in turn two. That negated a three wide battle for the lead. Back to green action, and the top three cars of T. Sibila, Harvey, and B. Sibila running bumper-to-bumper. With 23 laps complete, Harvey and T. Sibila touched in turn two. To avoid extra contact, Harvey moved to the outside lane, and this created one the most exciting last laps, this season. At the completion of lap 24, the top two cars were side-by-side, with the third place car of B. Sibila, looking for his first win of the year, in third. The three cars ran this way for the final pace, and at the line, it was Tim Sibila, in the Coca Cola/Sibila Race Engineering #49, picking up his first career Late Model feature win over Harvey, and his uncle, Bob Sibila. Farmer Smith and Tom Garbrandt completed the top five, while Kenny Carroll, Mike Miller, Russ Moore, Jr., Kenny Stevens, and Duane Dunn rounded out the top ten. P. Sibila and Miller won the heats.

The third time was a charm when it came to starting the Tolloti Pipe Modified 20-lapper. On the first start, Jim McCune spun to the infield. On the second try, polesitter, George Bowers looped it, but on the third complete restart, Bowers jumped into the lead, while his son, Mike Bowers, who started on the outside of him, fell back. With three laps in, G. Bowers and John Wilson made contact, while going for the lead, and were both sent to the rear. This gave the lead to McCune, with Jeff Smith and Glen Jewell in tow. After the restart, Jewell moved under Smith and McCune to take the lead, and eventually, his eighth feature win of the season. Following the Hydraulic Parts Store/Texas Roadhouse #24 across the stripe were Dusty Woodie, Smith, Mark Enos, and Wilson. McCune, G. Bowers, Mike Buchanan, Butch Erickson, and Jeff Walker completed the top ten. Smith won the heat, while Woodie was the top qualifier.

As always, the 20-lap Tusco Net Detroit Iron feature event, turned out to be a good one. Polesitter, Roger Butler, took the lead and held onto it for the first 8 laps, until he slid sideways in turn four and Tim Gowins took the top spot. The race’s first caution flew shortly after, which lined Bill Aubihl and Joe Linard up right behind Gowins. Over the last 10 laps, Linard would move into second and pressure Gowins in the outside lane until the finish, but Gowins crossed the line first at the checkered flag. However, in a post race inspection, the motor was found to have an illegal component and the win was handed to Linard. Following the Uncle Primo’s/New Image Homes #82 in the official rundown were Kevin McClintock, Aubihl, Todd Miller, and Butler. Jimmy Orr, Tim Skinner, Dan Gasser, Don Rufener, Jr., and Tammy Randolph completed the top ten. Doug McMillen, Gasser, and Paul Murray won the heats, while Tim Postel claimed the last chance race. McClintock was the top qualifier, while setting a new track record.

In the 15-lap Papa John’s Pure Stock feature, Paul Parson set the tone early on. However, Brian Oliver, coming from his outside third row starting spot, took the lead and went on to win his first Pure Stock feature event. Following the Tappan R.V./Used Tire Co. #48 were Don Rufener, Jr., Bryan Aubihl, Parson, and John Leasure. Barney Gerber, Brian Wood, Jim Shaw, Anthony Bissett, and Mike Martin completed the top ten. Vic Paul, Teddy Oliver, and Gerber won the heats, while Martin set fast time in qualifications.

Six Canton Auto Salvage Compact features were held, as the previous week’s were postponed. In the fast make-up feature, Chuck Elkins took the victory. Following him to the line were Terry Colletti, Phil Veno, Cody Kahler, and Jason Shaw. In the second make-up feature, Matt Wallick took the victory, while Mike Phillips, Jimbo Roup, Jason Anthony, and Justin Courtney rounded out the top five. The third feature was won by Gary Gibson, with Dale Beatty, Gary Murray, Bill Peckins, and Dan Gray finishing in the top five.

While competing for the lead in the first regular Compact feature, Greg Grove and Jason Shaw were trading some paint. While doing so, Terry Colletti said “see you later” as he went three-wide and on to his first feature win of the year. Lennie Orr, Jason Shaw, Rick Elkins, Jr., and Jim Poole completed the top five.

Jason Anthony held off Jimbo Roup at the finish line, in the second Compact feature. Bubba Smith, Rich Fox, and Chad Squires rounded out the top five.

Gary Gibson had a clean sweep of the slow features on the night, as he also won the regularly scheduled one. Larry Riggle, Dale Beatty, Henry Roup, and Tom Craw finished out the top five.

This coming Saturday, August 4, Midvale Speedway will have their regular five divisions + the Dale’s Heating and Cooling Figure 8’s. Qualifying will start at 4, while racing will begin at 6:30 sharp. Don’t forget, the Main Event Racing Series Super Late Models will return Saturday, August 11, with the Modifieds, Detroit Irons, Pure Stocks, and Compacts.

Results For Midvale

Smokers Paradise Late Models
Top Qualifier – Kenny Carroll
Heat #1 – Paul Sibila, Duane Dunn, Bob Sibila, Don Harvey, Jr., Bear Schwartz
Heat #2 – Mike Miller, Russ Moore, Jr., Tom Newman, Jr., Travis Page, J.C. Ramsey
Feature – Tim Sibila, Don Harvey, Jr., Bob Sibila, Farmer Smith, Tom Garbrandt, Kenny Carroll, Mike Miller, Russ Moore, Jr., Kenny Stevens, Duane Dunn, Tom Newman, Jr., Darrel Dexter, Paul Sibila, Travis Page, J.C. Ramsey, Bear Schwartz, Bob Schneider, Jr., Bob Eichel

Tolloti Pipe Modifieds
Top Qualifier – Dusty Woodie
Heat – Jeff Smith, Mark Enos, Glen Jewell, Mike Bowers, Jim McCune
Feature – Glen Jewell, Dusty Woodie, Jeff Smith, Mark Enos, John Wilson, Jim McCune, George Bowers, Mike Buchanan, Butch Erickson, Jeff Walker, Mike Bowers

Tusco Net Detroit Irons
Top Qualifier – Kevin McClintock
Heat #1 – Doug McMillen, Roger Linard, Jimmy Orr, Tim Gowins, Joe Linard
Heat #2 – Dan Gasser, Don Rufener, Jr., Waylon Orr, Todd Miller, Rich Stalnaker
Heat #3 – Paul Murray, Mike Royer, Randy Doolin, Tim Croft, Jr., Joe Sanford, Jr.
Last Chance – Tim Postel, Rich Stalnaker, Randy Doolin, Tim Croft, Jr., Mike Royer, Calvin Collins, Paul Murray, Dave McMillen, Joe Sanford, Jr.
Feature – Joe Linard, Kevin McClintock, Bill Aubihl, Todd Miller, Roger Butler, Jimmy Orr, Tim Skinner, Dan Gasser, Don Rufener, Jr., Tammy Randolph, Calvin Collins, Doug McMillen, Paul Murray, Waylon Orr, Tim Postel, Will Walker, Tim Croft, Jr., Mike Royer, Dave Jordan, Kevin Herron, Roger Linard, Rich Stalnaker, Randy Doolin

Papa John’s Pure Stocks
Top Qualifier – Mike Martin
Heat #1 – Vic Paul, Scott Ollis, D.J. Radanovich, Scott Spino, Brian Ridgway
Heat #2 – Teddy Oliver, Anthony Bissett, Rick Everett, Jr., Sonny Arkenburgh, Shane Ball
Heat #3 – Barney Gerber, Al Street, Mike Martin, John Leasure, Jim Shaw
Feature – Brian Oliver, Don Rufener, Jr., Bryan Aubihl, Paul Parson, John Leasure, Barney Gerber, Brian Wood, Jim Shaw, Anthony Bissett, Mike Martin, Curtis Collins, Joe Oliver, Shane Ball, Sonny Arkenburgh, Eddie Poland, Rick Everett, Jr., Joe Coram, Vic Paul, Brian Ridgway, Teddy Oliver, D.J. Radanovich, George Scott, Al Street, Scott Ollis

Canton Auto Salvage Compacts
Make-up Feature #1 – Chuck Elkins, Terry Colletti, Phil Veno, Cody Kahler, Jason Shaw, Greg Mazzoleni, Jim Poole, Jason Morgan, Billy Stutler, John McNutt, Josh Grove, Russell Grandison, Kelly Wissman, Rick Elkins, Jr., Bubba Smith, Ron Myers, Rocky DeLuca
Make-up Feature #2 – Matt Wallick, Mike Phillips, Jimbo Roup, Jason Anthony, Justin Courtney, Jerry Kimble, Jim Keller, Jr., Chad Squires, Rich Fox, Ron McMasters, Lennie Orr, Greg Grove, Shawn Musick, Otto Polilli, Brian Oliver, Garry Lute
Make-up Feature #3 – Gary Gibson, Dale Beatty, Randy Smith, Bill Peckins, Dan Gray, Ben Pearch, Bobby Hunter, Bruce Gibson, Ben Gibson, Phillip Murray
Feature #1 – Terry Colletti, Lennie Orr, Jason Shaw, Rick Elkins, Jr., Jim Poole, John McNutt, Billy Stutler, Jim Jaberg, Jason Morgan, Chuck Elkins, Cody Kahler, Josh Grove, Russell Grandison, Rocky DeLuca, Greg Mazzoleni, Phil Veno, Greg Grove
Feature #2 – Jason Anthony, Jimbo Roup, Bubba Smith, Rich Fox, Chad Squires, Jerry Kimble, Justin Courtney, Jim Keller, Jr., Matt Wallick, Blaine Partee, Robert Mizer, Kelly Wissman, Mike Phillips, Jr., Jeff Elkins, Ben Pearch, Bill Peckins, Otto Polilli
Feature #3 – Gary Gibson, Larry Riggle, Dale Beatty, Henry Roup, Tom Craw, Robert Nealey, Reece Shoup, Dan Gray, Ron Myers, Bobby Hunter, Adam Cunningham, Shawn Musick, Violet McMasters, Kenny Boone, Phillip Murray

Written by: Adam Mackey

Driver Results
Detroit Irons
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
120082Joe Linard
219038Kevin McClintock
318031Bill Aubihl
417011Todd Miller
5160OORoger Butler
615028Jimmy Orr
714023Tim Skinner
813029Dan Gasser
91207Don Rufener, Jr.
1011099Tammy Randolph
1110066Calvin Collins
129054Doug McMillen
138020Paul Murray
14706Waylon Orr
156045Tim Postel
165015Will Walker
174039Tim Croft
183047Mike Royer
19203Dave Jordan
20108Gabe Pringle
21102Roger Linard
221059Rich Stalnaker
231049Paul Wade
Disqualified065Tim Gowins
DNS067John Tantarelli
Heat #1
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
14054Doug McMillen
2302Roger Linard
32028Jimmy Orr
41082Joe Linard
Heat #2
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
14029Dan Gasser
2307Don Rufener, Jr.
3206Waylon Orr
41011Todd Miller
5059Rich Stalnaker
Heat #3
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
14020Paul Murray
23047Mike Royer
32049Paul Wade
41039Tim Croft
509Joe Sanford, Jr.
Last Chance
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
1045Tim Postel
2059Rich Stalnaker
3049Paul Wade
4039Tim Croft
5047Mike Royer
6066Calvin Collins
7020Paul Murray
8024Dave McMillen
909Joe Sanford, Jr.
DNS048Dan Selway
Late Models
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
120049Tim Sibila
219012Don Harvey, Jr.
318083Bob Sibila
41707Farmer Smith
516064Tom Garbrandt
615050Kenny Carroll
714079Mike Miller
813068Gary Hoopingarner
912021Kenny Stevens
1011032Duane Dunn
1110010Tom Newman, Jr.
129055Darrel Dexter
138044Paul Sibila
1470O4Ron Dague
15604J.C. Ramsey
165077Bear Schwartz
174017Bob Schneider, Jr.
183069Bob Eichel
Heat #1
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
14044Paul Sibila
23032Duane Dunn
32083Bob Sibila
41012Don Harvey, Jr.
5077Bear Schwartz
Heat #2
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
14079Mike Miller
23068Gary Hoopingarner
32010Tom Newman, Jr.
410O4Ron Dague
504J.C. Ramsey
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
120024Glen Jewell
219044Dusty Woodie
318034Jeff Smith
4170OMark Enos
516033John Wilson
615022Jim McCune
714099George Bowers
813088Mike Buchanan
912019Butch Erickson
1011050Jeff Walker
11100O2Mike Bowers
DNS075Ronnie Souders
Heat #1
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
14034Jeff Smith
230OMark Enos
32024Glen Jewell
410O2Mike Bowers
5022Jim McCune
Pure Stocks
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
120048Brian Oliver
21907Tammy Rufener
318069Bryan Aubihl
417044Paul Parson
516012John Leasure
61502TBarney Gerber
714054Brian Wood
813088Jim Shaw
912045Anthony Bissett
101106Mike Martin
1110066Curtis Collins
129050Joe Oliver
138019Bob Oliver
147015Sonny Arkenburgh
15603Larry Smith
165014Matt Wallick
174010Joe Coram
183026Vic Paul
192080Adam Ridgway
201049Teddy Oliver
211075D.J. Radanovich
221039George Scott
231073Al Street
2410O1Scott Ollis
DNS0O7Josh Moss
Heat #1
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
14026Vic Paul
230O1Scott Ollis
32075D.J. Radanovich
41021Scott Spino
5080Adam Ridgway
Heat #2
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
14049Teddy Oliver
23045Anthony Bissett
32014Matt Wallick
41015Sonny Arkenburgh
5019Bob Oliver
Heat #3
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
1402TBarney Gerber
23073Al Street
3206Mike Martin
41012John Leasure
5088Jim Shaw
Feature #1
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
120027Terry Colletti
21908Lennie Orr
31801Jason Shaw
417053Rick Elkins, Jr.
516014Jim Poole
615035John McNutt
714084Billy Stutler
8130OOJim Jaberg
91202Jason Morgan
1011052Chuck Elkins
1110096Cody Kahler
12904Willie Grove
138072Russell Grandison
147016Rocky DeLuca
156089Greg Mazzoleni
165085Phil Veno
174094Greg Grove
DNS036Kelly McNutt
Feature #2
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
11506Jason Anthony
21409Jimbo Roup
313012Bubba Smith
412051Rich Fox
511026Chad Squires
610055Jerry Kimble
790O3Justin Courtney
88019Jim Keller, Jr.
97087Rick Everett, Jr.
106090Blaine Partee
115050Robert Mizer
124098Kelly Wissman
133011Mike Phillips
142040Rick Elkins, Sr.
1510O5Ben Pearch
161038Bill Peckins
171043Otto Polilli
DNS0OGarry Lute
Feature #3
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
110083Gary Gibson
29018Larry Riggle
38097Dale Beatty
47063Henry Roup
56041Larry Bennington
65029Robert Nealey
74067Reece Shoup
83031Dan Gray
92015Ron Myers
101095Bobby Hunter
11562Adam Cunningham
125O7Shawn Musick
13522Lou Francis
14534Brian Oliver
155O2Philip Murray
DNS030Ben Gibson
DNS032Bruce Gibson
07/28/2001 Race
Detroit Irons Listings
Finish Pos.Driver
1.Linard, Joe
2.McClintock, Kevin
3.Aubihl, Bill
4.Miller, Todd
5.Butler, Roger
6.Orr, Jimmy
7.Skinner, Tim
8.Gasser, Dan
9.Rufener, Jr., Don
10.Randolph, Tammy
07/28/2001 Race
Late Models Listings
Finish Pos.Driver
1.Sibila, Tim
2.Harvey, Jr., Don
3.Sibila, Bob
4.Smith, Farmer
5.Garbrandt, Tom
6.Carroll, Kenny
7.Miller, Mike
8.Hoopingarner, Gary
9.Stevens, Kenny
10.Dunn, Duane
07/28/2001 Race
Modifieds Listings
Finish Pos.Driver
1.Jewell, Glen
2.Woodie, Dusty
3.Smith, Jeff
4.Enos, Mark
5.Wilson, John
6.McCune, Jim
7.Bowers, George
8.Buchanan, Mike
9.Erickson, Butch
10.Walker, Jeff
07/28/2001 Race
Pure Stocks Listings
Finish Pos.Driver
1.Oliver, Brian
2.Rufener, Tammy
3.Aubihl, Bryan
4.Parson, Paul
5.Leasure, John
6.Gerber, Barney
7.Wood, Brian
8.Shaw, Jim
9.Bissett, Anthony
10.Martin, Mike
07/28/2001 Race
Compacts Listings
Finish Pos.Driver
1.Colletti, Terry
2.Orr, Lennie
3.Shaw, Jason
4.Elkins, Jr., Rick
5.Poole, Jim
6.McNutt, John
7.Stutler, Billy
8.Jaberg, Jim
9.Morgan, Jason
10.Elkins, Chuck