Midvale Speedway
WELCOME RACE FANS!!............Thunder In The Valley 2021...............MSS SuperModifieds.......MOD,SS,C,MT,&TS.......... July 24th
Thursday, August 5th
Ohio's Fun Place to Race!!
2021 Race Season
Week #10 Results
July 10, 2021
Week #10 ResultsWeek #10 Results
Presented by Naak Tuning

Top Qualifier: #0 George Riddle 13.708
Heat #1: Cody Jaberg, Neil Rolli, Jonathan Reitter, Riddle, Bob Schneider Jr
Heat #2: Mayo Spence, AP Ren, RJ White, Bear Schwartz, Kenny Vickers
Feature: Riddle, Rolli, Schneider Jr, White, Ren, Bob Page, Bob Eichel, Dennis Wood, Schwartz, Spence, Jaberg, Vickers, Reitter, Bobby Devore II

VanMeters Auto Repair Modifieds:
Top Qualifier: #66 Louis McGrath 14.735
Heat #1: Phil Cox, Brandon Bailey, Doug McMillen, Kevin McClintock, Bob Page
Heat #2: Brandon France, Jerry Devore, Braden Swaney, Bobby Devore II, Will Walker
Heat #3: Kenny Feister Jr, Wes Ennis, Kyle Finlayson, Austin Berger, Barney Gerber
Feature: Bailey, McClintock, McMillen, Mike Stone, Cox, Louis McGrath, Page, France, Ennis, Swaney, Finlayson, Don Rufener III, Berger, Gerber, Walker, JD Lawson, Feister Jr, J.Devore, B.Devore II

Snap-On Tools by Doug Poole Street Stocks:
Top Qualifier: #88 Dennis Wood 15.502
Heat #1: Brandon Donley, Dave Wagner, Tad Grove, Kyle Grove, D.Wood
Heat #2: Zack Cogar, Gabe Pringle, Ian Porco, Chase Burky, Jason Grewell
Heat #3: Cyler Bertram, Bryant Smith, Bob Passwaters Jr, Katie Wood, Scott Lindell
Feature: D.Wood, Colt Locker, Donley, K.Grove, Pringle, Passwaters Jr, Wagner, Burky, Smith, K.Wood, Lindell, TJ Draher, Bob Passwaters Sr, Bertram, Grewell, Cogar, Porco, T.Grove

Ross Mountain BBQ Mini Trucks:
Top Qualifier: #99 Bob Johnson 16.259
Heat: Johnson, Blake Ripley, Eddie McLean, Connor McLean, Chad Squires
Feature: E.McLean, Johnson, Ripley, C.Mclean, Teia Henry, Squires, Ron Hoppingardener Jr, Rick Brink

Canton Addition Trophy Stocks
Top Qualifier: #6 Nolan Caldwell 18.525 NTR
Heat #1: Damion Andrews, Tyler Scott, Jacob Keller, Caldwell, Corbin Robinson
Heat #2: Kaeden Scott, Chris Burdette, Jonathan Thompson, Evan Worrell, Tristan Keller
Feature: J.Keller, K.Scott, Burdette, Noah Kaufman, Robinson, T.Scott, D.Andrews, T.Keller, Worrell, Thompson, Jordan Dennison, Storm Johnson, AJ Andrews, Caldwell

Buckey Mowing Compacts:
Top Qualifier: #53 Kyle Finlayson 17.053
Heat #1: Rich Dunlap, Mike Stuber, Don Rufener III, Sallinger, Finlayson
Heat #2: Nolan Caldwell, Justin Courtney, Wes Ennis, Ronald Bunton, Braden Maurer
Heat #3: Brenton Irwin, Tabitha Stuber, Allen Clark, Timmy Long, Jonathan Weber
Feature: Phil Bunton Jr, Finlayson, Rufener III, Sallinger, M.Stuber, Jonathan Hidey, Ennis, Irwin, Caldwell, Dunlap, Courtney, Clark, Maurer, Don Rufener Jr, Long, R.Bunton, T.Stuber, Zack Marshall, Weber, Brendan Nealey, Candie Bunton

THANK YOU NAAK TUNING and to everyone for coming out for Mid-Season Championship Night!! This Week is Medley Mowing Christmas in July Night and Bicycle Giveaway!! Bring the Kids and come out and join us!!

If anyone would like to donate a Bike, please Message John Chapman or Matthew Helms on Facebook! Thank you!

Written by: Matthew Helms

Driver Results
Trophy Stock
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
15037xJacob Keller
24562Kaeden Scott
34361Chris Burdette
44117Noah Kaufman
53968Corbin Robinson
63762STyler Scott
73542Damien Andrews
83312Tristan Keller
93107Evan Worrell
10294Jonathan Thompson
112751Jordan Dennison
122533X3Storm Johnson
13232AJ Andrews
14216Nolan Caldwell
Heat #1
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
11042Damien Andrews
2862STyler Scott
3737xJacob Keller
466Nolan Caldwell
5568Corbin Robinson
Heat #2
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
1662Kaeden Scott
2461Chris Burdette
334Jonathan Thompson
4207Evan Worrell
5112Tristan Keller
Late Models
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
1500George Riddle
24525Chris Grubbs
34317Bob Schneider Jr
44183RJ White
53957AP Ren
63767Bob Page
73569Bob Eichel
83388Dennis Wood
93177Bear Schwartz
102910Mayo Spence
112721Cody Jaberg
122544Kenny Vickers
132348Jonathan Reitter
1421169Eichel Racing
Heat #1
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
11021Cody Jaberg
2825Chris Grubbs
3748Jonathan Reitter
460George Riddle
5517Bob Schneider Jr
Heat #2
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
1610Mayo Spence
2457AP Ren
3383RJ White
4277Bear Schwartz
5144Kenny Vickers
Economy Modifieds
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
15055Brandon Bailey
24538Kevin McClintock
34354Doug McMillen
441331Mike Stone
53909Phil Cox
63766Louis McGrath
73549Bob Page
83328Brandon France
93109XWes Ennis
102957Braden Swaney
112715Kyle Finlayson
1225007Don Rufener III
13233Austin Berger
142169Animal Racing
151950Will Walker
161724JD Lawson
171513Kenny Feister Jr
18134Jerry Devore
191175Bobby Devore II
Heat #1
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
11009Phil Cox
2855Brandon Bailey
3754Doug McMillen
4638Kevin McClintock
5549Bob Page
Heat #2
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
1628Brandon France
244Jerry Devore
3357Braden Swaney
4250Will Walker
5175Bobby Devore II
Heat #3
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
1613Kenny Feister Jr
2409XWes Ennis
3315Kyle Finlayson
423Austin Berger
5169Animal Racing
Street Stocks
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
15088Dennis Wood
245118Colt Locker
34344Brandon Donley
4413Kyle Grove
5397Gabe Pringle
63774Bob Passwaters Jr
73522Kylee Wood
83354Chase Burky
9311Bryant Smith
102910Katie Wood
112719Scott Lindell
122573TJ Draher
132375Bob Passwaters Sr
142155BCyler Bertram
151999Jason Grewell
161758Zack Cogar
171564Ian Porco
18138GTad Grove
Heat #1
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
11044Brandon Donley
2922Kylee Wood
378GTad Grove
463Kyle Grove
5588Dennis Wood
Heat #2
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
1658Zack Cogar
247Gabe Pringle
3364Ian Porco
4254Chase Burky
5199Jason Grewell
Heat #3
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
1655BCyler Bertram
241Bryant Smith
3374Bob Passwaters Jr
4210Katie Wood
5119Scott Lindell
Mini Truck
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
150443Eddie McLean
24599Bob Johnson
343000Blake Ripley
441442Connor McLean
53921Teia Henry
63726Chad Squires
73568Ron Hoopingarner Jr
83357Rick Brink
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
11099Bob Johnson
28000Blake Ripley
37443Eddie McLean
46442Connor McLean
5526Chad Squires
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
15079BPhil Bunton Jr
24553Curtis Finlayson
343007Don Rufener III
44152Jeremy Sallinger
53944Mike Stuber
63700Jonathon Hidey
73557Blaze Bacon
83323Brentin Irwin
93169Drew Romig
102936Rich Dunlap
11275Justin Courtney
12250Allen Clark
132322BBraden Maurer
142147Don Rufener Jr
151946Timmy Long
161782Ronald Bunton
17155Tabitha Stuber
181323MZack Marshall
191185Jonathan Weber
20968Laura Day
21780Candie Bunton
Heat #1
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
11036Rich Dunlap
2844Mike Stuber
37007Don Rufener III
4652Jeremy Sallinger
5553Curtis Finlayson
Heat #2
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
1669Drew Romig
245Justin Courtney
3357Blaze Bacon
4282Ronald Bunton
5122BBraden Maurer
Heat #3
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
1623Brentin Irwin
245Tabitha Stuber
330Allen Clark
4246Timmy Long
5185Jonathan Weber
07/10/2021 Race
Trophy Stock Listings
Finish Pos.Driver
1.Keller, Jacob
2.Scott, Kaeden
3.Burdette, Chris
4.Kaufman, Noah
5.Robinson, Corbin
6.Scott, Tyler
7.Andrews, Damien
8.Keller, Tristan
9.Worrell, Evan
10.Thompson, Jonathan
07/10/2021 Race
Late Models Listings
Finish Pos.Driver
1.Riddle, George
2.Grubbs, Chris
3.Schneider Jr, Bob
4.White, RJ
5.Ren, AP
6.Page, Bob
7.Eichel, Bob
8.Wood, Dennis
9.Schwartz, Bear
10.Spence, Mayo
07/10/2021 Race
Economy Modifieds Listings
Finish Pos.Driver
1.Bailey, Brandon
2.McClintock, Kevin
3.McMillen, Doug
4.Stone, Mike
5.Cox, Phil
6.McGrath, Louis
7.Page, Bob
8.France, Brandon
9.Ennis, Wes
10.Swaney, Braden
07/10/2021 Race
Street Stocks Listings
Finish Pos.Driver
1.Wood, Dennis
2.Locker, Colt
3.Donley, Brandon
4.Grove, Kyle
5.Pringle, Gabe
6.Passwaters Jr, Bob
7.Wood, Kylee
8.Burky, Chase
9.Smith, Bryant
10.Wood, Katie
07/10/2021 Race
Mini Truck Listings
Finish Pos.Driver
1.McLean, Eddie
2.Johnson, Bob
3.Ripley, Blake
4.McLean, Connor
5.Henry, Teia
6.Squires, Chad
7.Hoopingarner Jr, Ron
8.Brink, Rick
07/10/2021 Race
Compacts Listings
Finish Pos.Driver
1.Bunton Jr, Phil
2.Finlayson, Curtis
3.Rufener III, Don
4.Sallinger, Jeremy
5.Stuber, Mike
6.Hidey, Jonathon
7.Bacon, Blaze
8.Irwin, Brentin
9.Romig, Drew
10.Dunlap, Rich