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Saturday, May 30th
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2020 Race Season
Langdon, Potter and Ripley Win BIG
August 10, 2019
It was another perfect night for racing at Midvale Speedway. The Super Cup Stock Car Series was in town for their Twin 50's, the OPEN Modified's made a stop for a 50 lapper and they joined the Street Stocks, Compacts and Mini Truck's on Week #13 presented by My Water Doctor. It was 79 degrees and mostly sunny at race time. Eighty Cars and trucks made the trip to the 3/10 mile oval.

The Super Cup Stock Car Series started their 1st Twin 50 with the #71 of Jerod Brougher and the #51 of Harvey Harrison bringing the field to Chief Starter Tom Kahl's green flag. Harrison would lead lap 1 by a nose on the outside. As the field entered turn three for the second time, points leader and 2-time Midvale winner Kevin Kromer in the #77 got into Brougher just a little bit. That contact sent the #71 spinning. Harrison was clipped by Brougher and they both spun. Harrison would continue with damage, Kromer and Brougher were done for the first event. That put former Midvale winner and pole sitter Stephen Cox in the lead with the #17 of Ron Langdon along side. Cox, taking a weekend off from broadcasting the Mecum Auto Auctions on NBCSN, was looking for his first win in his first start in the Series this year. Cox would lead after the restart with Langdon dropping back into the clutches of Mike Potter in the #14. Potter, who just turned 70 back in July, has 65 career starts in the Monster Energy Cup Series, including the 1992 Daytona 500. Potter and Langdon would battle side by side until Potter got into the leader Cox in turn three on lap 3, bringing out caution number two. That put Langdon up front with the #35 of Bill Ashton alongside. Langdon would jump out front with Harrison moving into second. Ashton's machine started to show some smoke out of the rear and he was sent pit side on lap 6. Langdon started to rip off some impressive laps while building up a 5 second lead by the halfway mark. Just prior to halfway, Potter was able to move around Harrison for second. Langdon would continue to stretch out his lead until the 3rd and final caution came out on lap 39. Potter's machine slowed on the front straightaway and stopped. He was able to get it back running and continue. The final restart had Langdon and Harrison bringing the field down. Langdon would lead as Cox and Potter battled for third. On lap 42, Potter secured third as Langdon pulled away again. Potter would chase down Harrison for second, but he ran out of time. Following the Freeport NY driver in the National Appliance, Oval Speed Unlimited, Langdon's Automotive Chevrolet to his first career series win, was Harrison, Potter, Cox and Lauren Butler.

The second Twin 50 for the Super Cup Stock Car Series had the #21 of Stephen Cox on the pole with the #14 Mike Potter along side. Potter would clear Cox off turn two for the top spot. Cox would battle with Harvey Harrison in the #51 for second. On lap 2, Cox was able to grab control of the second spot, pulling 1st Twin 50 winner Ron Langdon in the #17, with him up to third. The front four raced nose to tail for the next several circuits. On lap 8, Langdon cut a right front tire and pounded the turn one wall, bringing out the races only caution. Langdon would return to the action after a pit stop. On the restart, Cox and Potter got together off turn two, allowing Harrison to rocket by them both on the inside. Langdon would start to pick his way up through the pack, moving to 3rd on lap 13. On lap 14, Potter was able to take the lead away from Harrison and he began to quickly pull away. Langdon would take second from Harrison on lap 22. At the halfway point, Langdon was all over Potter for the lead, looking for the Sweep of the Twin 50's. But this event would belong to the Veteran of 65 Cup starts. Potter would fend off any challenge Langdon threw at him in lapped traffic, to win by a few car lengths. It wasnt Gatorade Victory Lane at Daytona, but Potter thought Naak Tuning Victory Lane at Midvale was a pretty special place for a 70 year old. Completing the top 5 behind the Johnson City TN driver in the SLB General Contracting, Potter Racing Chevrolet was Langdon, Harrison, Cox and Jerod Brougher.

The OPEN Modified 50 lap Feature had the #20 of Brad Copen and the #00 of Todd Ripley on the front row, after fastest qualifier Preston Walker pulled a 10 pill. Ripley would shoot out front with Copen right behind. Zack Miller in the #86 and Rick Elkins Jr in the #51 raced side by side for third, Bob Page in the #67 and Tyler Knuckles in the #66 battled for 5th. The first caution flew on lap 7 as the #21 of Bryce Allensworth had a power steering line come loose and he put fluid down over most of the Speedway. After a short delay and a great job by the Infield track crew cleaning things up, we were back under the green flag with Ripley shooting out front. Miller was able to get deep into turn three to take second from Copen. By lap 14, Ripley had drove out to a 1.8 second lead over Miller, who had a few car lengths on the third place battle between Copen and Page. Ripley started to encounter lapped traffic on lap 20. He was able to get through the traffic just a tick better than Miller. That put the lead up to almost 3 seconds at the halfway mark. Ripley's car was so good out front, the veteran who has won in almost every division at Midvale Speedway, was looking for his first win in quite awhile and his first OPEN Mod win in a long time. Copen started to reel Miller back in for second with just 10 circuits to go. Just after the cars took the white flag, the final caution flew as Scott Archer in the #28 spun in turn two. Because scoring goes back to the previously scored lap, that set up a green-white-checkered finish with Ripley and Miller bringing the field back to the line. Miller would get a great restart and have the advantage into turn one. Ripley would battle back and the duo were dead even heading into turn three. As the white flag flew, Ripley led by about a half of a car length. Miller would hang right with him, but Ripley was headed into Naak Tuning Victory Lane by less than a car length. Rounding out the top 5 behind the Uhrichsville OH driver in the LTR Industries, D&B Machine, Mustang Trucking sponsored #00 was Miller, Page, Copen and Knuckles.

The Finlayson Towing Compacts had the #175 of Justin Renicker and the #69 of Dan Buckey on the front row for the start of their 20 lap Feature. Jamie Leslie in the #64 cut a tire and stopped on the 1st attempt and the #52 of Jeremy Sallinger lost a bumper cover on the second attempt. So, the third time was the charm as Renicker was able to clear Buckey off turn two. Brandon France, who was back in his normal #38 this week, was running third with Josh Beall in the #86 fourth. France took over second from Buckey on lap 2 and by lap 4, was to the outside of the race leader. Coming off turn four on lap 5, France would take over the race lead. France and Renicker would pretty much stay about 2-4 car lengths apart. It was a half straightaway back to the battle between the #69 of Buckey, the #78 of Kyle Lawson, the #8 of Jeffrey Orr and the #75 Kevin Renicker. Those 4 cars would scrap it up over the middle section of the event, while France maintained a 3-5 car length lead on Justin. The first and only (other than the 2 failed starts) caution flew on lap 18 as the lapped machine of newcomer Tyson Rose in the #43, got out of shape in turn two and collected the #19 of Eugene Kopp. Rose continued, Kopp's night was over. On the restart, France got a great run on the inside lane and powered to his first feature win of 2019. Following the Dover OH driver in the Devore's Auto Repair, Far Trucking LLC, Advanced Aerospace Reconnaissance, M&D Design, South Philly Pizza, France Racing, Peebles Racing and Keith's Cars sponsored #38 was Justin, Orr, Lawson Mike Stuber. Kevin Renicker finished 5th, but was disqualified for not allowing the Tech Official's to tear down his motor, therefore the track record he broke was rescinded.

The Buckey Mowing Street Street Stock's were up next for their 20 lapper. Kyle Lawson in the #6 and the #95 of Scott Richardson led the field to the stripe. Lawson led lap 1, but "Scooter" was hanging tough on the outside. Will Wiggins II in the #47 tried to make a 3 wide move, three separate times for the 5th position, but only lost spots. The first caution waved on lap 1 as the #28 of Frank Boychi and the #22 of Kylee Wood got together in turn four. That accident collected the #7 of Gabe Pringle, the #88 of Dennis Wood, the # 75 of Bob Passwaters Sr, the #74 of Bob Passwaters Jr and the #55 of Robbie Kordiac. Both Passwaters and Boychi were done for the evening, everyone else was able to continue. On the restart, Kyle would lead his brother JD Lawson in the #15 and Wiggins, who again tried a 3 wide move that ultimately cost him spots. Colt Locker in the #118 was able to take advantage of Wiggins mistake, taking over 3rd. "Camaro Hair" would take second from JD on lap 3 and he passed Kyle for the lead on lap 4. Locker would pull Kordiac up with him to second. The next caution came out on lap 7, as the brothers Lawson had a disagreement and they spun in turn two. That put Kordiac on the outside of Locker for the restart. On the restart, Wiggins and Kyle got together and they spun in turn one. Pringle and Kylee were also involved, ending both of their nights. There were a few more cautions sprinkled in over the final ten circuits, but one thing remained constant. "Camaro Hair" was cash money on the restarts. It didnt matter if it was Kordiac, point leader Lucas Ripley in the #67 or Dennis, Locker would lead on the bottom lane. His toughest challenge came on the final restart after a lap 18 caution. That set up a green-white-checkered finish with Ripley on the outside. Ripley would get the jump into turn one, but Locker would battle back to lead by a half of a car length at the white flag. He would clear Ripley off turn two and set sail for Naak Tuning Victory Lane. Completing the top 5 behind the Somerdale OH driver in the My Water Doctor, Dover Hydraulics, Townhouse Drive Thru, Black Diamond Earthworks, Drunken Uncle Bar and Grill and Team Big Buck Down sponsored #118 was Ripley, Dennis, Richardson and Kordiac.

The final Feature was for the Snap-on Tools by Doug Poole Mini Truck 12 lapper. Two young newcomers started on the front and they both were coming from the dirt ranks. Evan Large in the #07 and Dick Large in the #7 brought the field to green. Eddie McLean in the #443 dropped his left side tires in the grass and fastest qualifier Michael Varnes in the #95 tried to thread the needle.....which made it 4 wide. 4 wide barely works for autograph night, let alone racing conditions. Varnes was clipped by one of the Large brothers, cutting a tire that sent him spinning. Varnes would head pit side to change the tire and rejoin the field at the tail. On the second attempt, McLean again decided to trim the grass, but Barney Gerber in the #2 thought better of threading the needle. He went to the outside of everyone. They sorted themselves back down to 2 wide by the time they got to turn one, with Gerber out front. Varnes was able to pound his way back to the race lead by lap 2, just prior to the caution flying for Dick, who stopped on the back straightaway with a flat. On the restart, Varnes again pulled out front with McLean getting by Gerber for second. The final caution flew on lap 5, as point leader Scott Lindell in the #19 spun with a flat tire. He would go pit side and change it, rejoining the tail of the field. Varnes cleared McLean on the restart and rocketed off. In the closing laps, McLean closed the gap in traffic, but Varnes was taking home the checkers. Following the Newcomerstown OH driver in the Brittany Varnes Photography, John Boy's Tire LLC sponsored #95 was McLean, Gerber, Lindell and Evan.

THANK YOU to the Super Cup Stock Car Series, their Driver's, Team's, Official's and FANS for putting on another good show!!

THANK YOU to the OPEN MOD Driver's and Team's for a really good, almost caution free 50 lapper....we hope to see all of you again on Sept. 1st!!

THANK YOU to our regular Divisions, the Driver's, Team's, Official's, Volunteers, Infield Crew, Worker's and FANS, we couldnt do it without each and every one of you!!

GOD SPEED TO BRANDON LOCKER as he heads overseas in a few weeks to serve our Great Country in the US Army - Ohio National Guard.....come back safe!!

This Saturday Night August 17th John W Cookson and McInturf Realty presents the Uhrichsville McDonald's Cruise-In. All 5 regular Divisions will be in action along with the Midwest Compact Touring Series, who are making up their date that was rained out back in June!

It should be another action packed night....Grab a friend and come support your local track!!!


Super Cup Stock Car Series
Fast Time: Kevin Kromer 14.919
1st Twin 50: Ron Langdon, Harvey Harrison, Mike Potter, Stephen Cox, Lauren Butler, Hayden Brothers, Jason Schue, Larry Wilcox, Bill Ashton, Jerod Brougher, Kevin Kromer
2nd Twin 50: Potter, Langdon, Harrison, Cox, Brougher, Kromer, Landon Brothers, Wilcox. DNS - Schue, Ashton, Butler

OPEN Modified's
Fast Time: Preston Walker 14.534
50 Lap Feature: Todd Ripley, Zack Miller, Bob Page, Brad Copen, Tyler Knuckles, TJ Stineman, Preston Walker, Doug Meyer, Lucas Ripley, Rick Elkins Jr, Norm Taylor, Parker Ennes, Scott Archer, Ryan Cypher, Jason Drew, Brent Vallee Jr, Spencer Stineman, Matt Marlowe, Jerry Devore, Greg Miller, Brian Whetnall, Cristian Bailey, Jason Parsons, Sam Bigham, Bryce Allensworth

Buckey Mowing Street Stock's
Fast Time: Gabe Pringle 15.804
Heat 1: Will Wiggins II, Dennis Wood, Colt Locker, Gabe Pringle, Lucas Ripley, Bob Passwaters Sr, Bob Passwaters Jr
Heat 2: JD Lawson, Kylee Wood, Kyle Lawson, Scott Richardson, Frank Boychi, Robbie Kordiac
Feature: Locker, Ripley, Dennis, Richardson, Kordiac, Wiggins II, JD, Kyle, Pringle, Kylee, Boychi, Passwaters Sr, Passwaters Jr

Snap-on Tools by Doug Poole Mini Truck's
Fast Time: Michael Varnes 16.316
Heat: Eddie McLean, Barney Gerber, Michael Varnes, Scott Lindell, Rick Brink, Evan Large, Dick Large, Roger Baucher
Feature: Varnes, McLean, Gerber, Lindell, Evan, Brink, Baucher, Dick. DNS - Chad Squires

Finlayson Towing Compact's
Fast Time: Karl Phillips 17.283
Heat 1: Brandon France, Jamie Leslie, Eugene Kopp, Kyle Finlayson, Karl Phillips, Kyle Lawson, Jeffrey Orr
Heat 2: Connor McLean, Alan Clark, Mike Stuber, Dan Buckey, Justin Renicker, Josh Beall, Curtis Finlayson
Heat 3: Mike McDonald, Toby Cook, Jeremy Sallinger, John Hidey, Rose, Dan Sharpless, Gavin Roup
Feature: France, Renicker, Orr, Lawson, Stuber, Kyle, Buckey, Phillips, Clark, Beall, Cook, McLean, McDonald, Curtis, Roup, Hidey, Sharpless, Rose, Kopp, Sallinger, Leslie. DNQ - Kevin Renicker

Written by: Chris Kail

Driver Results
Street Stocks
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
150118Colt Locker
24567Lucas Ripley
34388Dennis Wood
44195Scott Richardson
53955Robbie Kordiac
63748Will Wiggins II
73515JD Lawson
8336Kyle Lawson
9317Gabe Pringle
102922Kylee Wood
112728Frank Boychi
122575Bob Passwaters Sr
132374Bob Passwaters Jr
Heat 1
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
11048Will Wiggins II
2888Dennis Wood
37118Colt Locker
467Gabe Pringle
5567Lucas Ripley
6075Bob Passwaters Sr
7074Bob Passwaters Jr
Heat 2
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
1615JD Lawson
2422Kylee Wood
336Kyle Lawson
4295Scott Richardson
5128Frank Boychi
6055Robbie Kordiac
Mini Truck
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
15095Michael Varnes
245443Eddie McLean
3432Barney Gerber
44119Scott Lindell
53907Evan Large
63757Rick Brink
73511Roger Baucher
8337Nick Large
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
110443Eddie McLean
282Barney Gerber
3795Michael Varnes
4619Scott Lindell
5557Rick Brink
6007Evan Large
707Nick Large
8011Roger Baucher
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
15038Brandon France
245175Justin Renicker
3438Jeffrey Orr
44178PJosh Peebles
53944Mike Stuber
63715Kyle Finlayson
73569Dan Buckey
83323Karl Phillips
9310Alan Clark
102986Josh Beall
112741Toby Cook
1225443Eddie McLean
132316Mike McDonald
142153Curtis Finlayson
15199Gavin Roup
161700John Hidey
171539Dan Sharpless
181343Tyson Rose
191119Eugene Kopp
20952Jeremy Sallinger
21764LJamie Leslie
Disqualified075Kevin Renicker
Heat 1
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
11038Brandon France
2864LJamie Leslie
3719Eugene Kopp
4615Kyle Finlayson
5523Karl Phillips
6078PJosh Peebles
708Jeffrey Orr
Disqualified075Kevin Renicker
Heat 2
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
16443Eddie McLean
240Alan Clark
3344Mike Stuber
4269Dan Buckey
51175Justin Renicker
6086Josh Beall
7053Curtis Finlayson
Heat 3
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
1616Mike McDonald
2441Toby Cook
3352Jeremy Sallinger
4200John Hidey
5143Tyson Rose
6039Dan Sharpless
709Gavin Roup
08/10/2019 Race
Street Stocks Listings
Finish Pos.Driver
1.Locker, Colt
2.Ripley, Lucas
3.Wood, Dennis
4.Richardson, Scott
5.Kordiac, Robbie
6.Wiggins II, Will
7.Lawson, JD
8.Lawson, Kyle
9.Pringle, Gabe
10.Wood, Kylee
08/10/2019 Race
Mini Truck Listings
Finish Pos.Driver
1.Varnes, Michael
2.McLean, Eddie
3.Gerber, Barney
4.Lindell, Scott
5.Large, Evan
6.Brink, Rick
7.Baucher, Roger
8.Large, Nick
08/10/2019 Race
Compacts Listings
Finish Pos.Driver
1.France, Brandon
2.Renicker, Justin
3.Orr, Jeffrey
4.Peebles, Josh
5.Stuber, Mike
6.Finlayson, Kyle
7.Buckey, Dan
8.Phillips, Karl
9.Clark, Alan
10.Beall, Josh