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Ohio's Fun Place to Race!!
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Repeat Winners In Midvale Main Events
April 28, 2001
Repeat Winners In Midvale Main EventsThis past Saturday night, April 28, was week #2 at the 3/10-mile asphalt oval, known as Ohio’s Fun Place To Race, was again action packed, as 133 cars were in action. Late Models, Modifieds, Detroit Irons, Pure Stocks, Compacts, and a return for the Figure 8’s were on the card, sponsored by Downtown Ford. Although the fields were again close and competitive, four of the eight feature winners were repeats from opening night.

In the 25-lap Smokers Paradise Late Model feature, 16 cars lined up with Tim Allensworth and Tom Garabrandt unable to start. Ron Jaberg, Jr., who picked up a heat race win earlier in the evening, started on the pole and led the rest of the field until a lap 4 caution. On the restart, Bob Sibila, the Late Model driver with the most feature wins in 2000, moved immediately to the outside and took over the top spot. Opening night feature winner, Marcus Malcuit, was also moving his way up through the field, but was caught behind the runner-up car of Keith Thomas. The duo was joined in a battle for 2nd by Mike Miller, but Malcuit, after another restart, was able to put a strangle hold on the spot. At this time, Sibila had built up a 1/2 straightaway lead over Malcuit, but a caution by his son, Bob Sibila, Jr. erased his big lead. During the slowed laps of the caution, problems arose for the Massillon driver, as his #83 car had a belt pop off, retiring him for the evening. That handed the lead to Strasburg, Ohio’s, Malcuit who would go on to win his 2nd feature in as many tries during the early porting of the 2001 season. Following the Esber Beverage/Citgo #75 across the stripe were the Thomas, Miller, Bear Schwartz, and Jaberg. Gary Hoopingarner, Kenny Stevens, Duane Dunn, Paul Sibila, and Bob Sibila completed the top ten. Tim Sibila picked up the first of two heats earlier in the evening, when he was able to hold off a hard charge from his uncle Bob. Farmer Smith, the top qualifier, dropped out of the feature event.

Mike Buchanan and Jeff Smith brought the field of Tolloti Pipe Modifieds down for their 20-lap feature event. Smith, in his Ford powered machine, took the early lead as Mario Kelly moved up to second. However, the quickest car on the track seemed to be that of Glen Jewell, as he took his Texas Roadhouse/Hydraulic Parts Store ride from the outside of row three into second by lap five. Shortly after, Jewell ducked low and completed the pass of Smith for the lead. The night’s top qualifier, Tim Allensworth, was not far behind, as near the halfway point, the Coshocton driver put his car into second. Smith, who continued to fall back, spun, caused a caution, and set up a five lap shootout for the top three cars of Jewell, Allensworth, and the opening night feature winner, Dusty Woodie. The trio would battle, with Allensworth looking low and high over the last couple of laps, but New Philadelphia, Ohio’s, Jewell, would go on to pick up his first feature win of the season. Allensworth and Woodie followed, with John Wilson and Mark Enos completing the top five. Smith, Mark Striker, Mario Kelly, Jim McCune, and George Bowers finished off the top ten. Jewell and McCune won the evening’s heats.

In what may have been the most interesting race of the evening, 24 cars battled it out in the 20-lap Tusco Net Detroit Iron feature. Waylon Orr, who started on the pole, led the first couple of laps before spinning and collection two of his teammates – Jimmy Orr and Roger Butler, as well as Todd Miller. All were able to continue, but the new leader was Tammy Randolph. Randolph, looking for her first career feature win, led several laps until she also spun by herself in turn two. Don Rufener, Jr., who inherited the lead, would hold the top spot until Chris White and Joe Linard would get by. With White leading and Linard on the outside during the final circuit, White locked up the brakes in turn three, slid high, and opened up the inside groove. The night’s top qualifier and feature winner opening night, Kevin McClintock, who was biding his time in third, jumped to the inside, passed the pair and crossed the stripe first to make it two for two this season. The Broadrun Cheesehouse/Jenei Drilling #38 was followed by Linard, Doug McMillen, White, and Bill Aubihl. Tim Gowins, Joe Sanford, Jr., Don Rufener, Jr., Tim Skinner, and Jimmy Orr completed the top ten. Miller, Rufener, and Shane Billiter won the heats.

The exciting Papa John’s Pure Stocks were next to take the speedway for their 15-lap feature. As soon as the green dropped, cars bunched up and went as high as five wide eventually causing the first caution when the #10 of Vince Martin ended up on the roof of the #01 of Scott Ollis. Both were eliminated from the event as well as John Leasure. As the field spread out, the quicker cars that started toward the rear, were able to move up. Bryan Aubihl, the feature winner opening night, took the top spot after halfway and never looked back for his second feature win of the year. Shane Ball, Barney Gerber, Brian Wood, and top qualifier, Mike Martin followed the Cheap Tobacco/Great Time Hobbies #69 across the line. Shawn Harper, Gary Penland, Adam Ridgway, Paul Parson, and Chester McMasters rounded out the top ten. Leasure and Teddy Oliver won the preliminary events.

In Canton Auto Salvage Compact action, Jason Nealey won his first feature event. The Musick and Son Heating and Cooling/Russ Moore & Sons Concrete #15 held off Jason Shaw, Willie Grove, Kelly McNutt, and Rich Fox for the win. The win helped the New Philadelphia, Ohio, driver keep a secure hold onto second in points.

In the second of three features, Akron, Ohio driver Blaine Partee took his Flashback’s Diner #90 across the stripe first, for the second time during the evening, as he also won a heat. Following him to top five finishes were Brian Ridgway, Chuck Elkins, Lewis Powell, and Randy Hahn.

In the third and final Compact feature event, Brian Oliver made it two for two for the season as he took his Danny’s Auto Parts/Tappan R.V. #34 to victory lane. Chad Squires, Adam Stewart, Bruce Gibson, and Ben Gibson rounded out the top five. Willie Grove, Rocky DeLuca, Partee, and Oliver were heat winners.

The night was also the season opener for the Dale’s Heating and Cooling Figure 8’s. Compact drivers that wanted to compete, signed up and raced 15-laps for prize money. One major accident at the intersection, caused the race to be briefly stopped. Greg Grove was running up front and Brian Oliver, who was back in the field, had a collision that both drivers will not forget. Both cars then went towards the front straight-away wall and came to a stop. Both Grove and Oliver were okay. The final results showed Canton, Ohio’s, Vic Paul as the winner, with Chad Squires, Chris Flickinger, Brian Ridgway, and John Wissman completing the top five.

This coming Saturday night, May 5 will be Tolloti Pipe night at the races. Two features will be held for each of the five divisions, as no heat races will be held. Qualifying will be from 4 –6 with racing action starting at 6:30 sharp. Admission prices will not be raised for this special event.

Results For Midvale

Smokers Paradise Late Models
Top Qualifier – Farmer Smith
Heat #1 – Tim Sibila, Bob Sibila, Marcus Malcuit, Keith Thomas, Farmer Smith
Heat #2 – Ron Jaberg, Jr., Paul Sibila, Kenny Stevens, Bob Eichel, Duane Dunn
Feature – Marcus Malcuit, Keith Thomas, Mike Miller, Bear Schwartz, Ron Jaberg, Jr., Gary Hoopingarner, Kenny Stevens, Duane Dunn, Paul Sibila, Bob Sibila, Tim Sibila, Bob Sibila, Jr., Farmer Smith, Rob Julian, J.C. Ramsey, Bob Eichel

Tolloti Pipe Modifieds
Top Qualifier – Tim Allensworth
Heat #1 – Glen Jewell, Dusty Woodie, John Wilson, Mark Striker, Tim Allensworth
Heat #2 – Jim McCune, Mario Kelly, Mike Buchanan, George Bowers, Ronnie Souders
Feature – Glen Jewell, Tim Allensworth, Dusty Woodie, John Wilson, Mark Enos, Jeff Smith, Mark Striker, Mario Kelly, Jim McCune, George Bowers, Mike Buchanan

Tusco Net Detroit Irons
Top Qualifier – Kevin McClintock
Heat #1 – Todd Miller, Chris White, Doug McMillen, Tim Gowins, Joe Linard
Heat #2 – Don Rufener, Jr., Tim Skinner, Roger Butler, Waylon Orr, Tammy Randolph
Heat #3 – Shane Billiter, Dan Gasser, Dave Jordan, Dave McMillen, Mike Royer
Feature – Kevin McClintock, Joe Linard, Doug McMillen, Chris White, Bill Aubihl, Tim Gowins, Joe Sanford, Jr., Don Rufener, Jr., Tim Skinner, Jimmy Orr, Todd Miller, Gabe Pringle, Shane Billiter, Dave Jordan, Waylon Orr, Dave McMillen, Randy Doolin, Rich Stalnaker, Dan Gasser, Larry Ennis, Tammy Randolph, Roger Butler, Ron Lute, Mike Royer

Papa John’s Pure Stocks
Top Qualifier – Mike Martin
Heat #1 – John Leasure, Mike Martin, Paul Parson, Barney Gerber, Scott Ollis
Heat #2 – Teddy Oliver, Curtis Collins, Chester McMasters, Jim Shaw, Shane
Ball Feature – Bryan Aubihl, Shane Ball, Barney Gerber, Brian Wood, Mike Martin, Shawn Harper, Gary Penland, Adam Ridgway, Paul Parson, Chester McMasters, John Ferrell, Larry Smith, Curtis Collins, Dan Rummes, Jim Shaw, Joe Oliver, Dan Mick, Tammy Rufener, Teddy Oliver, Jeff Anthony, Vince Martin, Scott Ollis, John Leasure

Canton Auto Salvage Compacts
Top Qualifier – Chris Flickinger
Heat #1 – Willie Grove, Jason Shaw, Terry Colletti, Kelly McNutt, Jason Nealey
Heat #2 – Rocky DeLuca, Billy Stutler, Vic Paul, Randy Hahn, Rich Fox
Heat #3 – Blaine Partee, Otto Polilli, Garry Lute, Phil Veno, Bruce Gibson
Heat #4 – Brian Oliver, Chad Squires, Adam Stewart, Dale Beatty, Tom Koons
Feature #1 – Jason Nealey, Jason Shaw, Willie Grove, Kelly McNutt, Rich Fox, John McNutt, Jack Grove, Greg Grove, Bubba Smith, Robert Mizer, Chris Flickinger, Jim Keller, Jr., Rick Elkins, Jr., Terry Colletti, Jason Morgan, Billy Stutler, Josh Grove, Jason Anthony
Feature #2 – Blaine Partee, Brian Ridgway, Chuck Elkins, Lewis Powell, Randy Hahn, Vic Paul, Otto Polilli, Al Street, Lennie Orr, Garry Lute, Gary Murray, Kevin Rennicker, Shawn Royer, Joe Sickels, Justin Courtney, Nick Swaney, Ben Pearch, Rocky DeLuca
Feature #3 – Brian Oliver, Chad Squires, Adam Stewart, Bruce Gibson, Ben Gibson, Gary Gibson, Violet McMasters, Robert Nealey, Tom Koons, Seth Lute, Scott Ollis, Jimbo Roup, Phil Veno, Dale Beatty, Tom Craw

Written by: Adam Mackey

Driver Results
Detroit Irons
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
120038Kevin McClintock
219082Joe Linard
318054Doug McMillen
417051Chris White
516031Bill Aubihl
615065Tim Gowins
71407Don Rufener, Jr.
813023Tim Skinner
912028Jimmy Orr
1011011Todd Miller
111008Gabe Pringle
129047Mike Royer
13803Dave Jordan
14706Waylon Orr
156024Dave McMillen
165049Paul Wade
17409Joe Sanford, Jr.
183059Rich Stalnaker
192029Dan Gasser
201098Larry Ennis
211099Tammy Randolph
2210OORoger Butler
231022Ron Lute
241026Mike Royer
DNS020Paul Murray
Heat #1
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
14011Todd Miller
23051Chris White
32054Doug McMillen
41065Tim Gowins
5082Joe Linard
Heat #2
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
1407Don Rufener, Jr.
23023Tim Skinner
320OORoger Butler
4106Waylon Orr
5099Tammy Randolph
Heat #3
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
14047Mike Royer
23029Dan Gasser
3203Dave Jordan
41024Dave McMillen
5026Mike Royer
Late Models
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
120075Marcus Malcuit
219048Keith Thomas
318079Mike Miller
417077Bear Schwartz
5160O4Ron Dague
615068Gary Hoopingarner
714021Kenny Stevens
813032Duane Dunn
912044Paul Sibila
1011083Bob Sibila
1110049Tim Sibila
129042Bob Sibila, Jr.
13807Farmer Smith
147029Rob Julian
15604J.C. Ramsey
165069Bob Eichel
DNS064Tom Garbrandt
DNS011Tim Allensworth
Heat #1
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
14049Tim Sibila
23083Bob Sibila
32075Marcus Malcuit
41048Keith Thomas
507Farmer Smith
Heat #2
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
140O4Ron Dague
23044Paul Sibila
32021Kenny Stevens
41069Bob Eichel
5032Duane Dunn
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
120024Glen Jewell
219011Tim Allensworth
318044Dusty Woodie
417033John Wilson
5160OMark Enos
615034Jeff Smith
714027Mark Striker
813070Mario Kelly
912022Jim McCune
1011099George Bowers
1110088Mike Buchanan
DNS075Ronnie Souders
Heat #1
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
14024Glen Jewell
23044Dusty Woodie
32033John Wilson
41027Mark Striker
5011Tim Allensworth
Heat #2
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
14022Jim McCune
23070Mario Kelly
32088Mike Buchanan
41099George Bowers
5075Ronnie Souders
Pure Stocks
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
120069Bryan Aubihl
219019Bob Oliver
31802TBarney Gerber
417054Brian Wood
51606Mike Martin
615026Vic Paul
714017Gary Penland
813080Adam Ridgway
912044Paul Parson
1011081Chester McMasters
1110068John Ferrell
12903Larry Smith
138066Curtis Collins
147043Dan Rummes
156088Jim Shaw
165050Joe Oliver
174028Dan Mick
18307Tammy Rufener
192049Teddy Oliver
2010O5Jeff Anthony
211010Joe Coram
2210O1Scott Ollis
231012John Leasure
Heat #1
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
14012John Leasure
2306Mike Martin
32044Paul Parson
4102TBarney Gerber
50O1Scott Ollis
Heat #2
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
14049Teddy Oliver
23066Curtis Collins
32081Chester McMasters
41088Jim Shaw
5019Bob Oliver
Feature #1
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
120015Ron Myers
21901Jason Shaw
31804Willie Grove
417036Kelly McNutt
516051Rich Fox
615035John McNutt
714093Jack Grove
813094Greg Grove
912012Bubba Smith
1011050Robert Mizer
1110068Bret Rininger
129019Jim Keller, Jr.
138053Rick Elkins, Jr.
147027Terry Colletti
15602Jason Morgan
165084Billy Stutler
174021Josh Grove
18306Jason Anthony
Feature #2
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
115090Blaine Partee
214099Brian Ridgway
313052Chuck Elkins
412064George Miller
511088Randy Hahn
610033Vic Paul
79043Otto Polilli
88073Al Street
9708Lennie Orr
1060OGarry Lute
115071Gary Murray
124075Kevin Rennicker
13307Shawn Royer
142056Joe Sickels
1510O3Justin Courtney
161057Nick Swaney
1710O5Ben Pearch
181016Rocky DeLuca
Feature #3
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
110034Brian Oliver
29026Chad Squires
38042Allen Andrews
47032Bruce Gibson
56030Ben Gibson
65083Gary Gibson
74022Lou Francis
83029Robert Nealey
92028Tom Koons
1010O8Keith Anthony
115O1John Wissman
1259Jimbo Roup
13558Phil Veno
14597Dale Beatty
15541Larry Bennington
DNS067Reece Shoup
DNS072Russell Grandison
DNS0O7Shawn Musick
DNS054Mike Montague
Heat #1
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
1404Willie Grove
2301Jason Shaw
32027Terry Colletti
41036Kelly McNutt
5015Ron Myers
Heat #2
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
14016Rocky DeLuca
23084Billy Stutler
32033Vic Paul
41088Randy Hahn
5051Rich Fox
Heat #3
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
14090Blaine Partee
23043Otto Polilli
320OGarry Lute
41058Phil Veno
5032Bruce Gibson
Heat #4
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
14034Brian Oliver
23026Chad Squires
32042Allen Andrews
41097Dale Beatty
5028Tom Koons
04/28/2001 Race
Detroit Irons Listings
Finish Pos.Driver
1.McClintock, Kevin
2.Linard, Joe
3.McMillen, Doug
4.White, Chris
5.Aubihl, Bill
6.Gowins, Tim
7.Rufener, Jr., Don
8.Skinner, Tim
9.Orr, Jimmy
10.Miller, Todd
04/28/2001 Race
Late Models Listings
Finish Pos.Driver
1.Malcuit, Marcus
2.Thomas, Keith
3.Miller, Mike
4.Schwartz, Bear
5.Dague, Ron
6.Hoopingarner, Gary
7.Stevens, Kenny
8.Dunn, Duane
9.Sibila, Paul
10.Sibila, Bob
04/28/2001 Race
Modifieds Listings
Finish Pos.Driver
1.Jewell, Glen
2.Allensworth, Tim
3.Woodie, Dusty
4.Wilson, John
5.Enos, Mark
6.Smith, Jeff
7.Striker, Mark
8.Kelly, Mario
9.McCune, Jim
10.Bowers, George
04/28/2001 Race
Pure Stocks Listings
Finish Pos.Driver
1.Aubihl, Bryan
2.Oliver, Bob
3.Gerber, Barney
4.Wood, Brian
5.Martin, Mike
6.Paul, Vic
7.Penland, Gary
8.Ridgway, Adam
9.Parson, Paul
10.McMasters, Chester
04/28/2001 Race
Compacts Listings
Finish Pos.Driver
1.Myers, Ron
2.Shaw, Jason
3.Grove, Willie
4.McNutt, Kelly
5.Fox, Rich
6.McNutt, John
7.Grove, Jack
8.Grove, Greg
9.Smith, Bubba
10.Mizer, Robert