Midvale Speedway
Midvale Speedway... Thunder In The Valley 2018...
Tuesday, February 19th
Ohio's Fun Place to Race!!
2018 Race Season
Rector, France and Locker Victorious on Fan Appreciation Night
June 30, 2018
Kent State Tuscarawas and Performance Towing presented Fan Appreciation Night on Saturday, June 30th. Fans were welcomed into the grounds for only $5 with a donation of a non-perishable food item that was taken by a local food bank. Kent State Tusc gave away a $1000 scholarship to a lucky fan, the Midvale Historical Association was on hand selling raffle tickets, Performance Towing had their newly refurbished Pace Truck, Spectator Drags took place at Intermission, Local Pastors and Local Celebrities faced off and.....oh by the way......there was a racing program with increased purses. It was an action packed night at "Thunder In The Valley", we even got to see some fireworks from neighboring Kelley Field! Forty cars and trucks were on the property and it was 87 degrees and sunny and race time.

The first event to take to the Speedway was the 25 lap South Philly Pizza Compact feature. The #92 of John Foster and Toby Cook in the #41 brought the field to the stripe. After an initial failed start, they wasted no time going three and four wide mid pack, on the back straightaway of the opening lap. Foster would lead lap 1 with Cook still along side. The duo made contact in turn two, causing Foster to cut a tire and retire from the event and Cook fell outside the top 6. That landed Billy Hilliker in the red and white deuce up front with the #78 of Josh Peebles right behind. On lap 3, Peebles got to the inside of Hilliker and after a 2 lap fight, was able to take over the point. The first caution flew shortly thereafter on lap 5, as Hilliker spun in turn two and collected the points leader Kyle Finlayson in the #15. The night would be over early for both drivers. Peebles and Justin Renicker in the #175 paced the field for the restart. Peebles would lead as Brandon France in the #38 pulled alongside Renicker for second. France would take over that spot and set his sights on Peebles. France got to the bottom of the #78 on lap 8 after Peebles threw a block the previous lap. France would power out front and bring Renicker with him. The caution flew on lap 9 as Peebles got into the back of Renicker in turn three. Peebles displayed good sportsmanship by immediately admitting fault and would restart at the tail. He would recovered nicely to finish 7th. That set up the final restart with 16 laps remaining between France and Renicker. France was able to take the advantage with Reniker dropping in behind with Brent Shreffler in the #24 and Cook completing the top 4. Fastest Qualifier Mike Stuber in the #31 started picking his way to the front from his 10th starting position. He took 4th on lap 10 and then 3rd on lap 15. That's when the leaders all encountered heavy lapped traffic. The lapped cars did exactly as they were instructed to do, stay high and out of the leaders way. France was able to maintain the race lead as the top 4 were all locked together with traffic in the high lane. As the twin checkered flags twirled in the evening breeze, France made his second visit into DLP Commercial Maintenance Victory Lane in 2018. Completing the top 5 behind the Dover OH driver in the France Trucking, France Racing, South Philly Pizza sponsored #38 was Renicker, Stuber, Shreffler and Mike McDonald.

The middle feature was the 12 lapper for the Mad Bros Games & Hobbies Mini Trucks. The #14 of Scott Lindell and the #2T of Barney Gerber started on the front row. Gerber immediately took the top spot from the outside lane and pulled the #118 of Kevin Locker with him. Kevin was substituting for his son Colt, who was substituting for Josh Moss in the Street Stock's. Locker, Rich Schweitzer in the #84 and Gerber would battle for the lead over the first four laps. On lap 4, Gerber and Schweitzer got together off turn two, dropping Schweitzer to the infield and more than a half straightaway behind. Locker put his machine to the outside of Gerber, who lost some momentum after the contact with the #84. Locker would complete the pass and set sail to the victory. Schweitzer got back to the bumper of Gerber, but was unable to complete a last lap, outside pass to take over the spot. Following the Somerdale OH driver in the My Water Dr, Townhouse Drive Thru & Grocery, Dover Hydraulics, RV Parts Express, GM Electric, Drunken Uncle Bar and Grill, Black Diamond Earth Works and Team BBD sponsored #118 was Gerber, Schweitzer, Lindell and Roger Baucher.

Waylon Orr in the #28 and Shawn Marder in the #25 led the field of Buckey Mowing Street Stock's to Chief Starter Terry Colletti's green flag to start their 40 lap feature for $600 to win. Marder would lead lap 1 by inches as Orr would battle back to lead lap 2 and clear the #25 on the front straightaway. Colt Locker in the #77 was able to work his way up to second and took a shot at Orr for the lead on lap 5. Locker, putting on a great show substituting for Josh Moss, took over the lead in stunning fashion on lap 6. This was Locker's first time in the car and he started 6th, making it all the more impressive. Marder was also able to take back the second position from Orr. The caution flew on lap 6 as Orr got sideways and nearly collected the turn four wall. Orr was able to get stopped with only a suttle kiss of the concrete. At the same time, points leader Gary Hoopingarner in the #68 had something go wrong in the front suspension and was forced to retire from the event. On the restart, fastest qualifier Kyle Grove split Locker and Marder to take over the top spot. Locker would take second until he pushed way up the track on lap 10, dropping him outside the top 5. Grove was beginning to check out as Kyle Rector in the #22 battled with Marder for second. Gabe Pringle in the #7 got a great launch off turn two on lap 12 to take Marder and Rector three wide into turn three. Pringle and Marder got together, leaving them both with flat tires and a trip to the pits during the caution that ensued. For the restart, Grove and Rector were on the front row, Kenny Feister Jr in the #13 and Bob Passwaters Sr in the #75 were in row two. As the green dropped and the field entered turn one, Feister Jr gave Grove a nudge, moving him up the hill. That opened up the bottom and Feister Jr filled it. As they raced off turn two, Feister was inching out front and the two made contact, sending Feister Jr hard into the back straightaway wall. Feister would be ok and both drivers were disqualified for their crew members actions, post accident. That put Rector and Marder on the front row for the next restart. Rector would clear Marder off turn two as Pringle made another three wide move, this time successfully, taking over 4th and 3rd from Passwaters Sr and Locker. But Pringle's time in the top 3 was short lived as he cut a tire on lap 17, bringing out the caution. Another good restart from Rector landed him another half straightaway lead until Pringle cut another tire on lap 20, bringing out the final caution. Rector again jumped out front as Passwaters Sr, Marder and Locker put on a great show for the runner-up spot. As that trio went at it for the final 20 laps, Rector sailed off in to the night, under the fireworks from Kelley Field next door that he made a symbol of his own celebration. Locker was able to cap off his impressive run with an outside pass of Passwaters Sr and then Marder to finish second. Finishing off the top 5 behind the New Philadelphia OH driver in The Remax, Autism Awareness, Lightning Signs and Decals, Rhino Linings and All American Outdoors sponsored #22 was Locker, Marder, Passwaters Sr and Orr.

CONGRATULATIONS to Jan McInturf and Jason Stevens who picked up victories in the Fastor Pastor vs Local Celebrity races. It was appropriate that a Celebrity and a Pastor each won a heat!! THANK YOU TO ALL THE PASTOR'S and LOCAL CELEBRITIES for coming out and enjoying the evening with us at Midvale Speedway and we hope you visit us again soon!
Also a CONGRATULATORY SHOUT OUT to Eric Feister, who won the Spectator Drags and Amanda Sears, who took home the Compact Powder Puff.

THANK YOU TO ALL THE DRIVERS, TEAMS, OFFICIALS AND FANS for braving the heat and donating to a local charity!! I'm sure all those people in need will be appreciative of your generosity!!

Coming up THIS TUES NIGHT JULY 3rd is the night we have all been waiting for!! The Firecracker 150 presented by Smith's Auto Sales is upon us. The Sweet Manufacturing Main Event Outlaw Tour 100, Open Modified 50, Open Street Stocks 30 and Open Compact 25 along with the BEST FIREWORKS SHOW ANYWHERE AROUND!! Pit Gates open at noon, Practice begins at 1, Grandstands at 2, Qualifying at 6:30 with RACING TAKING THE GREEN FLAG AT 8:00!! Pack your small cooler and sunscreen and get to the track early for a good seat....you dont want to miss the FIREWORKS on the TRACK and IN THE AIR!!

-Story by Chris Kail


Buckey Mowing Street Stock's

Fast Time: Gabe Pringle 15.997

Dash: Kyle Rector, Gabe Pringle, Gary Hoopingarner

Heat 1: Pringle, Rector, Hoopingarner, Colt Locker

Heat 2: Waylon Orr, Shawn Marder, Bob Passwaters Sr, Bob Passwaters Jr, Keith Anderson

Pursuit: Orr, Locker, Rector, Pringle, Marder

Feature: Rector, Locker, Marder, Passwaters Sr, Orr, Pringle, Passwaters Jr, Hoopingarner, Anderson

Mad Bro's Games & Hobbies Mini Truck's

Fast Time: Kevin Locker 16.438

Dash: Barney Gerber, Scott Lindell, Kevin Locker, Rich Schweitzer

Heat: Locker, Gerber, Lindell, Roger Baucher, Schweitzer

Feature: Locker, Gerber, Schweitzer, Lindell, Baucher

South Philly Pizza Compact's

Fast Time: Mike Stuber 17.478

Dash: Justin Renicker, Brent Shreffler, Kyle Finlayson, Mike Stuber

Heat 1: Josh Peebles, Brandon France, Renicker, Shreffler, Finlayson, Mike McDonald, Stuber

Heat 2: Billy Hilliker, Tyler Eichel, John Foster, Alan Clark, Toby Cook, Laney Striejewske

Heat 3: Will Scott, Chuck Scott, Aaron Nitz, Dan Buckey, Andrea Brokaw, Shawn Migdol, Eric Brokaw

Pursuit: France, Eichel, Clark, Cook, Foster, Hilliker, McDonald, Peebles

Feature: France, Renicker, Stuber, Shreffler, McDonald, Cook, Peebles, Clark, Britt Vanmeter, Striejewske, Eichel, Will, Eric, Buckey, Andrea, Nitz, Chuck, Migdol, Finlayson, Hilliker, Foster

Fastor Pastor vs Local Celebrity
Heat 1: Jan McInturf
Heat 2: Jason Stevens

Spectator Drags: Eric Feister

C Powder Puff: Amanda Sears

Written by: Chris Kail

Driver Results
Street Stocks
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
15022Kyle Rector
24877Josh Moss
34625Shawn Marder
44475Bob Passwaters Sr
54228Waylon Orr
6407Gabe Pringle
73874Bob Passwaters Jr
83668Gary Hoopingarner
93440Kenny Feister
Heat #1
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
187Gabe Pringle
2722Kyle Rector
3668Gary Hoopingarner
4577Josh Moss
Heat #2
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
1528Waylon Orr
2425Shawn Marder
3375Bob Passwaters Sr
4274Bob Passwaters Jr
5140Kenny Feister
Mini Truck
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
150118Colt Locker
2482TBarney Gerber
34684Rich Schweitzer
44414Scott Lindell
64211Roger Bausher
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
18118Colt Locker
272TBarney Gerber
3614Scott Lindell
4511Roger Bausher
5484Rich Schweitzer
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
15038Brandon France
248175Justin Renicker
34631Bart Busby
44424Brent Shreffler
54216Mike McDonald
64041Toby Cook
73878PJosh Peebles
8360Alan Clark
93427Britt Vanmeter
103217Laney Striejewske
11304ETyler Eichel
122872Will Scott
132679Eric Brokaw
142469Dan Buckey
152244Andrea Brokaw
16208AAaron Nitz
171811Chuck Scott
181656Shawn Migdol
191415Kyle Finlayson
20122Billy Hilliker
211092John Foster
Heat #1
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
1878PJosh Peebles
2738Brandon France
36175Justin Renicker
4524Brent Shreffler
5415Kyle Finlayson
6016Mike McDonald
7031Bart Busby
Heat #2
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
152Billy Hilliker
244ETyler Eichel
3392John Foster
420Alan Clark
5141Toby Cook
6017Laney Striejewske
Heat #3
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
1572Will Scott
2411Chuck Scott
338AAaron Nitz
4269Dan Buckey
5144Andrea Brokaw
6056Shawn Migdol
7079Eric Brokaw
06/30/2018 Race
Street Stocks Listings
Finish Pos.Driver
1.Rector, Kyle
2.Moss, Josh
3.Marder, Shawn
4.Passwaters Sr, Bob
5.Orr, Waylon
6.Pringle, Gabe
7.Passwaters Jr, Bob
8.Hoopingarner, Gary
9.Feister, Kenny
06/30/2018 Race
Mini Truck Listings
Finish Pos.Driver
1.Locker, Colt
2.Gerber, Barney
3.Schweitzer, Rich
4.Lindell, Scott
5.Bausher, Roger
06/30/2018 Race
Compacts Listings
Finish Pos.Driver
1.France, Brandon
2.Renicker, Justin
3.Busby, Bart
4.Shreffler, Brent
5.McDonald, Mike
6.Cook, Toby
7.Peebles, Josh
8.Clark, Alan
9.Vanmeter, Britt
10.Striejewske, Laney