Midvale Speedway
Midvale Speedway... Thunder In The Valley 2019...
Monday, March 25th
Ohio's Fun Place to Race!!
2019 Race Season
May 12, 2018
Mother nature decided to play games with DLP Commercial Maintenance Night at Midvale Speedway and in the end, WE WON!! It rained on us three different times but everyone dug in and we got week #2 in the books. WE CANT THANK OUR DRIVER'S, TEAM'S, FAN'S, OFFICIAL'S and STAFF enough for bearing with us through one short and one extended drying session, it ended up being a very exciting night for Frisbee Race #1. Sixty one cars and trucks braved the elements and it was 67 and cloudy at race time.

The first feature to hit the Speedway after the Frisbee Race at intermission was the first South Philly Pizza Compact 15 lap event. Brent Shreffler in the #24 started on the pole with Mike Stuber in the #31 starting along side. Shreffler led the opening circuit as Stuber fell into the clutches of Justin Renicker in the #175 and birthday boy Kyle Finlayson in the #15. On lap 3, Finlayson was able to dispose of Stuber and Renicker and set his sights on the leader, who had built up a nice 5 or 6 car length advantage. By lap 6, the advantage Shreffler had was gone. Finlayson wasted no time going directly to the top of the race track and after a little more than a lap battle, took over the race lead. Clayton Oliver in the #19 and Eric Feister in the #78 were all over each other for the fourth position. They put on a great battle, but nobody was touching the birthday boy. Next week he will be racing at the "Last Great Coliseum", but tonight, he was winning at "Thunder in the Valley". Following the Bolivar OH driver in the Finlayson Towing, Finlayson Trucking, Outlaw Vinyls and Shutterbug Photography sponsored #15 was Shreffler, Renicker, Oliver and Feister.

Race number two was a small one but it was a good one. There was a low truck count due to the weather but the racing was really good. Scott Lindell in the #14 and Barney Gerber in the #2T started on the front row of the 10 lap MAD Bros. Games & Hobbies Mini Truck feature. Gerber took the lead as Michael Varnes in the #95 and Rich Schweitzer in the #84 followed. If you watch anything long enough, you can pick up some tendencies from certain people or things. Gerber has a history of locking up the left front and as the race goes on, he develops a bad push because he protects the bottom and cooks the right front tire. I'm guessing Varnes and Schweitzer have picked up on it over the years, and were remaining patient in the early stages. Varnes, has had his share of bad luck and misfortune, but has seemed rejuvenated this season. At the halfway mark, Schweitzer stepped out of line and went to the high side of Varnes for the second spot. All the while, the normal tendencies of the race are taking shape. Gerber is smoking the left front and starting to move up the race track. Varnes knew by lap 7 that it was "go time". Schweitzer was to his outside and Gerber had begun to slip up farther and farther and Varnes went for the opening off turn two. He packed the #95 into turn three and got by Gerber. A half lap later, Schweitzer followed. Schweitzer would take a couple looks at Varnes but ran out of time. Completing the order behind the Newcomerstown OH driver picking up his first career feature victory in the Brittany Varnes Photography and JonBoy's Tire LLC sponsored and US Army branded #95 was Schweitzer, Gerber and Lindell.

The Summit Racing Economy Modified's were up next for their 25 lap feature. Derek Grewell in the #9 and Corey Beatty in the #7 led the field down for the start. Beatty was able to take the advantage off the start as Todd Ripley in the #00 and Mack Gribble in the #12 we able to follow, dropping Grewell into 4th. Fastest qualifier Kevin McClintock in the #38 was on the march early, taking over the 5th position on lap 4 from his 9th starting spot. The front five would stay nose to tail until lap 8. That's when the old veteran took over. Ripley put his machine to the outside of Beatty and was able to wrestle the lead away on lap 9. Beatty broke loose a few laps later and slid back to the 5th spot, moving Gribble to second and McClintock continued to methodically and patiently pick his way to the front. The only caution flew on lap 18 as Phillip Cox in the #23J and Grewell made contact, sending Cox to the tail. That put Gribble, the opening night feature winner to the outside of Ripley. I would bet the number of laps the front three have on this speedway combined is staggering. Ripley would have the advantage on the bottom and that allowed McClintock the room to follow. McClintock would have the final five circuits to figure out a way around the #00. But that Florida Orange colored machine was positioned right where in needed to be. McClintock would have nothing for the middle Ripley on this night. Following the Uhrichsville OH driver to his first victory of the season in the LTR Industries, Ridgeco Pallet, D&B Machine and TVU Graphics sponsored #00 was McClintock, Gribble, Brandon Bailey and Grewell.

Bob Schneider Jr in the #17 and Bryant Smith in the #1 led the field of McIntosh Oil Company Late Model's down for Chief Starter Terry Colletti's green flag. Schneider got a slight advantage on the start and led by a nose at the end of the first circuit. Schneider however, got in too deep into turn one, trying to hold the feisty Smith at bay, and looped it around. That would be the lone caution but not the only excitement. Opening night feature winner Ryan Tedesco had his #701 on the outside of Bryant for the restart with 29 laps to go. Remember how I talked about tendencies back in the Mini Truck rundown? Well, there are some more here. Everyone knows Bryant runs an unconventional line entering the turns at Midvale. He has a high arch into the corner, holding that arch longer than anyone else and then sharply dives to the bottom at the apex. That happens regardless of rather he has someone to his outside or not. That makes it very difficult for the person in the second groove. It makes drivers have to change the way they race in the top lane. Some drivers can adjust, some cant or choose not to. Tedesco is not just "some" driver. He adjusted his line and was able to complete the pass for the lead. Tedesco, Bryant, Bubba Smith in the #12 and young gun Albert Francis in the #33 were all fighting nose to tail when Francis made a few brushes with the outside wall, possible cutting a tire. Just as he was setting up to pull off from the 4th position, the leader pulled off the Speedway in front of him. Tedesco would lose brake pressure and was forced to pull pit side. That eliminated 2 of the top four and we weren't even to lap 10. That put Bryant out in front of his brother Bubba. Last year's Champion Tom Stankiewicz in the #42 and fastest qualifier Emerson Huffman were now in 3rd and 4th respectively. All 4 continuing to run nose to tail under green. As the laps clicked away, Bubba pressured Bryant several times. With 12 laps to go he had a great run off turn four and got a nose under his brother, but Bryant got only a small brotherly nudge in the left rear quarter panel. Bubba seemed to have a little better handling car, but Bryant's wasnt far off. With 5 laps to go Bubba tried to mount another charge, but with power from above, Bryant would pull into DLP Commercial Maintenance Victory Lane for the first time in over a year, honoring his mom and late track owner Sue Smith for Mother's Day. Rounding out the top 5 behind the Canton Auto Salvage, Smith's Auto Sales, Freedom Auto Finance and Finish Line Designs sponsored #1 was Bubba, Stankiewicz, Huffman and Schneider Jr.

What ended up being the final feature of the evening was the 20 lap Buckey Mowing Street Stock event. Waylon Orr in the #28 and Josh Moss in the #77 brought the field down for the start. Orr would take the lead but all eyes were on Teddy Oliver in the #44. Oliver, always know to be ultra aggressive, pin balled his way in between Shawn Marder in the #25 and Kenny Feister Jr in the #13 and up into the 3rd spot by the time the field even got to turn one. Oliver would get around Moss for second on lap 2 and Orr for the lead on lap 3. That's when the marathon started. A battery of complete a lap and a caution, complete a lap and a caution ensued. Through it all, three guys just stayed patient, avoided trouble and bided their time. Those three were Gary Hoopingarner in the #68, Gabe Pringle in the #7 and fastest qualifier Bear Schwartz in the #77B. I guess that says something for experience equals patience. One of the defining moments of the race was on the lap 16 restart. Oliver was on the inside lane and Schwartz on his outside. Bear shot out of the woods and into the race lead via the outside lane. Oliver tried and tried to battle back, but Bear was able to hang on. Heading in to turn three for the final time, Teddy decided to use the horn, spinning Schwartz to the infield. Oliver was sent to the tail, setting up a Green/White and then checkered, 1 lap shootout. Schwartz was on the inside and Hoopingarner now found himself on the outside with Pringle in 3rd. All three of those guys being there because they were patient and avoided the mess. On the start Bear and Hoopy stayed side by side for the entire lap, never touching. The former track owner Schwartz would hang on by a half of a car length at the line and appeared to pick up his first victory in many years. As the division was going through technical inspection prior to victory lane celebrations, the sky's opened up for the final time, sending the fans and teams scattering for cover. During the post race tech, several drivers were disqualified and one was Bear Schwartz. That gave Hoopy his first win of the season and John Metcalf Jr his first win as a car owner. Not the way they wanted it, but the way they will take it nonetheless. Following the Canton OH driver in the Express Service, Express Tire & Brake, SWR Racing, Arch-A-Motive, O'Reilly Auto Parts, Tantarelli Cycle, Perfection Painting & Decorating, John and Pat Metcalf Sr, Rickscorvettecafe.com and Dewitts Kustom Painting sponsored #68 was Pringle, Orr, Bill Aubihl and Oliver.

We want to send a SPECIAL THANK YOU to Over The Rail Dining at the Dennison Depot Museum for bringing four ferns to raffle off to the Mother's for Mother's Day. We want to wish everyone of the Mothers and Mothers to be a very Happy Mother's Day!!!
We also raised over $1200 for the Wise family!!! What an awesome show of gratitude from our fans and drivers on tough evening!!
Coming up this week at Midvale Speedway on Saturday Night May 19th is Kent State Tuscarawas Fan Appreciation Night!! Grandstand admission is ONLY $5 with a donation of a non-perishable food item ($8 without). We are going to donate all the items to a local food bank, one of the ways we want to give back to a community that has given so much to us for 65 years! Street Stock's, Compact's and Mini Truck's will run Dashes, Heats, Pursuits and Features. At intermission we will have Local Celebrity vs Faster Pastor and Club Loose II. It is also a Kid's Club Night, if members show their membership card at the ticket window, they get in for $2 off!! We will run our second Compact Feature that was rained out.....and much more!!
We ask you to come out and help us feed the community and let us show our appreciation for 65 years of dedication.

- Story by Chris Kail


McIntosh Oil Company Late Model's

Fast Time: Emerson Huffman 13.657

Heat 1: Ryan Tedesco, Tom Stankiewicz, Albert Francis, Emerson Huffman

Heat 2: Bob Schneider Jr, Bryant Smith, Bubba Smith, Brock Burcher

Feature: Bryant, Bubba, Stankiewicz, Huffman, Schneider Jr, Tedesco, Francis, Burcher, Bob Eichel

Summit Racing Economy Modified's

Fast Time: Kevin McClintock 14.698

Heat 1: Todd Ripley, Mack Gribble, Lucas Ripley, Kevin McClintock, Brandon Bailey

Heat 2: Corey Beatty, John Tantarelli, Jerry Devore, Derek Grewell

Feature: Todd, McClintock, Gribble, Bailey, Derek Grewell, Lucas, Devore, Beatty, Tantarelli, Vanessa McCreery. Phillip Cox and Trey Williams were disqualified

Buckey Mowing Street Stock's

Fast Time: Kyle Grove 15.931

Heat 1: Gary Hoopingarner, Gabe Pringle, Teddy Oliver, Kyle Grove, Bill Aubihl

Heat 2: Kenny Feister Jr, Waylon Orr, Shawn Marder

Feature: Hoopingarner, Pringle, Orr, Aubihl, Oliver, Marder, Feister Jr, Grove. Bear Schwartz, Josh Moss, Jeremiah Hartline and Rob Scott were disqualified.

MAD Bros Games & Hobbies Mini Truck's

Fast Time: Rich Schweitzer 16.431

Heat: Rich Schweitzer, Michael Varnes, Barney Gerber, Scott Lindell

Feature: Varnes, Schweitzer, Gerber, Lindell

South Philly Pizza Compact's

Fast Time: Brandon France 17.434

Heat 1: Justin Renicker, Clayton Oliver, Kyle Finlayson, Eric Feister, Steven Feister, Dan Buckey, Brandon France

Heat 2: Josh Peebles, Jesse James, Josh Beall, Toby Cook, Mike Stuber, Tim Frederick, Brent Shreffler, Tyler Nign

Heat 3: Billy Hilliker, Allen Clark, Tyler Eichel, Rob Scott, Marcus Cox, Laney Striejewske, Brendan Nealey

Fast Feature: Finlayson, Shreffler, Reniker, Oliver, Eric, France, Buckey, Josh Feister, Steven, Stuber, Frederick

Second Feature: (to be made up next week)

**Compact points wont be updated until after the second feature is completed**

Written by: Chris Kail

Driver Results
Late Models
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
1501Bryant Smith
24812Bubba Smith
34642Tom Stankiewicz
44490Emerson Huffman
54217Bob Schneider Jr
640701Ryan Tedesco
73833Albert Francis
83607Brock Burcher
93469Bob Eichel
Heat #1
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
18701Ryan Tedesco
2742Tom Stankiewicz
3633Albert Francis
4590Emerson Huffman
Heat #2
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
1517Bob Schneider Jr
241Bryant Smith
3312Bubba Smith
4207Brock Burcher
Economy Modifieds
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
15000Todd Ripley
24838Kevin McClintock
34612Mack Gribble
44455Brandon Bailey
5429Derek Grewell
6400Lucas Ripley
7384Jerry Devore
8367Corey Beatty
93467John Tantarelli
10322Lee McCreery
Disqualified023JPhillip Cox
Disqualified011Trey Williams
Heat #1
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
1800Todd Ripley
2712Mack Gribble
360Lucas Ripley
4538Kevin McClintock
5455Brandon Bailey
Disqualified023JPhillip Cox
Heat #2
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
157Corey Beatty
2467John Tantarelli
334Jerry Devore
429Derek Grewell
Disqualified011Trey Williams
Street Stocks
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
15068Gary Hoopingarner
2487Gabe Pringle
34628Waylon Orr
44431Bill Aubihl
54244Larry Smith
64025Shawn Marder
73813Kenny Feister Jr
8363Kyle Grove
Disqualified0550Jeremiah Hartline
Disqualified077Josh Moss
Disqualified040Kenny Feister
Disqualified077BBear Schwartz
Heat #1
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
1868Gary Hoopingarner
277Gabe Pringle
3644Larry Smith
453Kyle Grove
5431Bill Aubihl
Disqualified077BBear Schwartz
Heat #2
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
1513Kenny Feister Jr
2428Waylon Orr
3325Shawn Marder
Disqualified040Kenny Feister
Disqualified0550Jeremiah Hartline
Disqualified077Josh Moss
Mini Truck
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
15095Michael Varnes
24884Rich Schweitzer
3462TBarney Gerber
44414Scott Lindell
Heat #1
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
1884Rich Schweitzer
2795Michael Varnes
362TBarney Gerber
4514Scott Lindell
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
15015Kyle Finlayson
24824Brent Shreffler
346175Justin Renicker
44419Clayton Oliver
54278Eric Feister
64038Brandon France
73869Dan Buckey
83628Josh Feister
934178Steven Feister
103231Bart Busby
113018Tim Frederick
Feature #2
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
13678PJosh Peebles
2342Billy Hilliker
33286Josh Beall
43041Toby Cook
5280Alan Clark
62630Korey Herron
72429Brendan Nealey
82264Marcus Cox
9204ETyler Eichel
N/A023Josh Huff
Heat #1
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
18175Justin Renicker
2719Clayton Oliver
3615Kyle Finlayson
54178Steven Feister
5578Eric Feister
6069Dan Buckey
7038Brandon France
Heat #2
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
1578PJosh Peebles
2488Jesse James
3386Josh Beall
4241Toby Cook
5131Bart Busby
6018Tim Frederick
7024Brent Shreffler
8055Tyler Nign
Heat #3
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
0029Brendan Nealey
152Billy Hilliker
240Alan Clark
334ETyler Eichel
4230Korey Herron
5164Marcus Cox
6017Laney Striejewske
05/12/2018 Race
Late Models Listings
Finish Pos.Driver
1.Smith, Bryant
2.Smith, Bubba
3.Stankiewicz, Tom
4.Huffman, Emerson
5.Schneider Jr, Bob
6.Tedesco, Ryan
7.Francis, Albert
8.Burcher, Brock
9.Eichel, Bob
05/12/2018 Race
Economy Modifieds Listings
Finish Pos.Driver
1.Ripley, Todd
2.McClintock, Kevin
3.Gribble, Mack
4.Bailey, Brandon
5.Grewell, Derek
6.Ripley, Lucas
7.Devore, Jerry
8.Beatty, Corey
9.Tantarelli, John
10.McCreery, Lee
05/12/2018 Race
Street Stocks Listings
Finish Pos.Driver
1.Hoopingarner, Gary
2.Pringle, Gabe
3.Orr, Waylon
4.Aubihl, Bill
5.Smith, Larry
6.Marder, Shawn
7.Feister Jr, Kenny
8.Grove, Kyle
9.Moss, Josh
10.Hartline, Jeremiah
05/12/2018 Race
Mini Truck Listings
Finish Pos.Driver
1.Varnes, Michael
2.Schweitzer, Rich
3.Gerber, Barney
4.Lindell, Scott
05/12/2018 Race
Compacts Listings
Finish Pos.Driver
1.Finlayson, Kyle
2.Shreffler, Brent
3.Renicker, Justin
4.Oliver, Clayton
5.Feister, Eric
6.France, Brandon
7.Buckey, Dan
8.Feister, Josh
9.Feister, Steven
10.Busby, Bart