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Monday, January 21th
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2018 Race Season
Tedesco and Dunfee III Take Summer Shootout
August 26, 2017
Tedesco and Dunfee III Take Summer ShootoutAfter last week's rainout, Guess Motor's presented The Summer Shootout which included the annual Uhricsville McDonald's annual Cruise-in and the Kid's Gold Rush at intermission. Seventy one cars and trucks made the tow to Midvale Speedway. It was 74 degrees and sunny at race time.

The first feature of the evening was the South Philly Pizza Compact 15 lap Fast Feature. The #28 of Josh Feister and the #17 of Jeremy Ross started on the front row. At the drop of the green, Clayton Oliver in the #19 tried to make a three wide move on the bottom in turn one. Oliver made contact with Feister, sending him into Ross. Ross went up the track and collected the #58 of Zack Cogar, sending them hard into the turn one wall, ending both their night's. That put Britt Vanmeter in the #27, the championship leader, to the outside of Feister for the complete restart. Vanmeter was able to take the lead off turn two and he brought the #38 of Brandon France with him to second. The second and final caution flew on lap 1 for the #86 of Josh Beall and the #64 of Trevor Kohl in turn three. Vanmeter again took control after the restart and Kyle Finlayson in the #15 was on the move from his 9th starting position, taking over second. On lap 5, Finlayson, trying to make up ground in the championship, made his move to the bottom of Vanmeter for the race lead. France followed him to second and a lap later the #36 of Justin Rennicker worked his way to 3rd. As France and Rennicker battled for second, Finlayson was able to pull away about a tenth of a second a lap to pick up his second win of the season. Finlayson would gain a little bit of ground on Vanmeter with one points night left. Following the Bolivar OH driver in the Finlayson Towing, Finlayson Trucking, Outlaw Vinyls, Shutterbug Photography sponsored #15 was France, Rennicker, Vanmeter and Travis Riddle.

The McIntosh Oil Company Late Model 50 lap Summer Shootout feature had Doug Mate in the #14 and Glenn Gault Jr in the #32 bringing the field down for Chief Starter Terry Colletti's green flag. Mate would lead lap 1 with Gault still on his outside. The top three rows would race side by side for the first six circuits before Gault would take the race lead away from Mate on lap 7. The first caution flew on lap 10 as the #22 of Cody Jaberg broke something in the suspension on the back straightaway. Gault and Mate were again side by side for the restart. Gault would take the point and Bryant Smith in the #1 would take over second. Ryan Tedesco in the #701 and new track record holder Alex Rosenberry took Mate three wide for 3rd. Mate would fall back in the 3rd lane as Rosenberry and Tedesco looked to run down the top two. On lap 17, Bryant made a nice move to the inside of Gault for the race lead as the #32 started to experience a mechanical issue, dropping him out of the top 5 quickly. Rosenberry started to apply the pressure to Bryant for the race lead as Tedesco faded a little bit in 3rd. The racing up front was fierce, as Smith was able to keep Rosenberry at bay. On lap 36, something broke on the #2, sending him hard into the turn four wall in a ball of fire. Thankfully, Alex was able to climb from the mangled wreckage under his own power. On the restart, Tedesco was able to rocket by Bryant in the outside lane down the back straightaway. Heading into turn three, Bryant and Tedesco made contact, sending the #1 airborne and into a spin. Tedesco was able to continue, Bryant was done for the night. That put points leader Tom Stankiewicz to the outside of Tedesco for the final restart. Tedesco, who had some left rear damage, showed no signs of it as he again took the race lead. Bubba Smith in the #12 was able to get close and take a few looks, but Tedesco was able to hang on for another feature victory, closing the points title up by a few markers. Following the New Philadelphia OH driver in the Walnut Creek Glass, Sugar Valley Meats, Lee's Famous Recipe, Van Meter's Auto, South Philly Pizza, Tedesco Racing Graphics, McIntosh Oil, RV Parts Express sponsored #701 was Bubba, Stankiewicz, Gage Jaberg and Dave Martin.

The second South Philly Pizza Compact 15 lapper had the #4E of "Little Animal" Tyler Eichel and the #47 of Erik Kugler on the front row. Little Animal was able to race out front with the #54 of Kyle Lawson moving up into second. On lap 3, Lawson bombed into turn three underneath Eichel and into the race lead. Noah Patterson in the #8 was able to follow Lawson to take over second. On lap 5, while leading, Lawson lost a tire in turn two, bringing out the races first caution, ending his night. The spin also collected the #55 of Tyler Nign and Marcus Cox in the #169. Nign would make repairs and continue, a victim of "the wrong place at the wrong time" again for the #55. Cox night was over. That put Patterson in the lead with Eichel on the outside for the restart. Patterson shot out to the race lead and started to check out as Larry Ennis Jr in the #20 moved up to second in his 3rd car of the season. On lap 10, Little Animal got into the #55 of Nign, who spun to the bottom off turn four and was t-boned by the #17x of Bobby Gainer. Gainer's night was over, Nign was able to make repairs again and continue. At the same time as the accident off turn four happened, Patterson became the second leader in the same race, to lose a tire that ended his night. What a crazy set of circumstances!! That put Ennis at the point and he was not to be denied. Driving Mike Swaney's ride and parking it for Mike's son Braden, a former competitor in the Modified Division, who is protecting our freedom in the US Army. It was Ennis Jr's second career feature win, almost two years to the day, after his first. Following the New Philadelphia OH driver in the Boulevard Lanes, Isagenix, Devore's Auto Repair and South Philly Pizza sponsored #20 was Tim Frederick, Allen Clark, Mike McDonald and Little Animal.

The #12 of Mack Gribble and the #3 of Jeff Dunfee III led the field of Summit Racing Economy Modified's down for the start of their Summer Shootout 50 lapper. Dunfee III was able to take the lead with Gribble, his first time in his new Modified, dropping into second. Dunfee, who has had a couple good runs this season in limited action, was starting to pull away from Gribble, who was being hounded by the #2 of Lee McCreery. There was an intense battle going on for 4th with the #0 of Lucas Ripley, who had an accident in the pits while unloading the car and sending him the the hospital earlier in the night and the 2 championship contenders, Kevin McClintock in the #38 and "The Rooster" Brandon Bailey in the #55. Throw in Todd Ripley in the #00 and the racing was incredible behind the front three. Lucas was able to seperate himself a little bit from McClintock as Todd made a nice move to the inside of Bailey to take over 6th. As the laps continued to trickle away, Dunfee had a 1.5 second lead over Gribble and McCreery on lap 28. It was almost a full straightaway back to Lucas and the others. McClintock, who had quite a bit of damage after an accident in the Heat race that the crew was able to repair for the feature, didn't look 100% but was starting to reel in Lucas for 4th with Todd all over his rear decklid. By lap 32, Gribble had cut the lead to 1.1 sec. The first caution came out on lap 38 as Todd and McClintock got together in turn three battling for 5th. On the restart, the 16 year old looked unphased and again, took control of the race lead. McCreery was able to follow him in the bottom lane to second, dropping Gribble to 3rd. The war between Lucas, McClintock and Rooster waged on for 4th as they continued to swap positions. The final caution flew on lap 48 for Todd and Rooster making contact in turn one. That set up a green-white-checkered finish. Dunfee would hold off McCreery, to pick up his first career Modified Feature win. Following the 16 year old Mantua OH driver in the #3 was McCreery, Gribble, Rooster and Lucas. Rooster would pad his slim margin by a couple points heading into Season Championship night in 2 weeks.

The 20 lap JD Byrider Street Stock feature had the #31E of Tom Earley and the #75 of Bob Passwaters Sr on the front row. Coming to complete the opening lap, the #1 of Gary Hoopingarner broke an axle and spun off turn four, sending the field scattering. Everyone did a nice job avoiding each other and Hoopy. Earley would take the lead on the restart and the other #31 of Bill Aubihl was able to get around Passwaters for second. The championship leader Mike Martin in the #11 was side by side with Colton Ritchey for the third position. On lap 7, the #7 of Gabe Pringle was able to get around Martin and put his machine in the outside lane along side Ritchey. The first caution flew on lap 12 as the second driver in the same race broke an axle off turn four (it was starting to feel like deja vu). Kenny Feister Jr's night was over in the #13. After a quick caution on lap 14 for Larry Smith spinning in the #44, Earley again had the lead with Aubihl close in tow. Kyle Grove, the fastest qualifier, was able to work his way up to third, bringing Pringle with him. Pringle was able to get by Grove a couple laps later but the 31's were wild in week #14 for the Street Stock's. Earley was able to hang on and pick up his 3rd win of the season. Following the Canton OH driver in the Earley Racing, Herbs Transmission, Earley Limo, Rino Roofing & Construction sponsored #31E was Aubihl, Pringle, Grove and Ritchey. Pringle was able to close the gap in the Championship to single digits.

The final race was the 12 lap Finish Line Motor's Mini Trucks feature with the #21 of Dewayne Powell and the #2T of Barney Gerber leading the field to the stripe. Gerber was able to take the lead as Powell was fighting handling issues. Michael Varnes in the #95 and Colt Locker, the fastest qualifier and championship leader in the #118, made their way to second and third respectively. On lap 3, Locker made the pass to second and Rich Schweitzer in the #84 made his way to third. The top 3 would battle hard over the next several laps until Schweitzer made a three wide move on the bottom in turn three on lap 8. "Mr Smooth would take over the top spot and hang on for his 8th win in 2017. The championship will come down to the final lap on Sept 9th. Rounding out the top 5 behind the New Philadelphia OH driver in the Van Meter's Auto, Allen's Muffler, Federated Auto Parts, Alicia Manley MD sponsored #84 was Locker, Varnes, Tim Scott and Gerber.

NEXT Sunday Night September 3rd may end up being one of the BIGGEST events in Midvale Speedway history. The Main Event Racing Series $5000 to win JD Byrider 100, The $2000 to win JD Byrider Open Mod 40, the Street Stock $1000 to win 20 lap feature and the $500 to win Compact Clash presented by Finlayson Towing. Did we also mention one of the absolute BEST FIREWORKS DISPLAYS this area has ever seen??!! It is going to be an INCREDIBLE, CAN'T MISS SHOW!!!
Make sure you check out Midvale Speedway on Facebook this week for some special rules, considerations and information.
**If you haven't paid for your position sponsorship, please do so BEFORE qualifying on Sunday!!

McIntosh Oil Company Late Model's

Fast Time: Alex Rosenberry 13.666 (NTR)
Heat 1: Tom Stankiewicz, Ryan Tedesco, Alex Rosenberry, Bubba Smith, Glenn Gault Jr, Bryant Smith
Heat 2: Gage Jaberg, Doug Mate, Cody Jaberg, Dave Martin, Don Rufener III
50 Lap Feature: Tedesco, Bubba, Stankiewicz, Gage, Martin, DRIII, Bryant, Rosenberry, Mate, Gault Jr, Cody

Summit Racing Economy Modified's

Fast Time: Brandon Bailey 14.616
Heat 1: Lucas Ripley, Todd Ripley, Brandon Bailey, Jeff Dunfee III, Kevin McClintock, Mike Bowers
Heat 2: Bill Westlake, Phillip Cox, Corey Beatty, Scott Marino, Justin Courtney, Jason Grewell
50 Lap Feature: Dunfee III, Lee McCreery, Mack Gribble, Bailey, Lucas, McClintock, Todd, Bowers, Cox, Beatty, Courtney, Westlake

JD Byrider Street Stock's

Fast Time: Kyle Grove 15.861
Heat 1: Mike Martin, Larry Smith, Gary Hoopingarner, Gabe Pringle, Colton Ritchey, Kyle Rector, Kyle Grove
Heat 2: Josh Moss, Curtis Collins, Kenny Feister Jr, Bob Passwaters Sr, Bob Passwaters Jr, Tom Earley, Bill Aubihl
Feature: Earley, Aubihl, Pringle, Grove, Ritchey, Martin, Moss, Smith, Passwaters Sr, Rector, Feister Jr, Passwaters Jr, Collins, Hoopingarner

Finish Line Motor's Mini Trucks

Fast Time: Colt Locker 16.312
Heat: Barney Gerber, Michael Varnes, Tim Scott, Rich Schweitzer, Dewayne Powell, Roger Bausher
Feature: Schweitzer, Locker, Varnes, Scott, Gerber, Powell, Frederick, Bausher

South Philly Pizza Compact's

Fast Time: Dan Buckey 17.276 (NTR)
Heat 1: Britt Vanmeter, Zack Cogar, Brandon France, Kyle Finlayson, Dan Buckey, Travis Riddle, Justin Rennicker
Heat 2: Clayton Oliver, Bart Busby, Jesse James, Josh Feister, Jeremy Ross, Trevor Kohl, Josh Beall
Heat 3: Marcus Cox, Tyler Nign, Bobby Gainer, Tim Frederick, Larry Ennis Jr, Noah Patterson, Mike McDonald
Heat 4: Kyle Lawson, Tyler Eichel, Toby Cook, Allen Clark, Erik Kugler, Andrea Brokaw, Eric Brokaw
Fast Feature: Finlayson, France, Rennicker, Vanmeter, Riddle, Buckey, Feister, Oliver, Busby, James, Kohl, Beall, Ross, Cogar
Second Feature: Ennis Jr, Frederick, Clark, McDonald, Eichel, Nign, Cook, Kugler, Eric, Andrea, Patterson, Gainer, Cox, Lawson

Written by: Chris Kail

Driver Results
Late Models
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
150701Ryan Tedesco
24812Bubba Smith
34642Tom Stankiewicz
44421Gage Jaberg
5423Dave Martin
64069Bob Eichel
7381Bryant Smith
8362Alex Rosenberry
93414Doug Mate
103232Glenn Gault Jr
113022Cody Jaberg
Heat #1
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
1842Tom Stankiewicz
27701Ryan Tedesco
362Alex Rosenberry
4512Bubba Smith
5432Glenn Gault Jr
601Bryant Smith
Heat #2
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
1521Gage Jaberg
2414Doug Mate
3322Cody Jaberg
423Dave Martin
5169Bob Eichel
Economy Modifieds
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
1503Jeff Dunfee III
2482Lee McCreery
34612Mack Gribble
44455Brandon Bailey
5420Lucas Ripley
64038Kevin McClintock
73800Todd Ripley
83602Mike Bowers
93423JJeff Lindstorm
103260Cory Beatty
113019Clayton Oliver
12284WBill Westlake
DNS010Shawn Kauffman
DNS001Scott Marino
Heat #1
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
180Lucas Ripley
2700Todd Ripley
3655Brandon Bailey
453Jeff Dunfee III
5438Kevin McClintock
6002Mike Bowers
Heat #2
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
154WBill Westlake
2423JJeff Lindstorm
3360Cory Beatty
4201Scott Marino
5119Clayton Oliver
6099Jason Grewell
Street Stocks
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
15031ETom Earley
24831ABill Aubihl
3467Gabe Pringle
4443Kyle Grove
54221Colton Ritchey
64011Mike Martin
73877Josh Moss
83644Larry Smith
93475Bob Passwater Sr
103222Kyle Rector
113013Kenny Feister
122874Bob Passwater Jr
132666Curtis Collins
14241Gary Hoopingarner
DNS077BBear Schwartz
Heat #1
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
1811Mike Martin
2744Larry Smith
361Gary Hoopingarner
457Gabe Pringle
5421Colton Ritchey
6022Kyle Rector
703Kyle Grove
Heat #2
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
1577Josh Moss
2466Curtis Collins
3313Kenny Feister
4275Bob Passwater Sr
5174Bob Passwater Jr
Mini Truck
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
15084Rich Schweitzer
248118Colt Locker
34695Michael Varnes
4444Tim Scott
5422TBarney Gerber
64021Dewayne Powell
73836Tim Frederick
83611Roger Bausher
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
182TBarney Gerber
2795Michael Varnes
36118Colt Locker
454Tim Scott
5484Rich Schweitzer
6021Dewayne Powell
7011Roger Bausher
Feature #1
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
15015Kyle Finlayson
24838Brandon France
34636Jeffery Orr
44427Britt Vanmeter
5427Travis Riddle
64069Dan Buckey
73828Josh Feister
83619Clayton Oliver
93469xBart Busby
103288Jesse James
113064Trevor Kohl
122886Josh Beall
132617Jeremy Ross
142458Zack Cogar
Feature #2
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
13620Larry Ennis Jr
23418Tim Frederick
3320Allen Clark
43016Mike McDonald
5284ETyler Eichel
62655Tyler Nign
72441Toby Cook
82247Erik Kugler
92079Eric Brokaw
101844Andrea Brokaw
11168Noah Patterson
121417XBobby Gainer
1312169Marcus Cox
141054Kyle Lawson
Heat #1
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
1827Britt Vanmeter
2758Zack Cogar
3638Brandon France
4515Kyle Finlayson
5469Dan Buckey
607Travis Riddle
7036Jeffery Orr
8024Brent Shreffler
Heat #2
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
1519Clayton Oliver
2469xBart Busby
3388Jesse James
4228Josh Feister
5117Jeremy Ross
6064Trevor Kohl
7086Josh Beall
Heat #3
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
15169Marcus Cox
2455Tyler Nign
3317XBobby Gainer
4218Tim Frederick
5120Larry Ennis Jr
608Noah Patterson
7016Mike McDonald
Heat #4
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
1554Kyle Lawson
244ETyler Eichel
3341Toby Cook
420Allen Clark
5147Erik Kugler
6044Andrea Brokaw
7079Eric Brokaw
08/26/2017 Race
Late Models Listings
Finish Pos.Driver
1.Tedesco, Ryan
2.Smith, Bubba
3.Stankiewicz, Tom
4.Jaberg, Gage
5.Martin, Dave
6.Eichel, Bob
7.Smith, Bryant
8.Rosenberry, Alex
9.Mate, Doug
10.Gault Jr, Glenn
08/26/2017 Race
Economy Modifieds Listings
Finish Pos.Driver
1.Dunfee III, Jeff
2.McCreery, Lee
3.Gribble, Mack
4.Bailey, Brandon
5.Ripley, Lucas
6.McClintock, Kevin
7.Ripley, Todd
8.Bowers, Mike
9.Lindstorm, Jeff
10.Beatty, Cory
08/26/2017 Race
Street Stocks Listings
Finish Pos.Driver
1.Earley, Tom
2.Aubihl, Bill
3.Pringle, Gabe
4.Grove, Kyle
5.Ritchey, Colton
6.Martin, Mike
7.Moss, Josh
8.Smith, Larry
9.Passwater Sr, Bob
10.Rector, Kyle
08/26/2017 Race
Mini Truck Listings
Finish Pos.Driver
1.Schweitzer, Rich
2.Locker, Colt
3.Varnes, Michael
4.Scott, Tim
5.Gerber, Barney
6.Powell, Dewayne
7.Frederick, Tim
8.Bausher, Roger
08/26/2017 Race
Compacts Listings
Finish Pos.Driver
1.Finlayson, Kyle
2.France, Brandon
3.Orr, Jeffery
4.Vanmeter, Britt
5.Riddle, Travis
6.Buckey, Dan
7.Feister, Josh
8.Oliver, Clayton
9.Busby, Bart
10.James, Jesse