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Sibila Family Has Big Night At Midvale
August 2, 2014
Sibila Family Has Big Night At MidvaleRain that covered the state of Ohio this past Saturday, somehow avoided Midvale Speedway for the most part. The only delay took place in the middle of qualifying but around an hour later, cars were back on track finishing time trials and getting on track for the racing program. All five divisions were on hand with Late Models and Economy Modifieds running 50 lap features.

Don Harvey, Jr. and Ron Kirkpatrick brought a stellar field of 19 McIntosh Oil Company Late Model competitors to the green for the 50-lap feature event. Harvey raced out front after the first lap, while Kirkpatrick spun while trying to drop in line behind him, bringing out the first caution on lap three. Harvey reassumed the lead after the restart with Mike Mazzagatti and Bob Schneider, Jr. in tow. On the move early was Marcus Malcuit, moving from seventh to fourth by lap 17. Unfortunately for Malcuit, he made some contact with Schneider on the exit of turn two, sending him to the tail. Right around the race’s midpoint, Mazzagatti took the lead from Harvey, with Doug Sommers moving into second. On lap 31, Sommers became the next leader of the race, taking it away from Mazzagatti. Making headway to the front was second fast qualifier, Bubba Smith. Smith patiently waited for the right time to move inside Mazzagatti for second, taking it on lap 42. At that point, Sommers had a sizable lead built up but it was eliminated when a caution came out a lap later. The restart set up a side-by-side battle between Sommers and Smith. When the green again dropped, Sommers horsepower disadvantage showed up as Smith raced into the lead. Smith pulled ahead but Sommers got to his rear bumper in turn four, creating a spin. As the field passed, Schneider clipped the right front of Smith’s car, breaking the suspension and ending his chances for a win. The new front row became Don Harvey, Jr. and Bryant Smith. When the green again was displayed, the duo raced into turn one side by side. The two door slammed in the middle of the corner and Smith brought his car to a stop moments later on the backstretch. He restarted from the tail, while Harvey now had Sibila to the outside. This time, Sibila raced out front and built a decent lead. Rallying late from the back was Malcuit, who took second from Miller on the last lap but ran out of time. At the checkered, it was Massillon, Ohio driver Rick Sibila claiming his first win of the season in the Route 39 Auto Salvage/Lisa Hoy State Farm sponsored Jaberg owned #21. Malcuit, Miller, Harvey, and Sommers completed the top five. The rest of the top ten were Bryant Smith, Schneider, Larry Baker, Johnny Hughes, and Bubba Smith. Alex Rosenberry set fast time.

Lee McCreery started up front and was the early leader in the Summit Racing Equipment Economy Modified 50-lap feature. McCreery, though, looked to be tight in the middle of the corners, creating a free condition on exit. Bob Sibila, Jr. got a run him with three laps complete on the exit of turn two. He drove to the inside before the third corner, with McCreery coming to the bottom. The two made contact, creating a spin that sent McCreery to the tail. That put Sibila in first with Steve Mowery in second, very early in the race. The two drivers have been the class of the field the last few weeks, dating back to the July 3 Main Event race. Sibila led through lap nine but after the next restart, Mowery took over. The duo would battle for a few lead changes throughout the rest of the race with Mowery leading the majority of the laps. The last 21 laps went caution free with Mowery crossing the line with his second win in a row. Mowery reportedly turned down a post race tech procedure that included pulling his engine for further inspection. Sibila okayed the post race engine pull, temporarily giving him the victory. The Bullet Fabrication #82 was followed by Preston Walker, Glen Jewell, Kevin McClintock, and Mike Green. Tyler Noeske, Mike Bowers, Bryce Allensworth, Chris Piehl, and Jason Grewell were the rest of the top ten. Noeske set fast time in qualifying.

Josh Moss diced through traffic on the first lap to lead early in the J.D. Byrider Street Stock feature. The Moss lead lasted until lap seven, when top qualifier and fast heat winner Dennis Wood raced by him. The first 18 laps went caution free but yellow came out to set up a final two lap battle. That battle was short lived and one sided as Wood again pulled away, while Moss held off a number of challengers for second. At the checkered, it was Wood taking his third feature win in-a-row behind the wheel of the Right Priced Motors/Carpenter Asphalt #41. Moss, Mike Martin, Waylon Orr, and Bob Passwaters, Sr. The rest of the top ten were Chase Hughes, Bob Passwaters, Jr., Wayne Mounts, Brian Lewis, Sr., and Brian Lewis, Jr. Martin and Passwaters, Sr. won heats.

Vince Martin raced into the lead early in the Finish Line Motors Mini Truck feature. The lead for the top qualifier lasted for just the first two laps, though, as Cyler Bertram got by him on lap three. Bertram ran away with the victory, while Martin later fell out of the race. Keith Anderson finished the event in second, while Derek Cordia, Cody Jaberg, and Dwayne Powell took top fives. Martin won the heat.

The fast Canton Auto Salvage Compact feature was led early by Blaine Salsberry for the first six laps. Kyle Rector, driving one of the Grove Racing machines, took over on lap seven with Justin Renicker following close behind. Rector led for just one lap before Renicker showed his muscle, after setting fast time earlier in the night. Lap ten was the only slowdown during the race, as caution waved giving Rector a final shot at Renicker. The challenge wasn’t strong enough and Renicker raced to his first victory of 2014. Following the RB Motors/Happy Valley Trucking #175 across the line were Kyle Finlayson who made a nice run late, Rector, Tim Frederick, and Clayton Oliver. Others in the top ten were Brad McClain, Dan Buckey, Dale Beatty, Chase Beatty, and Larry Ennis, Jr.

Adam Hern, racing for the first time at Midvale, set a torrid pace early in the second Compact feature. Unfortunately for Hern, though, he went too fast, breaking out of his qualifying time. With Hern going pitside, Alan Walker took over. Walker held off Allen Clark down the stretch to garner his second feature win of the year. Following the Keeping You In Stitches #88 were Clark, Ryan Shreffler, Cristian Bailey, and Zack Cogar.

Racing continues this coming Saturday, August 9 as the Super Cup Stock Car Series will visit Midvale Speedway for a 75-lapper. Economy Modifieds, Street Stocks, Compacts, and Mini Trucks will also race.

Grandstand admission will be regular at $12 for adults, $10 for seniors 62+, $8 for kids 6-15, and children 5 and under free. Pit admission is $25 for members and $30 for non-members.

Pit gates open at 2:30, hotlaps at 3:00, qualifying at 5:00, and racing action at 6:30. An autograph session will be held following qualifying for the Super Cup Stock car drivers and anyone else who would like to participate.

Full info at midvalespeedway.com. .

Results For Midvale Speedway

McIntosh Oil Company Late Models
Top Qualifier – Alex Rosenberry 14.029
Feature – Rick Sibila, Marcus Malcuit, Mike Miller, Don Harvey, Jr., Doug Sommers, Bryant Smith, Bob Schneider, Jr., Larry Baker, Johnny Hughes, Bubba Smith, Ron Kirkpatrick, Mike Mazzagatti, Alex Rosenberry, Emerson Huffman, Dave Martin, Joe Linard, Virgil Ravenscroft, III, Roger Smith, Matthew Mills
Summit Racing Economy Modifieds
Top Qualifier – Tyler Noeske 14.708
Feature – Bob Sibila, Jr., Preston Walker, Glen Jewell, Kevin McClintock, Mike Green, Tyler Noeske, Mike Bowers, Bryce Allensworth, Chris Piehl, Jason Grewell, Joe Slentz, Lee McCreery, Eugene Kopp, Jr., Don Boron, Jr., Brandon Bailey, Shawn Kaufman, Braden Swaney, Shawn Marder
J.D. Byrider Street Stocks
Top Qualifier – Dennis Wood 16.129
Heat #1 – Mike Martin, Gary Hoopingarner, Dennis Wood, Josh Moss, Waylon Orr
Heat #2 – Bob Passwaters, Sr., Chase Hughes, Brian Lewis, Sr., Brian Lewis, Jr., Wayne Mounts
Feature – Dennis Wood, Josh Moss, Mike Martin, Waylon Orr, Bob Passwaters, Sr., Chase Hughes, Wayne Mounts, Brian Lewis, Sr., Brian Lewis, Jr.
Finish Line Motors Mini Trucks
Top Qualifier – Vince Martin 17.263
Heat – Vince Martin, Cyler Bertram, Keith Anderson, Derek Cordia, Dwayne Powell Feature - Cyler Bertram, Keith Anderson, Derek Cordia, Cody Jaberg, Dwayne Powell, Vince Martin
Canton Auto Salvage Compacts
Top Qualifier – Justin Renicker 17.844
Heat #1 – Justin Renicker, Clayton Oliver, Kyle Finlayson, Wes Ennis, Dan Buckey
Heat #2 – Allen Clark, Chase Beatty, Laney Striejewske, Blaine Salsberry, Cristian Bailey
Heat #3 – Adam Hern, Jason Shaw, Brandon France, Alan Walker, Jarod Ripley
Feature #1 – Justin Renicker, Kyle Finlayson, Kyle Rector, Tim Frederick, Clayton Oliver, Brad McClain, Dan Buckey, Dale Beatty, Chase Beatty, Larry Ennis, Jr., Laney Striejewske, Wes Ennis, Blaine Salsberry
Feature #2 – Alan Walker, Allen Clark, Ryan Shreffler, Cristian Bailey, Zack Cogar, Cameron Walker, Brandon France, Jarod Ripley, Adam Hern

Written by: Adam Mackey

Driver Results
Late Models
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
15021Rick Sibila
24875Marcus Malcuit
34622Mike Miller
444112Don Harvey, Jr.
5423Doug Sommers
6401Bryant Smith
73817Bob Schneider, Jr.
8366Larry Baker
934O3Johnny Hughes
103212Bubba Smith
113023Ron Kirkpatrick
122881Mike Mazzagatti
13262Alex Rosenberry
142490Emerson Huffman
15223Dave Martin
162082Joe Linard
171815Virgil Ravenscroft, III
181643Roger Smith
19144Matthew Mills
Economy Modifieds
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
15082Bob Sibila, Jr.
24830Preston Walker
34624Glen Jewell
44438Kevin McClintock
54236Mike Green
64015Tyler Noeske
738O2Mike Bowers
83621Bryce Allensworth
93488Chris Piehl
103299Jason Grewell
113046Joe Slentz
12282Lee McCreery
132622Eugene Kopp, Jr.
1424182Don Boron, Jr.
152255Brandon Bailey
162010Shawn Kaufman
171827Braden Swaney
181625Shawn Marder
Disqualified029Steve Mowery
DNS065Will Walker
Street Stocks
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
15041Dennis Wood
24877Josh Moss
3466Mike Martin
44428Waylon Orr
54275Bob Passwaters, Sr.
640O3Chase Hughes
73874Bob Passwaters, Jr.
83622Wayne Mounts
93439Brian Lewis, Sr.
103293Brian Lewis, Jr.
DNS068Gary Hoopingarner
Heat #1
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
186Mike Martin
2768Gary Hoopingarner
3641Dennis Wood
4577Josh Moss
5428Waylon Orr
Heat #2
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
1575Bob Passwaters, Sr.
24O3Chase Hughes
3339Brian Lewis, Sr.
4293Brian Lewis, Jr.
5122Wayne Mounts
Mini Truck
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
150155Cyler Bertram
24832Keith Anderson
34672Derek Cordia
44422Cody Jaberg
54221Dwayne Powell
6405Mike Martin
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
185Mike Martin
27155Cyler Bertram
3632Keith Anderson
4572Derek Cordia
5421Dwayne Powell
Feature #1
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
150175Justin Renicker
24815Kyle Finlayson
34622Kyle Rector
44418Tim Frederick
54219Clayton Oliver
6408Jeffrey Orr
73869Dan Buckey
83697Dale Beatty
93475Chase Beatty
103457Larry Ennis, Jr.
113017Laney Striejewske
1228O9Wes Ennis
13264Blaine Salsberry
Feature #2
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
13688Alan Walker
2340Allen Clark
33242Ryan Shreffler
43046Cristian Bailey
5287Zack Cogar
62628Cameron Walker
7241Brandon France
82270Jarod Ripley
92055Adam Hern
Heat #1
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
18175Justin Renicker
2719Clayton Oliver
3615Kyle Finlayson
45O9Wes Ennis
5469Dan Buckey
Heat #2
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
150Allen Clark
2475Chase Beatty
3317Laney Striejewske
424Blaine Salsberry
5146Cristian Bailey
Heat #3
Finished PositionPoints EarnedCar No.Driver
1555Adam Hern
2411Jason Shaw
331Brandon France
4288Alan Walker
5170Jarod Ripley
08/02/2014 Race
Late Models Listings
Finish Pos.Driver
1.Sibila, Rick
2.Malcuit, Marcus
3.Miller, Mike
4.Harvey, Jr., Don
5.Sommers, Doug
6.Smith, Bryant
7.Schneider, Jr., Bob
8.Baker, Larry
9.Hughes, Johnny
10.Smith, Bubba
08/02/2014 Race
Economy Modifieds Listings
Finish Pos.Driver
1.Sibila, Jr., Bob
2.Walker, Preston
3.Jewell, Glen
4.McClintock, Kevin
5.Green, Mike
6.Noeske, Tyler
7.Bowers, Mike
8.Allensworth, Bryce
9.Piehl, Chris
10.Grewell, Jason
08/02/2014 Race
Street Stocks Listings
Finish Pos.Driver
1.Wood, Dennis
2.Moss, Josh
3.Martin, Mike
4.Orr, Waylon
5.Passwaters, Sr., Bob
6.Hughes, Chase
7.Passwaters, Jr., Bob
8.Mounts, Wayne
9.Lewis, Sr., Brian
10.Lewis, Jr., Brian
08/02/2014 Race
Mini Truck Listings
Finish Pos.Driver
1.Bertram, Cyler
2.Anderson, Keith
3.Cordia, Derek
4.Jaberg, Cody
5.Powell, Dwayne
6.Martin, Mike
08/02/2014 Race
Compacts Listings
Finish Pos.Driver
1.Renicker, Justin
2.Finlayson, Kyle
3.Rector, Kyle
4.Frederick, Tim
5.Oliver, Clayton
6.Orr, Jeffrey
7.Buckey, Dan
8.Beatty, Dale
9.Beatty, Chase
10.Ennis, Jr., Larry